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Parent Guide to Pregnancy

Whether you and your partner are trying to conceive or have just received your first positive test, there are a lot of big changes happening in your life. While these changes often feel like a joyful and natural shift toward parenthood, they also come with some important questions you’re likely seeking answers to.

You’re not alone in your desire to get it “right”, and to take care of your baby and yourself in the best ways possible; in fact, research is an important first step, so you’re already on the right track. The entire conception, pregnancy, and birth process is different for every mom, but having a good idea of what to expect when trying to conceive, as your pregnancy progresses, and during childbirth can help you to feel more aware and make decisions that fit your lifestyle and meet your needs.

The Pregnancy Journey: Watch for Bumps!

Pregnancy is an incredibly joyful time, but it’s not without moments of difficulty and uncertainty. Understanding early pregnancy symptoms can be tough, and your thrill over a positive test can quickly give way to some of the less pleasant early pregnancy symptoms, like nausea, sore breasts, and fatigue.

Your body will also be growing and changing in new ways and places. Sometimes this is a joy to watch, but as the final weeks of pregnancy near, you may find yourself ready to serve an eviction notice to your little one, who may be taking up a bit more space than you initially anticipated. It’s all perfectly natural, so don’t worry; your most important job right now is to take great care of yourself, making sure to monitor your health to offer your baby their best possible start.

The Moment of Truth

You’re not alone if you’re approaching childbirth with a mixture of anticipation and fear. Though it can feel intimidating, especially for a first-time mother, birth is exactly what your body is designed to do. It’s a perfectly natural process which happens around the world every day, and understanding labor and birth may help you feel more comfortable with your own when it happens by preparing your expectations and guiding you in the formation of a birth plan.

At the start of the nine long months you’ll be waiting to meet your baby, there will be days when childbirth feels as though it is an eternity away. Before you know it, however, you’ll be cradling your very own round baby bump and marveling over how time has flown!

Getting Pregnant

Being Pregnant

Giving Birth

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