55 Names That Mean Divine (Very Carefully Curated)

Heavenly monikers for little angels

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on December 5th, 2023

In our journey to uncover names meaning divine, we find ourselves drawn to choices that resonate with celestial grace and spiritual depth. As a parent, I understand the allure of divine names – they are not just labels, but beacons of stories, philosophies, and transcendent beauty. These names, steeped in the serenity of the cosmos and ancient wisdom, offer a profound connection to the larger wonders of life.

Whether inspired by deities, celestial beauty, or the mystical, divine names serve as guiding stars in a child’s life. As we explore together, each name emerges as a shimmer of the stars and a whisper of the infinite, not just spoken, but felt.

Girl names that mean divine

  • Amara – A name of Latin origin meaning ‘eternally beautiful’, symbolizing timeless grace.
  • Alya – An Arabic name that translates to ‘sky, heaven, loftiness’, capturing celestial beauty.
  • Beatrix – Latin for ‘she who brings happiness’, a name filled with joy and positivity.
  • Cassandra – Greek in origin, meaning ‘shining upon man’, a name filled with luminous wisdom.
  • Celeste – From Latin, meaning ‘heavenly’, evoking serene celestial imagery.
  • Diana – From Roman mythology, the goddess of the hunt and moon, embodying strength and radiance.
  • Divya – An Indian name meaning ‘divine brilliance’, symbolizing sacred luminance.
  • Elena – A Greek name meaning ‘shining light’, evoking brightness and clarity.
  • Elysia – Greek for ‘from Elysium’, reminiscent of idyllic paradise.
  • Faye – An English name meaning ‘fairy or elf’, woven from folklore.
  • Fiona – Of Scottish origin, meaning ‘fair, white’, symbolizing purity and beauty.
  • Gemma – An Italian name meaning ‘precious stone’, reflecting rarity and value.
  • Grace – Derived from Latin, symbolizing ‘God’s favor’ and elegance.
  • Hazel – English in origin, referring to the hazelnut tree, symbolizing wisdom and protection.
  • Heaven – A direct and profound English name referring to the divine realm.
  • Iris – Greek for ‘rainbow’, representing hope and promise.
  • Isra – Arabic for ‘nocturnal journey’, filled with mystical wonder.
  • Juliet – Derived from Latin, meaning ‘youthful’, a name full of vitality and charm.
  • Juno – In Roman mythology, the queen of gods, embodying regal divinity.
  • Kiara – Italian for ‘bright’ or ‘famous’, signifying radiance and renown.

Boy names that mean divine

  • Adiv – A Hebrew name meaning ‘gentle, pleasant, divine’, evoking peaceful divinity.
  • Apollo – Greek for the god of arts and prophecy, symbolizing brilliance and power.
  • Brahma – From Indian spirituality, the creator god, ancient and divine.
  • Caelum – Latin for ‘heaven, sky’, reaching for celestial heights.
  • Divit – An Indian name meaning ‘immortal, divine’, transcending time.
  • Elyon – Hebrew for ‘God most high’, a name of exalted divinity.
  • Fane – Old English meaning ‘temple, divine’, linked to sacred worship.
  • Gabriel – Hebrew for ‘God is my strength’, reminiscent of angelic grace.
  • Hari – Indian, ‘the remover of sins’, associated with Lord Vishnu.
  • Jupiter – In Roman lore, the king of gods, symbolizing dominion and power.
  • Leonardo – Italian for ‘brave lion’, symbolizing courage and strength.
  • Maximus – Latin, meaning ‘greatest’, a name of power and distinction.
  • Nolan – Of Irish origin, meaning ‘noble’, embodying dignity and honor.
  • Oscar – Scandinavian for ‘divine spear’, connoting protection and valor.
  • Preston – English, meaning ‘priest’s town’, symbolizing spirituality and community.
  • Quentin – Latin for ‘fifth’, often associated with harmony and balance.
  • Raphael – Hebrew for ‘God has healed’, reflecting healing and benevolence.
  • Sebastian – Greek for ‘venerable, revered’, indicating respect and admiration.
  • Tristan – Of Welsh origin, meaning ‘sorrowful’ or ‘loud’, a name of deep emotion and strength.
  • Victor – Latin for ‘conqueror’, signifying triumph and success.

Divine unisex names

  • Angel – Greek for a divine messenger of God, embodying celestial grace.
  • Blessing – An English name meaning a divine gift or favor, sacredly bestowed.
  • Ciel – French for ‘sky’, connecting earthly to the celestial.
  • Deva – Indian, meaning ‘god, deity’, resonating with spiritual depth.
  • Eden – Hebrew for ‘place of pleasure’, a name of innocence and beauty.
  • Faith – Latin, representing ‘trust in God’, a symbol of spiritual conviction.
  • Genesis – Greek for ‘origin, birth’, a name telling a story of creation.
  • Halo – Greek for ‘divine aura’, reminiscent of celestial radiance.
  • Indra – Indian king of gods, rich in spiritual and regal symbolism.
  • Justice – Latin for ‘righteousness, equity’, embodying fairness and moral strength.

Creative and Poetic Names Made-Up Names to Spark Your Imagination

  • Aria Celeste – Inspired by the musical term ‘Aria’, suggesting a heavenly song, and ‘Celeste’, meaning heavenly or celestial in Latin.
  • Dante Seraphim – Drawing from Dante Alighieri, author of “The Divine Comedy”, and ‘Seraphim’, the highest order of angels in Christian theology.
  • Aurora Dea – ‘Aurora’, the Roman goddess of dawn, paired with ‘Dea’, Latin for goddess, evoking a divine, dawning light.
  • Apollo Creed – After Apollo, the Greek god of music, arts, and knowledge, combined with ‘Creed’, reflecting a set of beliefs or aims guiding one’s actions.
  • Thea Grace – ‘Thea’ means goddess in Greek, and ‘Grace’ is often associated with divine elegance and poise.
Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on December 5th, 2023

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