85 Wily Baby Names Meaning Trickster

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

If you’re hoping for a witty, wily little one that can outsmart others at every turn and play pranks with the best of them, a moniker meaning ‘trickster’ will be a perfect fit for your new baby. 

Whoops — were you imagining just a little more peace and quiet than that? Just remember, at the heart of a trickster is intelligence and a hearty appreciation for fun, wonderful qualities that most everyone can appreciate. 

A name that means ‘trickster’ is a great pick for clever parents with a sense of humor who anticipate their child might be much the same.

Let’s take a look — no booby traps here, we promise!

Male baby names

  • Aiden —Aiden is an incredibly popular Irish first name. However, it gets its roots from Celtic mythology. It is an offshoot of the name for the Celtic god of the sun and fire. It has come to mean “fiery one.”
  • Magus — The Latin word for sorcerer feels like a fitting one for a future trickster.
  • Finn — There are few more famous tricksters in American literature. After all, Huck Finn managed to successfully fake his own death.
  • Přemysl
  • Wyle — A wile is literally a trickster or deceiver.
  • Dolon —This word means “trickery” or “deceit” in Greek. Another variation is Dolion.
  • Ahtunowhiho — This Cheyenne name can be broken down into two words which mean “under” and “trickster.”
  • Anansi —You may have read the tale of Anansi the spider when you were in grade school. The West African folk legend is about a very tricky eight-legged creature.
  • Dolos — Dolos is the mythological creature that represents trickery. If you’re looking for a feminine alternative to this name, check out Apata. She was the goddess of fraud and deception.
  • Loki — Years ago, the Nordic people told tales of this god. In the stories, Loki proved to be a mighty trickster. In fact, he often took on new forms to mislead his confidants.
  • Hermes — Hermes is known as the messenger of the gods. His lore is dominated by trickery and pranks, many of which were directed at the gods.
  • Vikadan —The Hindu name Vikadan translates to “joker.”
  • Cameron —In Gaelic, this name means “crooked nose.”
  • Foxen — The English name Foxen comes from the word fox. Not only is the fox sly and cunning, but he also plays the role of the trickster in many children’s stories.
  • Peeves — If you’re familiar with the Harry Potter book series, you should remember Peeves the poltergeist. This friendly ghost is quite the schoolyard trickster.
  • Reynard — The French covet the curious stories of Reynard the Fox. The woodland creature is tricky but likable.
  • Felix — This sassy name means “happy” in Latin. It’s also the name of one of the most well-known cartoon tricksters, Felix the cat.
  • Till — Till is an informal German boy’s name that means “of the people.” Till Eulenspiegel is a peasant trickster. He is derived from German folklore.
  • Druj — In the text of the Avesta, Druj is a man who lies and deceives.
  • Abiram—Those who are familiar with the Old Testament would tell you that Abiram was a well-known trickster. After all, he famously conspired against Moses and Aaron.
  • Wolf — The wolf is known to be one of the most cunning woodland creatures.
  • Naiche — The infamous Apache leader’s name means “mischief maker” or “trickster.”
  • Wilder — Here, we have the perfect name for an untamed or wild trickster.
  • Liraz — The Jewish surname means, “I have a secret.”
  • Marlin —This character comes to us from the legend of King Arthur. In the story, he is an almighty sorcerer and a tricky one at that.
  • Chance — There’s always a chance that you’re dealing with a trickster. This curious name opens the mind to all possibilities.
  • Ruse — While the name Ruse comes from the Slavic word for “fair-haired,” the word ruse actually means “to trick.”

Female baby names

  • Gizem —This feminine first name comes from the Turkish word for “enigma.”
  • Cozbi —In the Old Testimate, Cozbi is a princess who seduces Israeli men through trickery. While rooted in deception, the name rolls off the tongue nicely.
  • Calypso
  • Amarajothi —If you’re looking for a bold name for your baby girl, why not go with Laverna? She was the Roman goddess of thieves, cheaters, and tricksters.
  • Hulda — Derived from Norse Mythology, this name means “hiding” and “secrecy.”
  • Medea —In ancient lore, Medea uses magic to trick her father. She does this to help her husband, the leader of the Argonauts, to score the coveted Golden Fleece.
  • Trixie — Trixie is a playful moniker for a trickster. It’s also a common nickname for Beatrix.
  • Matilda —Roald Dahl’s character, Matilda Wormwood, is quite the trickster.
  • Fae —Fae is the name of the tricky fairies of Celtic folklore.
  • Wiley— This name doubles as an adjective that means “full of clever tricks.”
  • Maya — In Sanskrit, this name means “illusion” or “magic.”
  • Cidvilasa — This Sanskrit name is given to those with great knowledge of illusions and trickery.
  • Anjani — This well-known deity is said to have turned an entire village into stone after failing to trick them regarding her identity. She is a character in the Indian epic, Ramayana.
  • Raven — The natives of the American Northwest passed down stories of a trickster raven who transformed the world to be what it is today.
  • Lilith — Lilith is a demonic figure in the Hebrew religion. The name comes from the Sumerian word for female demons.

Unisex baby names

  • Charlie — German in origin, the name Charlie means “free man.”
  • Cheshire — If you’re ever read or watched “Alice in Wonderland,” you’re probably familiar with the Cheshire Cat. This feline character is known for his mischievous ear-to-ear smile and curious behavior.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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