The Best Lincoln Log Sets 2021

One of America’s most beloved building toys

Jennifer Schlette, RN, MSNED
Reviewed by Jennifer Schlette, RN, MSNEDWritten by Neve Spicer Updated on August 25th, 2021

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Few people realize that Lincoln logs, one of America’s most beloved toys, were invented by the son of Frank Lloyd Wright, America’s most renowned architect. But, regardless of their architectural roots, these charming wooden blocks have been bringing smiles to children’s faces for more than a century.

In a world filled with screens and high-tech toys, we need more toys like Lincoln Logs. Whether you are looking to stoke your nostalgia or open the door of low-tech wonder for your little one, you can’t go wrong with these entertaining toy sets. These durable toy sets invoke creativity and problem-solving. While you can’t go wrong with any Lincoln Log set, we’re sharing 14 of our all-time favorites.

Check them out, and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Best Overall

Our opinion

The 100th Anniversary Lincoln Log Set (check price on Amazon) promotes a deep sense of nostalgia in older generations while sparking equal excitement in young ones. You can combine all 111 pieces to create a large log meeting house or mix them up to create two smaller log cabins, a lookout tower, and a bonfire. There are also more than enough pieces to freestyle your creations.

What we love
  • Real tin container, just like the old days!
  • Manual contains directions for three builds
  • 111 all-wood building pieces
  • Compatible with all other Lincoln Log sets
Watch for
  • Logs are lighter weight today compared to the original logs.

Best Upgrade

Our Opinion

This Collectors Edition Village (check price on Amazon) of Lincoln Logs sets the stage for many play hours. Like all Lincoln Logs, the 327 pieces in the Village set are made from solid stained maple. This set comes with color-coded instructions for three moderately complex building concepts. Needless to say, there are enough blocks to build a small village.

What we love
  • Huge village builder’s set with an amazing 337 pieces
  • Manual contains diverse model cabin selections
  • Plenty of pieces for sibs or friends to help found the village
  • Compatible with all other Lincoln Log sets
Watch for
  • Some parents report there are too many pieces of one size and would like more variety.

Best Budget Buy

Our opinion

Oak Creek Lodge (check price on Amazon) can be anything you imagine it to be. Building ideas include:

  • A one-room lo lean-to.
  • An outhouse.
  • A horse stall.
  • A two-floor colonial-era log mansion.

With nearly 150 blocks at their disposal, your child will have no trouble building a world of their own.

What we love
  • Reasonably priced set for beginners or to add to a larger collection
  • Manual contains three village cabin models
  • Smaller size, 137 pieces, won’t overwhelm the younger set
Watch for
  • Definitely, a starter set with limited piece sizes..

Best for train lovers

Our opinion

The Sawmill Train Express (check price on Amazon) will have your child thinking they’re part of a railroad boom. This set comes with 101 pieces, including natural wood blocks, charming plastic building accessories, and an available track and train. There are also lots of fun figures, including an overall-clad engineer, a cowgirl, and a horse.

What we love
  • A great build-and-play set for budding engineers and conductors
  • Directions to build the station building and depot
  • Complete with track and train
  • Complete with track and train Comes with figurines
Watch for
  • For a better play experience, two sets of this kit would do well.

Best for farm building

Our opinion

If you’re a farmer or live near a farming community, your child is probably fascinated by growing crops and farm animals. The Fun on the Farm Lincoln Log set (check price on Amazon) will probably be a favorite building set. If your child owns other types of building sets, then this will make a fine addition.

What we love
  • Excellent addition to a larger village set
  • More than 100 pieces including working barn door
  • Comes with figurines of a farmer, farm implements, and a few animals
Watch for
  • A bit small for maximum play value by itself

Best for cowpokes

Our opinion

Let your little one enter the wild prairies of their mind with this thrilling 83-piece Horseshoe Hill Station (check price on Amazon) Lincoln Log set. The kit contains dozens of notched wooden pieces, a plastic roof, door, and flag. Plus, it comes with a plastic cowboy and horse.

What we love
  • Is your kid a die-hard horse lover? This is for her.
  • The 83-part stable building set would pair very well with Fun on the Farm.
  • Three configurations with a horse and its cowboy
Watch for
  • As a standalone toy, it probably won’t keep kids entertained for long.

Best for forest lovers

Our opinion

If your kid already has several kits to make a village, why not add this hiker’s mountain cabin refuge (check price on Amazon) to the collection? Lost or injured hikers in mountain terrains the world over find lifesaving refuge in these buildings. They come complete with food, blankets, and first aid kits. Make this tiny build an educational opportunity to study real mountain huts. What supplies would your child include?

What we love
  • Away from the town in the high forest, this mountain hut will shelter lost hikers.
  • 59 pieces of Lincoln Log blocks build this cozy cabin
  • Easy to build and a great addition to your child’s Lincoln Log collection
Watch for
  • Too small to be a child’s only building set

How we chose these Lincoln Log sets

There aren’t many toys or even building sets with a rich history and fun of Lincoln Logs. They were an immediate hit 100 years ago when they were introduced to families, and they are just as popular now. The first advertising copy featured the tagline “Interesting playthings typifying the spirit of America,” It was true in 1916, and it’s true today. The building sets we featured here are significant parts of the whole. With a large base set of two, every gift-giving occasion begs for an added, more specialized set.

What to look for in a Lincoln Log set

  • Age and level of coordination. The Lincoln Logs are safe for almost any kid. Most small logs are about an inch long and might tempt babies and toddlers to sample the taste. The significant part about these building sets is that nearly anyone can build, thanks to the notches in every piece.
  • How will the child use the set? Some families will set up a large, permanent village in a basement or playroom. Others will dump all the logs on the floor and have them at it. At the end of the play session, they deconstruct their creations and put the blocks away in one container (hopefully). If your kids are the careful planner type, they will probably want to keep the logs in each original set’s container. The way your kids play has a lot to do with what sets you buy. If they are the carefree type who dump-and-run, It might be easier to buy several of the larger base sets. 
  • Sustainability. Not only are Lincoln Logs an absolute hands-on toy with no electronics involved, but the wood used to manufacture them is unique in today’s plastic world. A majority, 83 percent of parts made of wood, are made in the USA. An impressive 70 percent of the wood used comes from forests certified by the Forst Stewardship Council. The plastic parts are made in China.

Final verdict

Our number-one choice is The 100th Anniversary Lincoln Log Set (check price on Amazon). We think of this as Lincoln Logs’ base set, the one that provides the basic structures. There are enough pieces to start a good-sized collection, but for kids who are really into building with these toys, getting a second or even third set is a good idea. Put this set with the smaller, specialized collections, and your kids will have a blast making an entire mini-civilization.

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Jennifer Schlette, RN, MSNED
Reviewed by Jennifer Schlette, RN, MSNEDWritten by Neve Spicer Updated on August 25th, 2021

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