The 7 Best Toy Lightsabers

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023

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To a Star Wars fan, the distinctive hum of a lightsaber’s blade springing to the ready signifies just one thing — an epic battle is about to begin.

For parents, the real conquest is finding the right toy lightsaber for kids in a sea of replicas; it needs to be affordable, durable, and fun.

There are also older kids to consider, who may be getting into the world of cosplay and seeking out real limited editions and licensed merch to begin a beloved collection.

What factors should I consider when buying a toy lightsaber?

Lights and sounds

Most of the magic of playing with a toy lightsaber comes from the light and sound effects it produces, which help kids get immersed in their developmentally important pretend play by adding a touch of movie “realism”.

While some lightsabers only light up in one or two colors, at least one on our list can transition between 11 different colors, offering an obvious advantage in variety.

It’s also worth considering that not all toy lightsabers produce a sound effect, though all those listed here do (with some even allowing users to switch between sound profiles).

Single, double, or convertible

Fans of Star Wars will recognize a double-bladed lightsaber, or Saberstaff, as a weapon occasionally wielded by both Siths and Jedis.

They’re a little showier in use than a standard lightsaber and, typically, you’ll have to choose one or the other when making a purchase.

It’s not always the case, though, as some manufacturers produce toy lightsabers that can be joined at the hilt to form a convertible Saberstaff.

This can be especially important if your child is trying to cosplay or mimic a specific character, like Darth Vader or Kylo Ren, as each character tends to have a distinctive weapon.


Since their lightsaber isn’t really made of light, putting some consideration into the size of toy sword they’ll be swinging around is wise.

Toy lightsabers that are on the larger side may be harder for younger kids to wield, especially when they convert to a Saberstaff.

On the other hand, older kids will certainly find small replicas to be less exciting and entertaining, so consider your audience — and their play space — before weighing this factor.


The irony of toy weaponry is that some are designed to withstand actual physical play, while other picks are for display purposes only.

While some delicate lightsaber replicas are great for jazzing up dad’s man cave, kids want to do more than just look at their toys!

Unless they’re older or are using the lightsaber for cosplay, consider a model that’s actually designed for dueling to prevent disappointment and wasted dollars.


Your child’s age, and their reason for wanting a toy lightsaber, can go a long way in informing your final choice.

While youngsters are generally looking for a fun toy with lights and sounds that they can get rowdy with, older kids may want the lightsaber for use in cosplay or for display purposes.

This means that, for the younger set, it’s easier to get away without buying official merchandise or a collector’s edition lightsaber.

On the flip side, older kids — especially those who want the sword for serious cosplay — will be looking for real-deal licensed merchandise.


Typically, toy lightsabers get their power from one of two sources — charging or batteries.

This varies significantly across the board, and can’t be considered a measure of quality; there are low-end picks that use USB chargers and collector’s editions that require AAA batteries.

This will come down to a matter of personal preference. If you’d rather switch out some dead batteries and get back to playtime right away than spend hours waiting for a charge, your choice is clear.

However, if you’re willing to opt for a USB-chargeable lightsaber, you’ll save a few bucks and won’t find yourself caught without batteries.

Price range

It’s no secret that Star Wars fandom is home to some very spirited collectors, which means that the price range for toy lightsabers is pretty broad.

Official merchandise can be on the pricey side, with legitimate collector’s-edition prices rising up to the hundreds-of-dollars range.

If your child just wants a toy lightsaber for playing with at home or on the playground, then stick with unlicensed, cheaper merchandise.

However, if they’re serious cosplayers or collectors, responsible enough to care for it, an actual collector’s piece is a thoughtful, significant gift and a wise investment.

Our top picks for the best toy lightsabers

We’ve tried to include a thorough mix of options here, from budget-friendly picks that are great for dueling to higher-end merch ideal for cosplay, conventions, or display.

Keep an eye out for the options that look good on display but can also hold up to physical play, as they’re likely to become long-term favorites.

Best overall

Our opinion
  • Colors: 11 user-changeable colors, available with black or silver hilt
  • Size: 78 cm
  • Convertible: Yes
  • Power source: Wall charger
  • Includes stand: No

The best toy lightsabers combine durability, functionality, and a cool aesthetic, which is what you’ll get with the Kybers RGB (check price on Amazon).

It’s got lights and sounds that make pretend-play both immersive and versatile, as kids can switch between a total of three “sound fonts” or audio profiles.

They can also choose from an impressive eleven colors, letting them become Luke one day or Darth Vader the next.

Switching between shades and learning the toy’s functionality may take a few days, but once kids master this saber, it will become a quick favorite.

Another great feature of this pick is that it’s convertible; if kids would prefer to switch between a standard lightsaber and a Saberstaff, two Kybers RGB toys join at the hilt to form a weapon any Star Wars fan will recognize as Darth Maul’s signature weapon.

What we love
  • There are 11 different color options that can be switched on a whim
  • There are three sound profiles that kids can switch up for more diversity in their pretend play
  • Two of these sabers can be joined at the hilt to create a convertible Saberstaff
Watch for
  • The directions could be clearer about how to switch the colors

Best for double action

Our opinion
  • Colors: Blue and green
  • Size: 74 cm
  • Convertible: Yes
  • Power source: AAA batteries
  • Includes stand: No

If the functionality of toy lightsabers that can be combined into a Sabersword is something your kids will love (but you’d rather not break the bank on official Star Wars lightsabers), this dual-pack of Liberty Imports Light-Up Swords (check price on Amazon) could be the perfect pick.

This pack means there’s no need to make two separate purchases in order to achieve this cool look and feel, as both a blue and green lightsaber are included.

The two can be joined at the hilt to be used as a Sabersword or used separately by siblings or friends in a duel.

There’s even an extra connecting adapter included, so their fun can continue without interruption.

It’s one of the best picks for a double-action lightsaber if you’re hoping to save a few dollars, just be aware that it may be less likely to handle highly aggressive play than more expensive toys.

What we love
  • Two of these sabers can be joined at the hilt to create a convertible Saberstaff
  • The set includes two swords, so it’s perfect for siblings or pals
  • The price is exceptionally low for a two-pack
Watch for
  • These may not hold up to long-term aggressive play

Best for collectors

Our opinion
  • Colors: Green
  • Size: 115 cm
  • Convertible: No
  • Power source: AA batteries
  • Includes stand: Yes

On the hunt for an official Star Wars lightsaber that looks great on display, but packs the light and sound effects that make it an excellent addition to play and cosplay?

The Star Wars: Force FX Lightsaber (check price on Amazon) is a model that shouldn’t be missed (though its price tag definitely reflects the weapon’s collector-level quality).

It’s hard to argue with a model that replicates the lightsaber used by legendary hero Luke Skywalker and most certainly one any Star Wars fan will recognize.

A small, durable display stand is included, which offers an attractive way to show off the lightsaber when not being used. During play, a high-quality metal hilt gives this saber some extra heft, and the light effects mimic the film most effectively.

The only downside here is that the sound effects seem quiet compared to other lightsabers.

What we love
  • A beautiful collector’s edition of the Luke Skywalker lightsaber that comes with a durable display stand
  • A great addition to cosplay
  • Both hilt and blade are sturdy, making this a high-end pick they can actually play with
Watch for
  • The sound effects are quieter than other replica lightsabers

Best for creatives

Our opinion
  • Colors: Blue and green
  • Size: 61 cm
  • Convertible: Yes
  • Power source: AAA batteries
  • Includes stand: No

If your kiddo is one who thinks outside the box and loves to build, the Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber is a kit they’ll thrive on, honing their motor skills to use critical thinking during assembly.

The highly customizable set lets them play with an authentic Star Wars lightsaber and light daggers, build an expanded hilt, and achieve more than 100 other builds to create unique toy weaponry, making it a great addition to pretend play.

Whether they identify with Jedis like Luke Skywalker or Siths like Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, the Bladebuilders Jedi Master Set (check price on Amazon) allows them to create weaponry featuring classic sound and light effects unique to their creativity while holding onto the familiar aesthetic of the movie franchise.

Though this diverse saber set is a lot of fun to build, parents and kids should note that it may not hold up to highly aggressive play, so keep those duels honorable!

What we love
  • The perfect pick for kids who love to build, as it’s both a project and a toy
  • The set is highly customizable, offering over 100 possible assembly combinations
  • It’s official merch that’s great for cosplay without breaking the bank
Watch for
  • May not hold up to long-term aggressive play

Best custom lightsabers

Our opinion
  • Colors: Blue, green, orange, white, pink, red, ice blue
  • Size: 95 cm
  • Convertible: No
  • Power source: Wall charger
  • Includes stand: No

If your child is a massive fan of the Star Wars movie franchise and loves cosplay, you’re no doubt familiar with the cost that can be involved!

Choices like the YDD Saber (check price on Sears) are ideal, as they offer a balanced price somewhere between cheaper knockoffs and official collector’s pieces while remaining highly modifiable — a feature that older, more advanced cosplayers are often looking for.

The lightsaber blade can be purchased in seven different colors, and though the included blade can’t change color, it can be removed from the durable metal hilt and replaced with a piece creating a different aesthetic.

If they’d like to switch between costuming characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Kylo Ren, this lightsaber offers the perfect level of flexibility as well as great light and sound effects and a toy that’s quite sturdy in use.

What we love
  • The sound effects are nice and loud, but can be muted
  • A great build for cosplayers to modify because of its design
  • It’s durable, so great for either play or display
Watch for
  • Older kids may find it a bit small

Best for dueling

Our opinion
  • Colors: Multiple
  • Size: 100 cm
  • Convertible: No
  • Power source: USB
  • Includes stand: No

When your child sees Star Wars for the first time and proceeds to request their own lightsabers, you can be pretty sure there’s a duel around the corner.

After all, lightsaber battles make up some of the most thrilling scenes in the movie franchise, with clashing sound effects and flashing lights creating an epic melee!

Buying lightsabers for dueling requires models that can actually hold up to all that slicing and dicing, such as the Saber Studio Lightsaber (check price on Amazon).

The metal hilt is made out of durable, lightweight aluminum, handling their all-important physical play3 effectively without shorting out or losing its gusto.

It boasts the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, with the only negative being the charge time required. Four hours of charge nets just one hour of play, so its use may require some planning.

What we love
  • It’s lightweight, with an aluminum hilt that’s comfortable to grasp
  • It holds up to repeated hits, so great for dueling
  • Kids can change sound profiles during play to keep things interesting
Watch for
  • The charge to play time ratio is a little disappointing, with a four hour charge earning one hour of play

Best for budget

Our opinion
  • Colors: Blue
  • Size: 51 cm
  • Convertible: No
  • Power source: AAA batteries
  • Includes stand: No

A lightsaber that functions as both a high-quality toy blade and a fun dart blaster is a unique option; if your child is a fan of the Star Wars Rebels animated series, they’ll likely recognize this blaster as belonging to Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger, a warrior who fought to bring down the Galactic Empire.

Ezra Blaster (check price on Walmart) is a budget-friendly option that still packs light and sound effects which make battle exciting. The build is high quality despite its low price, meaning it’s fine for younger users and duels.

At 51 cm, the blade is also smaller than other models on our list, so it’s a good option for cramped indoor play spaces.

What we love
  • This lightsaber doubles as a dart blaster
  • The blade of the lightsaber extends 51 cm. when kids are ready for blade combat
  • Small but durable, so it’s perfect for younger users
Watch for
  • The blade may not retract as easily as it releases, so some force may be required

The bottom line

When it comes to choosing the right toy lightsaber for your child, their age, how they’ll use it, its durability and cost will be key to your purchase.

Parents looking for the balance between a high-end lightsaber and a budget pick will probably love the Kybers RGB (check price on Amazon), which lets kids rise to whatever occasion they desire by choosing from 11 colors and three sound profiles.

It’s about half the cost of a standard collector’s edition, but skips over the durability issues often found in lower-end models for a toy that will be great in play (or on display) for years to come.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023

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