85+ Names That Mean Wisdom (Male, Female, Unisex)

“With wisdom comes the ability to be still and listen“

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on April 20th, 2023

Since the dawn of time, intelligent thinkers have exhibited the virtues of knowledge, serenity, and experience, all of which we’ve come to know as wisdom.

Wisdom is that elusive gift many parents wish to bestow upon their newly arrived child.

Giving your child a name that means wisdom might gently steer them in the direction of becoming the intelligent, considerate, and kind person who inspires all those with whom they come into contact.

To help with your search, we’ve compiled a list of names from various world cultures. We hope you find one that makes an ideal fit for your smart little sage.

Female baby names

  • Abigail – Hebrew origin, meaning “father’s joy”
  • Ailith – British origin, meaning “wise one”
  • Alara – African origin, meaning “wisdom, understanding”
  • Amaris – Greek origin, meaning “promise of wisdom”
  • Anastasia – Greek origin, meaning “resurrection, wisdom”
  • Anaxandra – Greek origin, meaning “protector of mankind, wise”
  • Athena – Greek origin, meaning “goddess of wisdom”
  • Ava – Latin origin, meaning “life, wisdom”
  • Beatrice – Latin origin, meaning “voyager, blessed, wise”
  • Cassandra – Greek origin, meaning “prophetess, wise”
  • Chloe – Greek origin, meaning “young green shoot, blooming, wisdom”
  • Clio – Greek origin, meaning “muse of history, wise”
  • Dorothea – Greek origin, meaning “gift of God, wise”
  • Edwina – English origin, meaning “friend of wealth, wise”
  • Elowen – Cornish origin, meaning “elf, wise”
  • Enid – Welsh origin, meaning “soul, wisdom”
  • Ethel – English origin, meaning “noble, wise”
  • Evangeline – Greek origin, meaning “bringer of good news, wise”
  • Fatima – Arabic origin, meaning “captivating, wise”
  • Freya – Norse origin, meaning “goddess of love and wisdom”
  • Gwendolyn – Welsh origin, meaning “blessed, wise”
  • Hebe – Greek origin, meaning “youth, wisdom”
  • Hedy – German origin, meaning “war, wisdom”
  • Helena – Greek origin, meaning “light, wise”
  • Ida – German origin, meaning “hardworking, wise”
  • Isis – Egyptian origin, meaning “goddess of nature, wise”
  • Ivy – Latin origin, meaning “faithfulness, wisdom”
  • Judith – Hebrew origin, meaning “woman of Judea, wise”
  • Juno – Roman origin, meaning “queen of heaven, wise”
  • Kairi – Japanese origin, meaning “ocean village, wise”
  • Kerensa – Cornish origin, meaning “love, wise”
  • Lillian – Latin origin, meaning “lily, wise”
  • Maeve – Irish origin, meaning “intoxicating, wise”
  • Minerva – Roman origin, meaning “goddess of wisdom”
  • Naomi – Hebrew origin, meaning “pleasant, wise”
  • Pandora – Greek origin, meaning “gift of all, wise”
  • Prudence – Latin origin, meaning “caution, wise”
  • Rachael – Hebrew origin, meaning “ewe, wise”
  • Sabrina – Celtic origin, meaning “princess, wise”
  • Sophia – Greek origin, meaning “wisdom”

Male baby names

Abhinav – From Sanskrit, meaning ‘innovative, wise
Apolo – From Greek, meaning ‘wise man, prophet
Aran – From Gaelic, meaning ‘wise and honorable
Arun – From Sanskrit, meaning ‘wise, sun
Arunima – From Sanskrit, meaning ‘wise and noble
Avi – From Hebrew, meaning ‘wise, strong
Balthasar – From Aramaic, meaning ‘God protects, wise
Benedict – From Latin, meaning ‘blessed and wise
Bodhi – From Sanskrit, meaning ‘enlightened, wise
Bragi – From Old Norse, meaning ‘poet and wise one
Chanan – From Hebrew, meaning ‘gracious, wise
Chirag – From Sanskrit, meaning ‘lamp, wise
Doron – From Hebrew, meaning ‘gift, wise
Enda – From Irish, meaning ‘brave and wise
Ephraim – From Hebrew, meaning ‘fruitful, wise
Erasmus – From Latin, meaning ‘beloved, wise
Fintan – From Irish, meaning ‘fair-haired, wise
Gautam – From Sanskrit, meaning ‘wise and victorious
Hari – From Sanskrit, meaning ‘lord, wise
Hiram – From Hebrew, meaning ‘exalted, wise
Isaiah – From Hebrew, meaning ‘salvation, wise
Jotham – From Hebrew, meaning ‘God is perfect, wise
Kaelan – From Irish, meaning ‘slender, wise
Kalen – From Irish, meaning ‘handsome, wise
Kavi – From Sanskrit, meaning ‘poet, wise
Kian – From Irish, meaning ‘ancient, wise
King – From Old English, meaning ‘kingly, wise
Landon – From Old English, meaning ‘long hill, wise
Mahdi – From Arabic, meaning ‘guided, wise
Manish – From Sanskrit, meaning ‘lord of the mind, wise
Merlin – From Welsh, meaning ‘sea-fortress, wise
Moshe – From Hebrew, meaning ‘drawn out, wise
Myles – From Greek, meaning ‘soldier, wise
Nabu – From Babylonian, meaning ‘prophet, wise
Natan – From Hebrew, meaning ‘gift, wise
Nathan – From Hebrew, meaning ‘gift of God, wise
Nehemiah – From Hebrew, meaning ‘comforted by Yahweh, wise
Omar – From Arabic, meaning ‘eloquent, wise
Osman – From Arabic, meaning ‘God’s servant, wise
Solomon – From Hebrew, meaning ‘peaceful, wise

Unisex names

  • Akil – Arabic for ‘wise, intelligent’;
  • Ataro – Japanese for ‘wise and intelligent’;
  • Berach – Irish for ‘wise’;
  • Chokshi – Indian for ‘wise and learned’;
  • Dreng – Norse for ‘wise and brave’;
  • Edan – Hebrew for ‘fire of knowledge’;
  • Eideard – Scottish for ‘guardian of wisdom’;
  • Eman – Arabic for ‘trustworthy, reliable’;
  • Esben – Danish for ‘divinely wise’;
  • Eusebio – Spanish for ‘pious, wise’;
  • Evren – Turkish for ‘universe, wisdom’;
  • Gavi – Hebrew for ‘blessed one with wisdom’;
  • Gyan – Indian for ‘knowledge, wisdom’;
  • Hakuya – Japanese for ‘intelligent, wise’;
  • Kalil – Arabic for ‘dear friend and wise’;
  • Kazi – African for ‘intelligent and wise’;
  • Kenechi – African for ‘God’s will and wisdom’;
  • Laïla – Arab for ‘night, intelligence’;
  • Lekha – Sanskrit for ‘writing, document of wisdom’;
  • Maite – Basque for ‘wise and beloved’;
  • Mostafa – Arabic for ‘chosen one and wise’;
  • Nen – Welsh for ‘wise’;
  • Niel – Scandinavian for ‘champion of wisdom’;
  • Philip – Greek for ‘lover of wisdom’;
  • Séaghdha – Irish for ‘wise and learned’

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on April 20th, 2023