99 Mighty Warrior Names for Boys

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

A warrior evokes the image of one who is brave, strong, just, and devoted to his cause. A boys’ name that means warrior can give your little powerhouse a set of mighty fine qualities to aspire to — as an added bonus for parents, there are quite a few options to choose from, as just about every culture has a word to describe warriors, knights, and other fighters for justice.

Ready to enter the ring? Let’s go!

Warrior baby names for boys

  • Asem – This charming Arabic name means “protector” or “defender.” It’s the perfect name for a well-intent warrior.
  • Gabriel – In Hebrew, Gabriel is considered a warrior of God.
  • Batraz – Some linguists believe this name comes from the Turkish word bagatur, meaning “hero” or “warrior.”
  • Batyr – The Kazakh people use this name to refer to one who is a heroic and brave warrior.
  • Charles – Charles is an English name with Germanic roots. It comes from the Germanic words food “free man” and “warrior.”
  • Clancy – Clancy is the shortened version of the Gaelic name Mac Fhlannchaidh. It means “son of the red warrior.”
  • Earl – This quaint title means “warrior” or “nobleman.” It is an English name with Germanic roots.
  • Gunnar – This masculine first name means “brave and bold warrior.”
  • Haidar– Haidar is an Arabic name that means “warrior.” It also plays reference to the lion, which is arguably the mightiest animal in the world.
  • Ivor – This enticing given name translates to “bow warrior.”
  • Alexander – Alexander is a boy’s name that means “man’s defender” or “warrior.” You probably have also heard of Alexander the Great, the long-seated king of ancient Macedonia.
  • Melankomas – This Ancient Greek boxer is remembered for his fighting skills.
  • Leonidas – Leonidas is the most famous Spartan warrior. It’s also a fun and rare play on the prefix Leo.
  • Audar – Audar is the masculine alternative to the name Audrey. It means “one who is fierce and noble.”
  • Bomani – This lyrical-sounding Malawian name means “strong soldier.”
  • Chatri – In Thai, this name means “brave knight.”
  • Eldar – Eldar is a name derived from a jumble of Old Norse elements. It translates to “one who fights with fire.”
  • Cayden – This Irish surname is a fitting moniker for any little fighter.
  • Carmen – In Hebrew, Carmen means “guard.”
  • Donovan – There are quite a few phonetic variations of this lyrical Gaelic name. IT means “brown-haired chieftain.”
  • Guy – This uber-masculine moniker translates to “guide” or “leader” in French.
  • Rocky – While this Italian name technically means “rest,” many have come to associate it with Rocky Balboa, the fictional boxer from the cult-favorite film, “Rocky.”
  • Oscar – Oscar is an English first name that means “champion warrior.”
  • Marcus – The biblical translation for Marcus is “defense.” This is also the moniker that was given to the Greek god of Mars.
  • Owen – Owen means “young warrior” in Welsh.
  • Lewis – Lewis is a popular Germanic given name. It means “renowned battle.”
  • Milo – There have been few more ferocious warriors than Milo of Croton. He led a full and rewarding career as an Olympic warrior.
  • Evander – In Scotland, this given name is said to mean “bow warrior.”
  • Miles -In Medieval Latin, foot soldiers were called “miles.”
  • Dustin – While this name may sound simple, it means “brave warrior” and “Thor’s stone.” Your little one would also share the moniker with several famed characters, including Dustin Pedroia, Dustin Hoffman, and Dustin Brown.
  • Troy – This English name is derived from the Irish Troightheach. It means “foot soldier.”
  • Werner – Werner means “defending warrior.” The name is quite popular as both a German surname and a German first name.
  • Kane – The name Kane has many origins, including Japan, Wales, and Hawaii. The official Hawaiian translation is “warrior.”
  • Marcel – This charming French moniker means “little warrior.”
  • Casey – The boy’s name Casey means “one who is brave in battle.”
  • Alvaro – This charming Spanish name translates to “elf warrior.”
  • Duncan – This popular Irish and Scottish name is composed of elements that translate to “dark warrior.”
  • Wymond -The Anglo-Saxon translation for this moniker is “man of war.”
  • Harlow – The unisex English name means “brave warrior.”
  • Herbie – Technically speaking, Herbie is a nickname for Herbert. This playful Germanic moniker means “bright army” or “bright warrior.”
  • Arminius – This brave warrior led a great Germaninan revolt against Rome.
  • Galvarino – Galvarina was a legendary Mapuche warrior. While he was ultimately defeated, his brave and heroic actions have earned him a place amongst some of the world’s most renowned warriors.
  • Spartacus – This Thracian gladiator led an impressive slave revolt before meeting a premature end in battle. Sparticus was a brave and honorable warrior with an equally impressive name.
  • Armani – Armani is the name of a renowned Italian fashion company. However, the name literally translates to “warrior.”
  • Anluan – Will your little one be the one to revive this rare Irish moniker? It means “champion” or “warrior.”
  • Ethan – While Ethan is an incredibly popular English name, it actually comes from the Hebrew language. It means “one who is strong.”
  • Akicita – Akicita is the Lakota term for a warrior.
  • Harold – The name Harold is derived from the Old English Hereweald. It means “army power.”
  • Vidar – Vidar means “warrior of the woods” in Old Norse.
  • Ryder – Ryer is an Old English name that means “mounted warrior.”
  • Murchadh – This masculine Gaelic name can be split into two elements, meaning “sea” and “battle.” Anglicized alternatives include Murdoch, Murphy, and Morgan.
  • Callan – In Scotland, this incredibly popular moniker means “battle rock.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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