125+ Names Meaning Water (Girl, Boy, Gender-neutral)

Water-inspired names guaranteed to make a splash

Written by Neve Updated on April 20th, 2023

Whether your newly arrived child has been born under one of the three Zodiac water signs – Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer – or because you’re naturally attracted to the form of rainfall or the ocean, there’s a bottomless pool of names meaning water from which to choose.

Although water constitutes 71% of the Earth’s surface, we rarely acknowledge the serene, yet powerful, influence water has on our lives.

Because a name meaning water is such an out-of-the-ordinary choice, we’ve drawn up a list from various worldwide cultures to help you find one that flows naturally for your very own water baby.

Female baby names

  • Aabha – Sanskrit for ‘Shining’ or ‘Light’
  • Aalaya – Sanskrit for ‘Refuge or Shelter of Water’
  • Adah – Hebrew for ‘Beauty or Ornament of Water’
  • Aisha – Arabic for ‘Living Water’
  • Aithne – Irish for ‘Form of Niamh meaning ‘ Bright Water’
  • Aiyana – Native American for ‘Eternal Blossom of Water’
  • Amaya – Japanese for ‘Night Rain’
  • Amrita – Sanskrit for ‘Immortal or Nectar of Water’
  • Anah – Hebrew for ‘Answer of Water’
  • Aneira – Welsh for ‘White Wave of Water’
  • Anuja – Sanskrit for ‘Born of Water’
  • Armani – Hindi for ‘River’
  • Arushi – Sanskrit for ‘Dawn of Water’
  • Ayla – Hebrew for ‘Oak Tree of Water’
  • Blythe – Old English for ‘Cheerful or Joyful of Water’
  • Bronwen – Welsh for ‘White or Fair of Water’
  • Caelia – Latin for ‘Heavenly or Sky of Water’
  • Caitlyn – Irish for ‘Pure or Clear Water’
  • Cayla – Irish for ‘Slender or Fairy of Water’
  • Danu – Celtic for ‘Goddess of the Water’
  • Devina – Hindu for ‘Divine Water’
  • Devika – Sanskrit for ‘Little Goddess of Water’
  • Doria – Greek for ‘Gift of Water’
  • Eilish – Irish for ‘From the Storm or Sea of Water’
  • Eira – Welsh for ‘Snow of Water’
  • Eirwen – Welsh for ‘White Snow of Water’
  • Elyse – French for ‘From the Island of Water’
  • Ffion – Welsh for ‘Fair or White of Water’
  • Ganga – Hindu for ‘Goddess of the River’
  • Gia – Italian for ‘God’s Gracious Gift of Water’
  • Imara – Swahili for ‘Strong or Firm of Water’
  • Isla – Scottish for ‘Island of Water’
  • Jana – Latin for ‘God’s Gift of Water’
  • Kailani – Hawaiian for ‘Sea and Sky of Water’
  • Kaveri – Hindu for ‘River’
  • Layla – Arabic for ‘Dark Beauty of Water’
  • Maeve – Irish for ‘Intoxicating of Water’
  • Maia – Greek for ‘Mother of Water’
  • Neriah – Hebrew for ‘Light of Water’
  • Zalea – Greek for ‘Sea Strength of Water’

Male baby names

Akoni – Hawaiian for “the one who works with water”
Aras – Persian for “flowing water”
Bishan – Indian for “lord of the waters”
Boreas – Greek for “north wind”, associated with water
Caspian – Persian for “ocean”
Danuvius – Roman for “river god”
Devin – Irish for “poet”, associated with water
Eamon – Irish for “guardian of the riches of the sea”
Ewan – Scottish for “youthful and full of life, like water”
Finlay – Irish for “fair-haired hero of the sea”
Gage – French for “measurer of water”
Haruki – Japanese for “spring water”
Hilliard – German for “protector of the sea”
Hywel – Welsh for “eminent in the sea”
Inannu – Sumerian for “lord of the waters”
Jacques – French for “he who supplants”, associated with water
Kai – Hawaiian for “sea”
Lamar – Spanish for “of the sea”
Lotan – Hebrew for “dragon of the sea”
Marlowe – Old English for “driftwood on the marsh”
Matsuo – Japanese for “pine and water”
Morgan – Welsh for “sea chief”
Neo – Greek for “new wave”
Nereus – Greek for “god of the sea”
Neptune – Roman for “god of the sea”
Ocean – Greek for “ocean”
Odysseus – Greek for “angry man of the sea”
Osman – Turkish for “protector of the waters”
Parnell – Irish for “little wave”
Poseidon – Greek for “god of the sea”
Reed – English for “red-haired ruler by the water”
Ryder – Old English for “knight of the sea”
Sajan – Indian for “born of the waters”
Salim – Arabic for “peaceful”, associated with water
Shui – Chinese for “water”
Triton – Greek for “messenger of the sea”
Umberto – Italian for “bright, shining sea”
Uri – Hebrew for “light of God”, associated with water
Wade – Old English for “one who fords a river”
Zale – Greek for “man of the sea”

Unisex baby names

Afton – English name meaning “river town.”
Aqua – Latin for “water”
Darya – Persian for “sea”
Delphi – Greek name meaning “of the ocean.”
Everett – Old English for “strong as the ocean”
Ford – Old English for “river crossing”
Hyden – Old English for “from the water meadow”
Irvin – Scottish for “green water”
Jala – Arabic for “water”
Lake – Old English for “lake”
Lina – Greek for “water pool”
Marin – French for “of the sea”
Merrick – Old German for “powerful ruler of the sea”
Oceana – Latin for “ocean”
Orin – Celtic for “born by the sea”
River – Old English for “river”
Talia – Hebrew for “dew of the sea”
Ula – Hawaiian for “jewel of the sea”
Waverly – Old English for “meadow near the water”
Yara – Brazilian for “water lady”
Zola – African for “tranquil lake”

Written by Neve Updated on April 20th, 2023