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Never give up names!

Written by Neve Updated on February 22nd, 2024

Inspiring! — You are searching for names that mean survivor. These project a powerful vision for your child’s future. Names like Phoenix, symbolizing rebirth from adversity, and Mila, with its subtle nod to strength through grace, serve not just as names but as beacons of perseverance and hope.

These resilient names mean ‘never give up’. They go beyond tradition—they declare the resilience and fortitude you envision for your child. It’s a tough world, but your little fighter is going to succeed and thrive. You will make sure of that, and you are beginning your service to them with this choice of name.

What name will resonate with your hopes for your child’s path?

Female names

  • Amara (Greek) – Symbolizes eternal resilience, embodying unending strength.
  • Carys (Welsh) – Represents enduring love, a force of survival.
  • Diana (Roman) – Emblematic of independence and the ability to thrive alone.
  • Elena (Greek) – A beacon of hope, illuminating paths for survivors.
  • Fiona (Scottish) – Signifies purity and a new beginning, radiant with potential.
  • Isis (Egyptian) – Embodies the empowering strength of motherhood and magic.
  • Valentina (Latin) – Rooted in strength, embodying health and vitality.
  • Yara (Brazilian/Arabic) – Symbolizes growth and delicate resilience.
  • Zara (Arabic) – Represents blooming life and the flourish of overcoming.
  • Quinn (Irish) – Suggests wisdom in navigation through life’s challenges.
  • Sinda (Swahili) – A name of hope and spirited survival.
  • Ziva (Hebrew) – Shining with positivity, embodying brilliance and survival.
  • Ela (Indonesian) – Represents flexibility and resilience, a simple yet profound strength.

Males names

  • Andreas (Greek) – Epitomizes bravery, an essential trait for overcoming adversity.
  • Boris (Slavic) – Focused on the battle for survival, ready to confront challenges.
  • Caden (Welsh) – Resonates with the spirit of combat, fiercely tackling life’s battles.
  • Dante (Italian) – Reflects perseverance through daunting trials.
  • Jovan (Slavic) – Signifies new beginnings, a rebirth from past struggles.
  • Kai (Hawaiian) – Represents the vast, adaptable nature of the ocean.
  • Leo (Latin) – The lion, a universal symbol of courage and king of survival.
  • Marek (Polish/Czech) – Embodies the warlike strength necessary for resilience.
  • Rayan (Arabic) – Flourishing against odds, thriving where least expected.
  • Soren (Danish) – Derived from severity, showcasing an unyielding spirit.
  • Vivo (Italian) – Embodying life and the zest to overcome challenges.
  • Marth (Irish) – Resonating with tenacity and the spirit of endurance.
  • Vitus (Latin) – Signifying vibrant life through survival.
  • Durin (Turkish) – Stands for durability and the robustness of a survivor.
  • Robi (German/Danish) – A foundation of sturdiness and enduring spirit.

Unisex names

  • Alex (Greek) – Protector of mankind, a guardian through life’s perils.
  • Blake (English) – Speaks to the duality of survival, through darkness and light.
  • Casey (Irish) – Vigilance personified, always alert and ready to persevere.
  • Drew (Scottish) – Symbolizes strength and masculinity, steadfast in adversity.
  • Eden (Hebrew) – A paradise regained, the peace after enduring hardships.
  • Jordan (Hebrew) – Like the river, continuously moving past obstacles.
  • Lynn (Irish) – Reflects depth and serenity, calm in the face of storms.
  • Morgan (Welsh) – Sea-born, adaptive and resilient as the vast ocean.
  • Riley (Irish) – Bravery incarnate, valiantly facing life’s challenges.
  • Sasha (Russian) – The defender, a helper to all in need of support.
  • Selvi (Finnish) – Symbolizes overcoming challenges with resilience and strength.
  • Liv (Norwegian) – Denotes life and the essence of enduring through adversities.
  • Veer (Dutch) – Conveys strength and the ability to spring back.
  • Flex (English) – An innovative name highlighting adaptability without breaking.
  • Gwyn (Welsh) – Radiates steadfastness, reliability, and resilient strength.
  • Rusti (Norwegian) – Embodies charming endurance and the ruggedness of survival.
  • Sisu (Finnish) – Captures the essence of stoic determination, resilience, and courage.

Creative Constellations: Survivor Names Reimagined

Here’s where we get creative. We’ve made up some names. This means they are totally unique.

Dive into our curated celestial garden of names, each blossoming with stories of resilience and the gentle glow of survival.

Let these creatively inspired monikers spark your imagination. Go ahead and try making up a name yourself. You can come up with something beautiful that captures the essence of surviving and thriving.

  • Luna Maya – Combining “Luna,” the Latin word for moon, with “Maya,” after Maya Angelou, symbolizing the strength and resilience of a survivor through poetry and moon’s eternal presence.
  • Selene Dian – Inspired by Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, and Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon and hunting, representing the dual aspects of nurturing and independence.
  • Phoebe Artemis – Phoebe, another name for Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt and moon, signifies the light in darkness and the spirit of survival.
  • Mona Galadriel – “Mona,” an Old English word for the moon, combined with Galadriel, a character symbolizing wisdom and endurance in Tolkien’s universe, reflecting the mystical and enduring spirit of the moon.
  • Ayla Hecate – Ayla, meaning moonlight in Turkish, paired with Hecate, the Greek goddess associated with the moon and crossroads, symbolizing guidance and the ability to navigate through life’s challenges.
  • Jericho Apollo – Jericho, a city of historical sieges and survival, combined with Apollo, who is connected to the sun and by extension, the moon through his twin sister Artemis, embodying resilience and enlightenment.
  • Quincy Endymion – Quincy, derived from the Roman family name Quintus, and Endymion, a figure from Greek mythology beloved by the moon goddess, symbolizing eternal rest and awakening.
  • Orion Galileo – Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology and a prominent constellation, paired with Galileo, who studied the moon, signifying exploration and the hunter’s resilience.
  • Atlas Selim – Atlas, bearing the weight of the celestial spheres, and Selim, meaning peace in Arabic, together reflecting the moon’s steady presence and its role in guiding survivors through the night.
  • Evander Janus – Evander, a hero from Greek and Roman mythology, with Janus, the god of beginnings, gates, and transitions, echoing the moon’s phases and the cycle of survival and renewal.
Written by Neve Updated on February 22nd, 2024

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