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Dr. Alex Kolb, Pharm.D, R.Ph.

Dr. Alex Kolb, Pharm.D, R.Ph. is a licensed pharmacist in Maine and New Hampshire, practicing in the long term care sector. Dr. Kolb is a 2016 graduate of the University of New England Collage of Pharmacy, where he held an internship in infectious disease research. He has practiced pharmacy in retail, acute care, and consultation settings.

Dr. Kolb is passionate about the pharmaceutical profession and providing care to his patients. He is a member of the Maine Pharmacists Association, the American Pharmacists Association, and the Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists. In January of 2015, he was honored with the American Pharmacists Association Member of the Month Award. Dr. Kolb was also the recipient of Wentworth Douglas Hospital’s Medical Staff Scholarship, and was recognized on the June 2015 Dean’s List at UNE.

Alex is also part of Rx-Ask, an online app where anyone can “Ask a Pharmacist.”

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