50 Awesome Names for Alex

Alex middle names to make you smile!

Written by Neve Updated on June 26th, 2022

So you’ve decided on the name Alex for your new baby? Congratulations! 

Picking a first name for your child can be a tough call, but it’s often the middle name where most parents stumble.
Finding one that sounds right, doesn’t offend anyone, and won’t embarrass your child in the classroom are just some things to consider when choosing a middle name.

But don’t worry too much. Thankfully we’ve compiled a gender-friendly list of potential middle names for both girls and boys named Alex so if you’re stuck, we think we’ve got you covered!

So relax, scroll down the page, and see if you can find the perfect moniker for Alex.

Middle name ideas for Alex (girls)

Let’s dive into the list!

  1. Alex Ada
  2. Alex Blakely
  3. Alex Cassidy
  4. Alex Drew
  5. Alex Evie
  6. Alex Finley
  7. Alex Gracie
  8. Alex Haisley
  9. Alex Irene
  10. Alex Jada
  11. Alex Jenesis
  12. Alex Kamryn
  13. Alex Leia
  14. Alex Madison
  15. Alex Nevaeh
  16. Alex Ophelia
  17. Alex Palmer
  18. Alex Queen
  19. Alex Raven
  20. Alex Saoirse
  21. Alex Tori
  22. Alex Vivienne
  23. Alex Winter
  24. Alex Xiomara
  25. Alex Yasmin
  26. Alex Zariah

My favorite girl’s middle name for Alex would have to be Madison (also a gender-neutral name like Alex, Madison sounds smooth and sophisticated).

Middle name ideas for Alex (boys)

Now let’s check out the boy’s list:

  1. Alex Ace
  2. Alex Aiden
  3. Alex Beau
  4. Alex Calvin
  5. Alex Dalton
  6. Alex Eliezer
  7. Alex Fletcher
  8. Alex Grant
  9. Alex Hezekiah
  10. Alex Isaiah
  11. Alex Jacob
  12. Alex Kaison
  13. Alex Lawson
  14. Alex Malik
  15. Alex Noah
  16. Alex Owen
  17. Alex Parker
  18. Alex Quinton
  19. Alex Ray
  20. Alex Saul
  21. Alex Thomas
  22. Alex Ullyses
  23. Alex Vance
  24. Alex Wallace

My personal favorite boy’s middle name is Fletcher (of English origin, meaning ‘arrow maker’). It’s full of character and flows perfectly with Alex. But most importantly, what’s your choice going to be?

The significance of picking a middle name

Though middle names were once considered an afterthought, parents are becomimg increasingly aware of the benefits they can bestow on their children.

Ideally, look for a middle name that flows effortlessly with your child’s first name, doesn’t upset or confuse anyone (especially older family members), won’t embarrass them in their teenage years and, most importantly, won’t be made fun of by mischievous school bullies in the schoolyard.

Although a middle name will become part of your child’s identity, they may still decide not to use it as they get older.

Remembering loved ones – preserving cultural heritage

If you want to pay tribute to your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, or another close relative, using their name as a middle name for your child is an extremely beautiful and personal way to do so.

Middle names are also a wonderful way of honoring a loved one who has passed away, enabling your child to keep their memory close to their hearts.

I have a friend who gave her daughter the middle name Magnolia, as magnolias were her dear departed grandmother’s favorite flower. This way she honored her Gran through a floral connection. This suggests there is no limit to how we can preserve the memory of loved ones by simply by using our imagination!

You can also choose a middle name that celebrates your cultural heritage. Whether you’re of Irish, Italian, Greek, or other descent, choosing a middle name that reflects your ancestry is a guaranteed way for your child to connect with his or her family roots.

Middle name to potential nickname?

A nickname is basically the short form of a longer name. For instance, Benjamin can become Ben or Benny, with Penelope becoming Nell, Penny, or Poppy. 

A sure-fire way to connect with your kids is to create a ‘pet’ or nickname for them. This can become a bond of intimacy, and trust, even leading to lifelong friendships.

Nicknames usually spring up amongst small groups and can have a powerful influence on how a child is viewed within that circle. Their nickname also forms a kind of confidential relationship when known only to others within their peer group.

Nicknames also give kids a chance to lighten up and show others that they’re up for a laugh, especially if they sound cool, cute, or trendy.

Every parents’ “full name” warning

Nothing commands the unwavering attention of a misbehaving child more than a parents’ long-established full name warning! “ROSLYN JODY COPELAND – WHERE HAVE YOU HIDDEN THE CAR KEYS THIS TIME”!

Every kid knows that when mom or dad addresses them firmly by their full first, second, and last name, they’re in big trouble. 

Yet, believe it or not, this method of power play can also work in your favor. Test out all your middle names for Alex by calling them out using the ‘full name warning’ method. The name that slips most flawlessly off your tongue will probably be the one you’ve been looking for.

Meaning of the name Alex

Alex is a name with Greek roots and works for either gender. It’s most commonly used as a nickname for Alexander (male) or Alexandra (female), and means ‘defender of mankind’. It’s also short for Alessandro, Alexandria, Alexa, or Alexis, and in turn has its own nicknames like Lex, Al, Ally, and Xander, to mention a few.

The name Alex currently sits at #55 in the Top 100 popular names chart in America.

Wrapping up

Hopefully you’ve discovered your ideal middle name, though by no means is our list exhaustive. We’ve tried our best to come up with names that resonate with both girls and boys called Alex.

Continue with some brainstorming of your own and see where it leads. 
Coming up with a middle name is like designing a room. Though there are heaps of rules for matching patterns and colors, etc., ultimately when you finally see (and hear) the perfect name it just needs to ‘work’ for you.

So, happy hunting, parents!

Written by Neve Updated on June 26th, 2022