Neve and Keane, The Parents, enjoy a rare kid-free romantic moment and steal a kiss.

Neve & Keane: The Parents

We are Neve and Keane – the parents. It’s a silly photo, we know, but this is what happens during an extremely rare kid-free moment! It was taken at a friends wedding which took place just before the birth of our delightful little boy, Dara, whilst his big sister, Leila, was with Grandma.

Over the last four years, we’ve come to know that parenthood is a wonderful dance between joy and (erm) bleary-eyed pain. Whilst being parents has given us deep satisfaction and happiness which surpasses anything we’d experienced before… this didn’t come for free. Nope. As part of the package, we’ve had to survive tears, tantrums and tiredness, what to speak of copious amounts of bodily fluid from just about every direction – how did it get right up his back, again?

Why we created

Saving you time and confusion

The symbiotic, even poetic, relationship between joy and pain isn’t something that just we experience. It’s the same for all the other parents we know. In fact, we think it’s pretty safe to say that this is just parenthood. Period.

However, whilst parenting will always be challenging and often exhausting, it can be made easier. Our aim is pretty simple. We’d like to share some of our experience and learning as we navigate the numerous giggles and niggles of raising a family. In doing this, we hope to save you a little confusion, weariness and, especially, time.

Time is precious.

If we can save you even a few minutes researching and Googling things like, “best sunscreen for babies with sensitive skin“, then you’ll have more time for quality time. Plus, we get some karma points.

And, btw, we go a little OCD when we research things, eg, sunscreen. Sharing our findings makes it feel more worthwhile.

Feeding our family, doing something we love

The whole family: Mom, Dad, Leila and Dara.

Family Selfies… harder than you imagine!

We live and love parenting. Through this blog we get to think it, feel it and talk it. Plus (awesome bonus) we make some money, which we’re sure you’ll agree is kinda useful when feeding, clothing and diapering kids.

Btw, no Porsche yet, but we did just buy a new cafetiere!

We are grateful to be an Amazon Associate. This means we get a small commission if you go from here to Amazon and then make a purchase.

Does this mean we’re biased? Not really. Let’s face it, almost everything you care to think of is sold on Amazon. We share and review gear and products that we think are good – 99 out of 100 times they can be bought on Amazon. (Actually, we’ve only ever had one or two times where we’ve wanted to review something and it wasn’t on Amazon – we reviewed it anyway and linked to the other site.)

YOU the parents isn’t just about us. It’s about you. It’s about the royal WE. Each of us, as parents, are experts. We all learn unique lessons from bringing up our unique children. Each of us can bring a small piece of this parenting wisdom to the table for the benefit of the rest of us parents.

So, share the wealth and treat as your own. What would you like us to research and review? Is there a topic would you like us to explore? Have you learned something that you’d like us to share with the rest of us? Tell us what you’d like to see and read about. We love hearing from you.

Good luck

Good luck; parent your way; trust your intuition; remain flexible and child-like; and, where possible, try to stay in the moment, because the ride goes by quickly.

PS – If you are able to do all of these things… please tell us how because we often struggle!

With care,

Neve and Keane x