Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)

Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant is a mother of three, a veteran preschool teacher, and a classically trained oboist to boot! As co-founder of We The Parents, she works tirelessly to bring together warm, witty, and wise parents who can share their expert experience and help fellow parents to navigate their own wonderfully wild family journies.

First, a professional musician touring the world, Natalie went on to become a preschool music teacher and spent 7 years inspiring children and nurturing their creative parts. She is now a mother of three and a writer who brings to bear her lived experience with teaching, mothering, and music when creating expert content. Naturally, she writes about all three topics –  often combined!

When she’s not child wrangling or writing… erm… wait a sec, that’s pretty much always! … but on those very rare days off, Natalie enjoys the great outdoors, hiking up mountains, or swimming in rivers.

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