The Best Makeup Sets for Kids

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 29th, 2023

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Kids naturally want to emulate what they see their parents do, so it should come as no surprise when your little one pilfers your makeup and smears your favorite lipstick all over her face.

They say it’s all just part of growing up! But, fear not, I’ve got some great news for you; you needn’t sacrifice your expensive eye palates in order to encourage your kiddo’s creativity.

Many companies have produced their own versions of child-friendly makeup kits. So which one’s best for your little one?

Buying makeup for a child isn’t quite the same as browsing the shelves of Sephora for yourself. Before I go into detail about my top picks for makeup kits, let’s talk about…

What to look for in child-appropriate makeup


Makeup can contain a host of ingredients. If your kiddo has any known allergies or sensitivities, it’s vital to make sure the makeup sets you’re purchasing don’t contain harmful products that could trigger a reaction.

The safest thing to do after buying a makeup kit is to perform a patch test. This is done by applying a small amount of makeup to the skin.

Most people prefer trying this out in the crook of an elbow or on the back of the neck. Instruct your kiddo to leave the area alone for as long as possible (ideally 24 hours), looking out for any swelling, redness, or itching.

If you detect any of these, wash the area immediately and contact your pediatrician if the reaction doesn’t subside.


Naturally, you’ll want only gentle, non-toxic ingredients being applied to your child’s skin. So avoid makeup that contains …

  • Phthalates: These chemicals, notably diethylphthalate, often appear in adult makeup.
  • Parabens: Often used as a preservative in adult makeup.
  • Talc: Sometimes found in face powders and eye shadows, talc carries the possibility of asbestos contamination.
  • Fragrances: Fragrances can be harsh, often indicating that the makeup contains phthalates.
  • Lead: It is common for trace amounts of lead to be found in adult makeup products. While this is unlikely to harm an adult, it’s not advisable to expose a developing child to any lead.

“Okay,” you might think, “I’ll just buy all-organic.” Well, not so fast! Organic or all-natural items can often have even less oversight than more traditional products.

Pay close attention to all ingredients, and never be afraid to call the company’s helpline if you have additional inquiries.

Safety certifications

Some products have been through extra vetting by organizations dedicated to making products safe for consumers.

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission. This federal organization tests all kinds of products for safety in the United States of America. Both local and imported merchandise can obtain a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC). This certificate indicates that a third party has tested the product and that it has met high safety standards.
  • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. This American law further expanded on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standards and focuses heavily on products marketed to children. Toys designated as being CPSIA compliant have been through third-party safety testing.
  • American Society for Testing and Materials. Recognized internationally and comprised mostly of volunteers, this organization has long been noted for its high standards of safety. Products carrying an ASTM certification have been put through rigorous testing to ensure they are not harmful.


Your kiddo’s new makeup set will, more than likely, be stored in a container made from plastic. Be sure their kits come in containers made from safe, BPA free materials.

Also, be sure they’re built to withstand your kiddo’s play style without breaking apart!


Most makeup kits will include brushes and/or other implements to apply the makeup. Make sure that these, too, are BPA free, easy to clean and soft enough for delicate skin.

Age limit

Some makeup sets come with a range of recommended ages. As with any young child’s toy, it’s important to pay close attention to these guidelines, as some makeup kits include small accessories that could become choking hazards for toddlers.


You certainly don’t want to be scrambling to remove the remnants of your kiddo’s creative-eyeshadow job while she’s running out the door to catch the school bus.

Ideally, their makeup should come off quickly and easily with good, old-fashioned soap and water.

Remember — makeup that comes off a little person easily may still stain that lovely cream-colored armchair or brand-new dress shirt.

When you and your little one are playing with makeup, do so in an area that can withstand a bit of mess.

Our pick of the best makeup sets for kids

Editors choice

Our opinion

Ages: 2 years +
Makeup type(s): Fake eyeshadow / fake blush & bronzer / fake lip gloss / fake lipstick / fake foundation / fake nail polish
Applicator(s) included: Yes
Mirror included: Yes

While the Make it Up Glamour Girl Pretend Play Makeup Set (check price on Amazon) comes without any actual makeup, it offers a myriad of pretend-play opportunities without any cleanup once the game is over.

The foam palates in this 13-piece set look so realistic that your kiddo will think she’s gotten the makeup straight from her mama’s purse.

The makeup brushes are even tinted pink for that “just used” look! This is a quality, no-mess toy that your daughter can play with at home or on the go.

At a glance
  • Hyper realistic design.
  • Cute cosmetic bag.
  • Can be used anywhere.

Upgrade choice

Our opinion

Ages: 4 – 6 years
Makeup type(s): Fake blush / fake glitter pot / fake lipstick / fake nail polish / fake foundation / fake lip gloss / fake mascara
Applicator(s) included: Yes
Mirror included: Yes

Although the priciest item on our list, the PixieCrush Pretend Makeup Play Deluxe Kit (check price on Amazon) contains 16 pieces of faux cosmetics.

That’s right: nothing is real here, so there’s no need to fret over a post-play mess. This set does contain small parts, so be careful if your child is a chewer.

That said, the materials are all free from lead, cadmium, and phthalates and meet American toy safety standards.

All in all, this 16-piece set is a great way to keep a child (and friends!) entertained.

At a glance
  • Adorable polka-dotted bag.
  • Wide variety of “makeup”.

Best budget buy

Our opinion

Ages: 5+
Makeup type(s): Blush / lip gloss / body glitter / lipstick
Applicator(s) included: Yes
Mirror included: Yes

Tucked away in an adorable tiered carrying case is a collection of vividly colored makeup that meets both CPSC and ASTM safety standards.

The hues provide visible color on the skin but are easy to wash off. At under $10, this makeup kit offers a vast assortment of lip glosses, eyeshadows, and more.

The applicators’ larger size makes for easy holding and maneuvering in even small hands.

What we love:

  • Unique makeup case.
  • Easy to hold applicators.

Our fourth choice

Our opinion

Ages: Unlisted
Makeup type(s): Eyeshadow / blush / lip gloss
Applicator(s) included: Yes
Mirror included: Yes

The Glamur Girl BR Makeup Kit (check price on Amazon) includes lip gloss and blush, but it’s the eyeshadow palette that really stands out.

Whether your little one wants to go for a bold blue look or is more into earth tones, this kit has her covered with 48 colors to choose from while she shades her eyelids (or cheeks or chin or forehead because, well… kids!)

All 48 hues produced by this makeup are vibrant and wash off easily with soap and water.

At a glance
  • Bright pink carrying case.
  • Plenty of colors to choose from.

Our fifth choice

Our opinion

Ages: 3 – 6 years
Makeup type(s): Fake eyeshadow / fake blush / fake glitter / fake lip gloss
Applicator(s) included?: Yes
Mirror included: Yes

If your kiddo is a bit too young to be applying actual makeup, fear not!

The Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup (check price on Amazon) doesn’t contain anything that will apply to her skin, instead, encouraging her to engage in make-believe play.

With realistic textures, a cosmetic bag, and a shatterproof mirror, this kit is perfect for a variety of ages and won’t leave any mess in its wake.

At a glance
  • Fun cosmetic bag.
  • Real makeup brushes.

Best natural makeup set

Our opinion

Ages: 3+
Makeup Type(s): Eyeshadow /Blush / Lip Gloss / Lipstick
Applicator(s) Included: Yes
Mirror Included: Yes

If you want to shop smart for the environment, this vegan makeup kit is cruelty-free and even comes with a cosmetic bag crafted from recycled plastic.

The Kooalo Natural Makeup (check price on Amazon) is free from parabens, fragrances, artificial dyes, and talc.

Colors wash off easily, but some parents report that they do have enough staying power to make it through things like dance recitals.

With 13 different makeup types and shades, this set can generate plenty of colorful looks.

What we love
  • Variety of colors.
  • Makeup will last through activity.
Watch for
  • Smaller amount of product than some other sets.

Our seventh choice

Our opinion

Ages: 3+
Makeup type(s): Fake blush / fake lip stick / fake eyeshadow / fake foundation
Applicator(s) included: Yes
Mirror included: Yes

This fake makeup kit features an adorable “purse” for carrying around the makeup, all of which is realistically designed and housed in little compact cases.

The Click N’ Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set (check price on Walmart) includes a shatterproof mirror and multiple brushes with thick handles for tiny hands to grip.

All in all, this is a classic makeup set that’s great for solo and group play alike.

What we love
  • Having their own purse.
  • Makeup that looks and feels real.
Watch for
  • The compacts can be tricky for young kids to open.

Our eighth choice

Our opinion

Ages: 3+
Makeup type(s): Fake blush / fake glitter / fake lipstick / fake nail polish / fake foundation
Applicator(s) included: Yes
Mirror included: Yes

The Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup for Girls Kit (check price on Walmart) meets ASTM and CPSIA safety standards and contains no actual makeup.

The large brushes are easy to hold, with extra soft bristles made from animal hair.

This 8-piece set is perfect for siblings to play with together or as a party game, and you’ll never have to worry about scraping glitter out of the carpet.

Many parents report that this kit distracted their toddlers long enough for mom to put her own makeup on without having to wave off grabbing hands!

What we love
  • Elegant leather carrying case.
  • Super soft brushes.
  • Realistic makeup design.
Watch for
  • Mirror doesn’t show a great reflection.

Our ninth pick

Our opinion

Ages: 5+
Makeup type(s): Eye shadow / glitter / lipstick / lip gloss / blush
Applicator(s) included: Yes
Mirror included: Yes

Meeting various safety regulations and holding an ASTM certification, this water-soluble, paraben-free makeup kit is 100% real for kiddos looking for an authentic makeover.

The colors are subtle on the skin and wash off easily with soap and water. What’s more, several parents have reported that the hues don’t even stain fabric.

The Here Shine Makeup Set (check price on Amazon) comes in a hard-shell carrying case that’s tiered and shaped like a bright pink butterfly, making it a fabulously fun accessory for your kiddo to show off to friends.

At a glance
  • Pink butterfly-shaped case.
  • Easy-to-hold applicators.
  • Color variety.

Our tenth choice

Our opinion

Ages: 3+
Makeup type(s): Lip gloss / nail polish / blush / eye shadow
Applicator(s) included: Yes
Mirror included: Yes

Has it been a while since your little one has gone a full day without mentioning unicorns?

If so, the TOKIA Kids Makeup Kit (check price on eBay) could be the perfect gift for her.

The makeup is real, non-toxic, and has been safety tested. It is easily removable with warm water and won’t leave stains on furniture or clothing.

This beauty kit also includes a comb, hand-held mirror, and unicorn cosmetic bag.

What we love
  • Unicorn theme.
  • Unicorn headband.
  • No scrubbing needed to remove makeup.
Watch for


Should I let my child use my makeup-removing wipes?

It’s best to avoid makeup removers marketed for adults. These can be harsh on delicate skin and often contain strong fragrances that can be irritants.

How can I safely remove makeup?

If soap and water don’t get that face clean, you could always try baby wipes. You can also dab a cotton ball in baby oil or coconut oil, or even use some Vaseline to recover that ‘au naturel’ look.

Be sure to wash any excess oil from your little ones’ face once you’ve removed their makeup.

What are the benefits of a child using makeup?

Don’t think of makeup as a gateway to vanity. It can have numerous benefits for your little one; for example:

  • Creates a bonding opportunity for mothers and children.
  • Boosts creativity.
  • Teaches confidence through learning a new skill.
  • Helps develop self-expression.
  • Encourages pretend play.
  • Helps develop motor skills.

Should I let my son play with makeup?

Of course! There’s no right or wrong way to be a kid, and if your son wants to explore the fun of makeup, by all means, let him.

The above benefits are not limited to girls; boys can also derive plenty of advantages from playing with makeup if they so choose.

Furthermore, if you have a son gracious enough to serve as a ‘model’ for his sister, why not encourage that relationship? Bonding over makeup doesn’t have to be just a mother/daughter thing!

How do I clean the brushes in my child’s makeup set?

Good old soap and cold water will usually do the trick, though double check to see if the kit has specific cleaning instructions before giving brushes and applicators a scrub.

Can kids share applicators?

If you’re having a makeup party or have multiple kiddos using the same makeup set, it’s worth investing in some inexpensive applicators and brushes so you have some extra on hand. This will help avoid spreading germs.

Can I make my own fake makeup for my child?

Making fake makeup is surprisingly simple, but does take time. Tammi McAtee has a helpful video on how to turn dry nail polish into everything from eyeshadow to blush.

Check out her video below, but do keep in mind that she advises a 3-4 day period of letting the nail polish set before giving it to your kiddo. Be sure to plan ahead for this DIY project.

You can also use cut-out foam pieces glued into empty compacts to create a realistic fake makeup kit. Check out this video from DivaDollFlawless for an easy to follow video and your kiddo will have their complete makeup set in no time.

One thing to remember if going down the DIY route is to check all the mirrors in any compacts you’re repurposing.

Many premade makeup kits for kids take care to include shatterproof mirrors, while adult mirrors are generally made of real glass.

This could prove hazardous to younger kids, or to those who tend to play roughly with their toys.

And the winner is…

Whether you’re looking for makeup that your child can really wear, or a pretend kit that lets your kiddo’s imagination take over, all the sets on this list are top notch products.

My hands-down personal favorite is the Make It Up Kit by Glamour Girl (check price on Amazon).

I love being able to watch my girls indulge their imagination while they play with the realistic foam palates and proudly tote around their very own cosmetic bag.

What I like most is that they can take this makeup set anywhere, and I don’t have to worry about them making a mess or staining Grandma’s couch.

Here’s to the joys of self-expression, self-pampering, and a good old fashioned makeover playday as your kiddo discovers the world of makeup!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 29th, 2023

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