150 Classic Old English Boy Names and Their Meanings

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on August 9th, 2021

Stately, dignified, and strong, Old English male names continue to find a great deal of popularity today. Many of the most classical and popular men’s names in the world have roots in the British Empire, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with something tried and true — there’s also some less common but quite handsome names which can make a lovely homage to Old English culture. 

Whether you’re honoring your own English heritage with your child’s name or are simply an Anglophile at heart, there are quite a few options for you to review.

Let’s have a look.

  • Benton – This Old English surname comes from the words for “bent grass” and “enclosure.”
  • Baldwin – Baldwin means “bold friend” in Old English.
  • Harvey – Harvey is the Old English word for an “army warrior.”
  • Hugh – Hugh is “one who is bright and promising.”
  • Hartman – This name, which was once popular throughout Europe, stems from Germany. It means “strong man.”
  • Beorhtric – This charming Old English name means “bright ruler.”
  • Blake – This Old English surname
  • Brad – Brad is a nickname that stems from Bradley. It means “broad.”
  • Burt – Burt means “bright and glorious.” This name comes from the Old English surname Burton.
  • Beowulf – Beowulf comes from the epic poem of the same name. It can be broken down into the words “bee” and “wolf.”
  • Jagger – Jagger is an Old English name that means “carter.”
  • Holt – This unique name comes from the Old English word “wold.” This is a small uncultivated patch of land.
  • Keyon – This Old English boy’s name means “guide.”
  • Burton– Burton is an Old English term that means “fortified town.” This is also the name of a popular snowboard company.
  • Bradley – Bradley means “broad clearing.”
  • Harper – This unisex occupational name means “harp player.”
  • Wyot – The Old English equivalent of Wyot is Wigheard. It means “war-ready.”
  • Wynstan – Wynstan means “joyful stone.”
  • Sherman – In Anglo-Saxon, Sherman means “wool shearer.”
  • Winslow – This name means “friend who lives on a hill.”
  • Somerset – Somerset was once a name given to people from Somerton.
  • Teon – In Old English, Teon means “to damage.”
  • Wigstan – This name can be broken down into the words ”fight” and “stone.”
  • Sinjon – Sinjon is a condensed version of Saint John.
  • Wilf – Wilf means “one who desires peace.”
  • Wil – In Old English, Wil means “desire.”
  • Puck – Puck is an Old English word for a mischievous fairy or goblin.
  • Wes – This charming name means “western meadow.”
  • Bada – In Old English, Bada means “battle.”
  • Swithin – Swithin means “quick and strong.”
  • Baker – Baker is an Old English occupational name.
  • Baxter – Baxter originally meant “female baker” in Old English. Now, the term is used to refer to both men and women.
  • Tatton – Tattan is yet another Old English habitational name. It means “settlement.”
  • Webster – This English occupational name means “weaver.’
  • Upton – Upton means “upper field.”
  • Cola – Cola means “charcoal.”
  • Barclay – Barclay translates to “woodland clearing” in Old English.
  • Uhtric – This dated Old English name means “pre-dawn ruler.”
  • Preston – Preston means “priest settlement.”
  • Audley – Audley is an Old English name that means “Ealdgyd’s woodland clearing.”
  • Bentley – This name means “bent grass.” However, many associate it with the luxury car brand.
  • Aylmer – This Old English name is perfect for a future star. It means “infamous.”
  • Ned – This English name means “wealthy guardian.”
  • Osmund – Osmund means “God’s protection.”
  • Ozzy – This bodacious Old English boy’s name means “spear of the gods.”
  • Nash – Nash means “at the ash tree.”
  • Aston – This Old English name means “ash settlement.”
  • Avery – The French equivalent to Avery is Alfred. Avery means “ruler of the elves.”
  • Milton – Milton means “mill town’ in Old English.
  • Barden – Barden means “barley valley.”
  • Alvin – This Old English name has Scandinavian roots. It translates to “noble friend.”
  • Huxley – This charming Old English boy’s name means “Hugh’s meadow.”
  • Ashley – This unisex Old English name means “ash forest.”
  • Irvin – This moniker means “friend of the boar.” It comes from the English name Eoforwine.
  • Kenelm – This name means “family defender.”
  • Millard – Millard is a masculine Old English name. It means “mill defender.”
  • Lindon – Lindon was once the surname given to individuals from Lincoln, England.
  • Linton – This name comes from an Old English surname. It means “town of flax.”
  • Lee – This unisex English name means “clearing.”
  • Merle – This English name stems from the French word for “blackbird.”
  • Kim – Kim is a unisex Old English name. It means “Cyneburg’s field.”
  • Lynwood – This name means “steam forest.”
  • Max – Max means “the greatest.”
  • Kennard – The masculine given name means “brave guard.”
  • Kenrick – This name means “royal power.”
  • Shepherd – Shepherd is Old English for “sheep herder.”
  • Cason – Cason is an English place name that means “one from Cawston.”
  • Wymer – This name means “war famous.”
  • Romney – Romney is an English place name.
  • Cenric – Cenric translates to “bold power.”
  • Leyton – Leyton translates to “town with the leek garden.”
  • Hereward – This intense given name means “army guard.”
  • Hunter – This Old English occupational name needs no further explanation.
  • Ash – Ash is an English word that refers to the residue of burnt wood.
  • Harley – In Old English, this boy’s name means “hare meadow.”
  • Ceolmund – Ceolmund means “protector.”
  • Heath – This name was originally given to those that lived on a heath.
  • Headley – This name means “heather clearing.”
  • Harland – Harland means “one from hare land.” Harlan is a popular alternative.
  • Hamilton – This noble-sounding boy’s name means “flat-topped hill.”
  • Fulton – Fulton is an Old English place name. It means “people’s estate.”
  • Wesley – Wesley translates to “western meadow.”
  • Rudd – This name means “red-breasted.’
  • Wilfred – Wilfred is “one who desires peace.”
  • Alfred – Alfred means “elf counsel.”
  • Reed – In Old English, Reed means “someone with red hair.”
  • Walton – Walton is an English place name, It has several different meanings, including “steam town” and wall town.”
  • Cuthbert– This name means “famous.”
  • Alfie – Alfie is a playful alternative to Alfred. It means “elf counsel.”
  • Dale – This English place name means “one from the valley.”
  • Cyneric – In Old English, Cyneric means “royal power.”
  • Crawford – Crawford means “crow ford.”
  • Wade – This name means “to go.”
  • Alger – This mystical Old English boy’s name means “elf spear.”
  • Clifford – This name comes from the Old English words for “slope” and “ford.”
  • Chadwick – Chadwick is a name that refers to the city of Chad.
  • Rudyard – The meaning of this unique name is “red paddock.”
  • Alf – This name means “magical counsel.”
  • Ogden – In Old English, Ogden means “oak valley.”
  • Carter – This English occupational name means “one who transports goods.”
  • Riley – Riley means “wood clearing.”
  • Leo – Leo is an Old English name that comes from the Latin word for “lion.”
  • Aldus – This name means “elder.”
  • Wallis – This gender-neutral English name means “stranger.”
  • Chet– This southern-sounding boy’s name can be traced back to the English city of Chester. It means “fortress.”
  • Newton – This Old English surname means “new town.”
  • Tobias – Tobias, or Toby for short, means “God is good.”
  • Chad – Chad is a Welsh and English name that means “one who is battle-ready.”
  • Leighton – Leighton is a gender-neutral English name that means “from the town by the meadow.”
  • Abbot – Abbot comes from the Old English word for “priest.”
  • Elliot – This Old English boy’s name means “bravely, truly.”
  • Frederick – This name means “peaceful ruler.”
  • Luca – In English, Luca means “bringer of light.”
  • Wayne – While Wayne may sound like it comes from the wild west, it’s English in origin. With that said, the name does translate to “wagon builder.”
  • Norton – Norton translates to “north town.”
  • Charlie – Charlie is an English name with German roots. It means “free man.”
  • Thane – This primarily masculine Old English moniker means “warrior.”
  • Waverly– This whimsical English name translates to “meadow of quivering aspens.”
  • Dylan – This name stems from Welsh mythology. It means “son of the sea.”
  • Todd – This simple boy’s name means “fox.”
  • Landon – Landon is a traditional English name that means “long hill.”
  • Benedict – Benedict is a noble-sounding name with Old English and Dutch roots. It means “blessed.”
  • Bancroft – This Old English name means “field of beans.” It’s quite fitting for down-to-earth families.
  • Adair – Adair is a unisex English name that comes from the name Edgar. It translates to “wealthy spear.”
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Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on August 9th, 2021

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