The 7 Best Baby Hair Brushes

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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Is there anything better than a full head of beautiful baby hair? Sure, between everyday exploration and the crazy bedhead that develops during naps, their locks can start to look pretty out of control, but that’s why we have hairbrushes, right?

Well, as it turns out, you cannot just grab any old hairbrush off the supermarket shelf for your little one; baby hairbrushes do much more than keep that hair photo-ready.

The best baby brushes will stimulate healthy hair growth, keep cradle cap at bay, and even relax a fussy infant right to sleep. So let’s get you on the path to selecting the perfect hairbrush for your newest family member.

Do I really need a baby hair brush?

If you are wondering if you really even need to brush your bundle of joy’s hair, here are some of the awesome things grooming that mop can do for your kiddo.

  • Relaxation: Much like a visit to our hairdressers gives us that extra zen feeling, brushing your baby’s hair can help relieve some of her stress. In facth, it can even cause her to chill out so much that she falls asleep. Talk about a win-win!
  • Promotes healthy hair growth: Even the softest baby brush will encourage blood flow to your baby’s scalp by stimulating her hair follicles. In turn, this keeps hair growing in with luster and strength.
  • Good grooming: Even if her hair isn’t tangled, it can often look like she’s wearing an Albert Einstien wig, which, while downright adorable, isn’t always how you want to present your little one to the world. Regular brushing can help train out a cowlick and keeps your little one looking photo-ready.
  • Bonding: Babies thrive on the soothing touch of their caregivers. It makes them feel safe, fosters a healthy attachment to their family members, and is a great way to develop your relationship with the light of your life. Brushing your baby’s hair is an excellent opportunity to indulge her need for physical contact.
  • Treats and prevents cradle cap: Cradle cap is a type of seborrheic dermatitis and, while that sounds scary, it is basically just the baby version of dandruff. If you notice that your baby has developed white, yellow, or dark-colored scales on her scalp (which may eventually begin to flake off), or if her scalp begins looking unusually greasy, she might have cradle cap. Although doctors are unsure of what, exactly, causes cradle cap, this condition will usually resolve with little intervention. One of the recommended treatments is very simple: brush your baby’s hair with an appropriate hairbrush. This will help get rid of those unsightly flakes as well as prevent future occurrences of cradle cap.

Baby hairbrush basics

There are a surprising number of things to consider when you are looking for a baby hairbrush. From bristle material to handle design, let’s learn a little about baby brushes before you make any purchases.

Bristle type

Animal Hair

These bristles are made of animal hair commonly sourced from livestock such as goats or boars.


  • Soft brushing experience.
  • Don’t cause hair breakage.
  • Work on all hair types.
  • Distrute natural oils throughout hair.
  • Keep scalp healthy.
  • Prevent cradle cap.


  • Not for strictly vegan households.


Synthetic bristles are crafted from materials like plastic, rubber, or silicon.


  • Minimum static generation.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great for thick hair.


  • Can cause hair breakage.


These bristles are rounded at the ends so they won’t poke your baby’s scalp.


  • Great for all hair types.
  • Provide scalp massage.
  • Gently detangle.
  • Does not generate static.


  • Cannot be used during bathtime.
  • A bit more expensive.

Baby Combs

If you decide to use a comb on your baby’s hair, you obviously won’t have to worry about bristle type. What you will want to look at is how far apart the comb’s teeth are.

For infants, you want to opt for combs with wider spaces between the teeth, as these are less likely to pull at your little one’s hair. Most combs are made from either plastic or wood, with plastic producing less static.

Base & Handle Type

Hairbrushes typically come crafted from wood, silicon, or plastic.

Plastic or Silicon


  • Easy to clean.
  • Water resistant.
  • Affordable.
  • Light weight.


  • Might not last as long.
  • Not biodegradable.

Wooden Brush


  • Made from natural and sustainable material.
  • Long lasting.


  • More expensive.
  • Not great for use during bathtime

A note about handle size and shape

Some baby brushes come with handles that look like they were designed for your infant to do her own hair brushing!

With this in mind, you want to make sure that the brush you pick is comfortable for you to hold, especially if your baby tends to be squirmy when you brush her locks.

Trust me; it’s not fun dropping a hairbrush on your foot because your little one decided she wasn’t in the mood for any hair hygiene that day.

However, if your kiddo is getting to the age where she wants to do her own hair or has a young sibling who is an aspiring hairdresser, you will want to opt for a smaller, more kid-friendly handle.

Our top picks of the best baby hair brush

Best for eczema and dry skin

Key Features

Bristle material: Silicon
Base material: Silicon
Best for hair type(s): All

Our top pick is Fridababy’s DermaFrida (check price on Amazon) The SkinSoother for its durability, affordability, and functionality. This silicon brush is antibacterial, easy to clean, and safe to use during bathtime.

The material dries quickly, keeping it mold-free, and you can store it in the included carrying case or attach it to your sink or bathtub via the built-in suction cup.

The DermaFrida SkinSoother can be used all over your baby’s skin to provide a soothing full body massage. It is comfortable to hold, even when it is wet, and will not slip out of your hands as you brush your baby’s hair.

If your baby is suffering from dry skin or eczema, this is the best baby brush for moisturizing. Simply add a bit of lotion to the bristles and gently rub the brush in small circles all over your baby’s body to get rid of those rough spots.

This brush comes in a two-pack, so you can leave one by the tub and keep one in your diaper bag for when your baby needs a hair touchup while on the go.

What we love

  • Massaging bristles.
  • Can be used all over the body.

Best combo

Key Features

Bristle material: Goat hair (soft-bristled brush), wood (massaging/detangling brush and comb)
Base material: Wood
Best for hair type(s): All

The Natemia Wooden Baby Hair Brush & Comb Set (check price on Amazon) comes with a higher price tag than others on our list, but you’ll get years of use from what it includes.

The soft-bristled brush is constructed from wood and exceptionally soft goat hair with a handle that’s comfortable for an adult to hold and small enough for siblings to participate in brushing their brother or sister’s hair.

It leaves your child’s locks glossy as it distributes the natural scalp oils through your baby’s hair, and is terrific at staving off cradle cap. The massaging and detangling brush is made entirely from wood, right down to the spherically tipped bristles.

This hairbrush has a ventilation hole to encourage air circulation and is excellent for promoting healthy hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp. The comb is also crafted from wood, with rounded and widely-spaced teeth.

It won’t generate static while you use it to untangle your baby’s beautiful locks and keeps thicker hair looking well-kempt.

What we love

  • Helps remove cradle cap.
  • Works on babies and older kiddos.
  • Comfortable to hold.
At a glance
  • Goat-bristled hair sheds a little.

Best budget buy

Key Features

Bristle material: Nylon (brush), plastic (comb)
Base material: Plastic
Best for hair type(s): All

Coming in at just under five dollars, the First Years Comfort Care Comb and Brush (check price on Amazon) is a licensed product of the American Red Cross.
The brush and comb both feature an ergonomically designed handle that’s suitable for both adults and children to hold. Both the brush and comb have a plastic base, and parents report this as the perfect set for tackling tough cowlicks.

The soft brush is outfitted with nylon bristles that won’t aggravate a newborn’s delicate scalp, and the comb has wide-set teeth on one side, and a finer set of teeth on the other. Both are safe to use during bathtime and serve to detangle hair without distressing your baby.

What we love

  • Easy-to-hold handle.
  • Won’t pull at hair while detangling.

Best for cradle cap

Key Features

Bristle material: Rubber (brush), polypropylene (comb)
Base material: Polypropylene
Best for hair type(s): Fine/thin

With a unique two-in-one design, Safety 1st Cradle Cap Brush and Comb (check price on BuyBuy Baby) is perfect for restoring smooth skin to your baby’s scalp when they have cradle cap.

The rubber bristles on top of the brush will loosen flakes while the side-comb whisks them off your kiddo’s head. Parents report being astonished (okay, maybe even a little grossed out, but in a good way!) with the amount of dead skin this brush/comb combo can remove.

It can be tricky to use if you have particularly small or large hands; instead of a handle, this brush slides over your fingers. While not as easy to clean as some other brushes, a little hot water and a toothbrush work wonders at dislodging those cradle cap flakes.

What we love

  • Helps get rid of cradle cap.
  • Removes more dead skin than other brushes.
  • Soft bristles provide a gentle massage.

Best wooden hairbrush

Key Features

Bristle material: Goat hair (soft-bristled brush), wood (massaging/detangling brush and comb)
Base material: Wood
Best for hair type(s): All

If looking to purchase something that your baby can use for years, this 3-in-1 set is certainly one to consider. The Summer & West Natural Wooden Baby Brush and Comb Set (check price on Amazon) includes a soft-bristled brush, a massaging and detangling brush, and a wooden comb.

The soft-headed brush has a base crafted from wood, features an ergonomically designed handle, and is outfitted with bristles made from goat hair. Your infant will enjoy it for its softness, and you will love it for keeping the cradle cap at bay.

The massaging and detangling brush is built the same way as its soft-bristled counterpart, but its bristles are made from soft wood, topped with rounded tips. It’s perfect for detangling any type of hair and can be used for years after your other infant brushes have been tucked away in your baby box.

Lastly, the wooden comb features rounded, wide-spaced teeth that will comb through all hair types without harsh snagging or hair breakage.

Although this set is a little more expensive than other options, it’s made from organic and sustainably harvested material and is perfect for newborns and kiddos up to five years old.

What we love

  • Helps get rid of cradle cap.
  • Goat hair bristles are exceptionally soft.
  • Great for siblings who want to brush baby’s hair.
  • Brushes do not shed.

Cutest design

Key Features

Bristle material: Synthetic (soft-bristled brush), plastic (comb)
Base material: Plastic
Best for hair type(s): Fine/thin (soft-bristled brush), all types (comb)

If you want a hairbrush with a little pizzaz and a lot of function, Disney has put out an adorable comb and brush set that you and your baby will fall in love with.

Crafted to resemble Minnie Mouse’s head, the soft bristles on the Disney’s Baby Minnie Hair Brush and Comb Set (check price on Walmart) are great for newborns and toddlers alike.

If your baby has a young sibling or has grown to an age where she is ready to take control of her beauty regimen and do her own hair, the small handle on this brush is perfect for young hands.

The lightweight comb has widely spaced teeth on one side, and teeth spaced closer together on the other, making it great for detangling all hair types. It’s easy for both adults and little ones to hold, although younger kids might have a harder time using the appropriate side of the comb when brushing their own hair.

What we love

  • Small handle is great for kids learning to brush their own hair.
  • Bright colors and fun design appeal to children.
  • Affordable

Watch For
Small handle can be difficult for adults to hold.

At a glance
  • Small handle can be difficult for adults to hold

Best natural hair brush

Key Features

Bristle material: Goat hair (soft-bristled brush), wood (massaging brush)
Base material: Beechwood
Best for hair type(s): Fine/thin (soft-bristled brush), all types (massaging brush)

If you need a brush set for your baby and would also like to do a little good in the world, it’s worth noting that Royal Infant donates part of the proceeds of each purchase to the Make A Wish Foundation.

The Royal Infant’s Wooden Baby Hairbrush Set (check price on Amazon) has a large handle that is both comfortable and easy to hold. With bristles made from goat hair, it’s super soft against your infant’s head and will help treat and prevent cradle cap without irritating their scalp.

Ideal for fine baby hair, it will tame those locks, cut down on frizz, and make hair brushing an enjoyable bonding experience for both you and your baby. The massaging brush is vented to allow for airflow and works on all hair types.

The beech-wood handle is easy for adult hands to grasp, while the rounded bristles gently increase blood flow to your baby’s scalp, promoting healthy skin and hair growth.

What we love

  • Soft bristles provide a soothing massage.
  • Doesn’t produce static.
  • Easy-to-hold handle.
At a glance
  • Not suitable for hair brushing during a bath

Frequently asked questions

Why are some babies born with hair while some are not?

Genetics largely determine whether your child is born beautifully bald or with a magnificent mane. If you or the baby’s father was born with a full head of hair, the odds are good that your baby will be, too.

Hormones can also play a part in the amount of hair with which your little one is born. Mothers whose hormones are higher than average will often find that their newborn has plenty of hair when she makes her entrance into the world.

Did I brush my baby’s hair wrong if it suddenly fell out?

If your baby was born with a full head of hair only to lose it after a few months, don’t worry! This very normal phenomenon is called telogen effluvium and occurs when pregnancy hormones passed to your child begin to taper off.

Usually, infants will lose their baby hair between two and six months of age, sometimes slowly but sometimes in large amounts at once.

Their new hair will begin to grow without any medical intervention or special products. Don’t be surprised if this hair is a different texture or even a contrasting color from what they were born with; that soft baby hair was just the first stage of hair growth.

When can I style my baby’s hair?

Babies have fine hair and delicate heads, so you’re going to want to save the fun buns and elaborate hair accessories for when they’re older. Their locks are not yet suited for any styling products, and elastic bands or clips can pull at their scalps and cause hair breakage.

If you do opt for ponytails or pigtails, be sure to use soft hair ties and don’t place them tightly against your baby’s head; hair should only be tied back loosely.

When can I start brushing my baby’s hair?

While the fancy french braid will have to wait, you can begin brushing your infant’s hair at any time. All you need is a baby-safe hairbrush and a gentle hand.

How do I brush my baby’s hair?

Always start near the tip of the hair and hold the section you are brushing with your fingers. That way, should you snag a tangle with the brush, you won’t be pulling down on her scalp and causing her pain.

Remember, you want to make the hair brushing experience as pleasant as possible so she won’t begin to view it as something over which to tantrum.

And the winner is…

Just because your baby’s hair needs a little extra TLC doesn’t mean hair brushing needs to be a chore. All of the brushes on our list will provide excellent grooming and turn the simple act of hair brushing into a relaxing experience filled with bonding and love.

With that said, DermaFrida the SkinSoother by Fridababy (check price on Amazon) definitely tops our list of recommendations for its ability to tackle difficult skin issues, its versatility, the affordable price tag, and the brush’s bathtime-friendly construction.

We love that it is super comfortable to hold and comes in a two-pack, ensuring that you can always have one tucked away in your diaper bag for grooming on the go.

Happy hairstyling!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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