90+ Names That Mean Hero (Girl, Boy, Unisex)

Every hero has a destiny

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on June 15th, 2023

Perhaps you’ve endured a rough and traumatic pregnancy prior to the arrival of your precious newborn. Maybe her health has been less than perfect along the way, meaning her entrance into the world seems like an actual miracle.

Or are you simply a parent who likes to think out of the box while looking for a cool name that means hero?

Whatever your reasons are, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve handpicked a list of names from various cultures that mean hero, one of which could prove to be perfect for your little one.

Our names represent qualities such as strength, compassion, and a will to survive – all traits we’re sure you’d love to see flourish in your heroic youngster.

So without further ado – happy browsing!

Female baby names

Adira – [Hebrew] “strong, powerful”
Aila – [Irish] “heroic”
Alessia – [Italian] “defending warrior”
Arden – [English] “valley of the eagle; passionate, enthusiastic”
Arya – [Sanskrit] “noble; great; excellent”
Audra – [Lithuanian] “noble strength”
Bellatrix – [Latin] “female warrior”
Brianna – [Irish] “strong, virtuous, honorable”
Callan – [Gaelic] “battle; rock”
Calypso – [Greek] “she who hides”
Camila – [Latin] “attendant at a religious ceremony”
Casey – [Irish] “brave”
Cato – [Latin] “wise, all-knowing”
Darya – [Persian] “sea, ocean”
Emery – [German] “brave, powerful”
Eris – [Greek] “strife, discord”
Esme – [French] “esteemed, beloved”
Evangeline – [Greek] “good news, messenger”
Finley – [Scottish] “fair-haired hero”
Freya – [Norse] “goddess of love, fertility, and war”
Gabriella – [Hebrew] “God is my strength”
Ginevra – [Italian] “fair one, white wave”
Harper – [English] “harp player”
Hero – [Greek] “protector, defender”
Hilda – [German] “battle woman”
Isadora – [Greek] “gift of Isis”
Kaida – [Japanese] “little dragon”
Kali – [Sanskrit] “goddess of destruction and creation”
Kamila – [Arabic] “perfect”
Kendra – [Welsh] “wise ruler”
Kiara – [Irish] “dark-haired; small, dark one”
Leila – [Arabic] “night”
Matilda – [German] “mighty in battle”
Mila – [Slavic] “gracious, dear”
Niamh – [Irish] “bright, radiant”
Nike – [Greek] “victory”
Raven – [English] “blackbird”
Reagan – [Irish] “little king”
Sasha – [Russian] “defender of mankind”
Valentina – [Latin] “strong, vigorous, healthy”

Male baby names

Achilles – [Greek] “hero of the Trojan War”
Alvaro – [Spanish] “elf warrior, or defender”
Arinze – [African] “divine intervention, or the will of the gods”
Arthur – [Celtic] “bear king, or heroic”
Cuchulainn – [Irish] “mythical hero, slayer of the hound of Culainn”
Emrys – [Welsh] “immortal, or hero”
Ewan – [Scottish] “born of the yew tree, or young warrior”
Finn – [Irish] “fair, or white, also a mythical hero”
Galahad – [Arthurian legend] “knight of the Round Table, known for his bravery and purity”
Hector – [Greek] “hero of the Trojan War, known for his courage and loyalty”
Heracles – [Greek] “mythical hero, known for his strength and bravery”
Icarus – [Greek] “mythical hero who flew too close to the sun”
Jair – [Hebrew] “he who shines, or who diffuses light”
Jason – [Greek] “leader of the Argonauts, known for his bravery and leadership”
Kenji – [Japanese] “intelligent, or wise hero”
Kian – [Persian] “grace of God, or heroic”
Leonidas – [Greek] “king of Sparta, known for his bravery and leadership”
Louis – [French/German] “famous warrior, or renowned hero”
Mahatma – [Sanskrit] “great soul, or hero”
Malik – [Arabic] “king, or hero”
Maximus – [Latin] “greatest, or most powerful, also a name of a heroic gladiator”
Naoise – [Irish] “mythical hero, lover of Deirdre”
Odin – [Norse] “mythical god associated with war, wisdom, and poetry”
Perseus – [Greek] “mythical hero, known for slaying Medusa and rescuing Andromeda”
Roland – [French] “famous land, or brave hero”
Samson – [Hebrew] “man of the sun, or heroic strength”
Siegfried – [German] “mythical hero of the Nibelungenlied, known for slaying the dragon Fafnir”
Simba – [Swahili] “lion, or hero”
Sven – [Swedish] “young warrior, or hero”
Theseus – [Greek] “mythical hero, known for slaying the Minotaur”
Thor – [Norse] “mythical god associated with thunder, strength, and war”
Tristan – [Celtic] “sad, or brave hero”
Ulysses – [Greek] “hero of the Odyssey, known for his cunning and bravery”
Valdemar – [Scandinavian] “famous ruler, or hero”
William – [Germanic] “resolute protector, or strong-willed hero”
Xander – [Greek] “defender of the people, or heroic”
Yudhisthira – [Sanskrit] “firm in battle, or steadfast hero”
Zoltán – [Hungarian] “life, or savior, also a name of a legendary hero”
Zuko – [African] “eminent, or hero

Unisex baby names

Aiden – [Irish] “fiery one”
Andro – [Greek] “manly; warrior”
August – [Latin] “great, magnificent”
Cade – [English] “round, lumpy; stout, sturdy”
Camryn – [Scottish] “crooked nose; bend in the river”
Dylan – [Welsh] “son of the sea”
Griffin – [Welsh] “strong lord; fierce, red”
Hendrix – [English] “son of Hendrik, ruler of the home”
Heron – [Greek] “heroic”
Kael – [Irish] “slender”
Kato – [Japanese] “victorious one”
Kenzo – [Japanese] “strong, healthy”
Lennan – [Irish] “lover”
Quinn – [Irish] “wise”
Rory – [Irish] “red king”
Sora – [Japanese] “sky”
Valor – [English] “strength, courage”

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on June 15th, 2023