Your Guide to Babies and Kids

Motherhood lasts far longer than nine months, and can be a good bit more unpredictable. Being a parent is packed with joys, laughs, challenges, and of course, questions centered around what’s best for your kids and how you can care for them most effectively. There’s plenty you’ll need to think about — there are some definitive best practices in healthy child-rearing, but it will sometimes fall to you to make decisions based on what’s right for you and your family.

You’re not alone in your desire to get it “right”, and to take care of your baby and yourself in the best ways possible; in fact, research is an important first step, so you’re already on the right track. The entire conception, pregnancy, and birth process is different for every mom, but having a good idea of what to expect when trying to conceive, as your pregnancy progresses, and during childbirth can help you to feel more aware and make decisions that fit your lifestyle and meet your needs.

Your Parenting Journey

  • Breastfeeding. It’s free, natural, and healthiest for babies, but getting started can be a learning experience. Reading up on the basics can help you understand things like pumping and storing milk as well as supplementing with or transitioning to formula.
  • Feeding babies & toddlers. If you’re confused about feeding stages, amounts, schedules, and food refusal, you’re not alone. Fortunately, feeding guidelines are pretty standard unless your little one has allergies, so educating yourself will improve your confidence.
  • Diapers & toilet training. Cleaning up dirty diapers is no parent’s favorite activity, but since it’s not optional, learning about the best products and practices to keep baby comfortable is helpful. When it’s time to toilet train, patience is required; thankfully, experienced parents have paved the way with many helpful tips.
  • Baby & toddler sleep. Safe and comfortable sleep for babies and toddlers means learning about healthy sleep positioning, quality cribs and accessories, and guidelines about sleep safety. Sleep can be an ongoing challenge as kids go through phases, and sleep regression can be an issue, but it’s all part of the process and best practices, patience, and consistency go a long way.
  • Children’s health & well-being. It goes without saying that this is your main focus, and it’s certainly a multi-faceted thing. Like adults, kids have mental, physical, and emotional needs that contribute to their well being. Learning about their developmental stage can help you understand what they need and how they’re responding to their circumstances.
  • Traveling with kids. Travel can be challenging at the best of times; kids introduce a new set of needs and circumstances, but it’s very possible to travel happily with kids if you understand what to expect and prepare adequately. There’s plenty of gear and suggestions out there that can make your travel easier.
  • Learning & development. Part of the parental role is to educate kids and help them reach their milestones, but this happens at a different rate for everyone. Reading up on child development and learning strategies can give you a better idea of what to look for and if a delay is present.


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