The Best Baby Towels & Washcloths to Buy

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 25th, 2023

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I still remember the first bath I gave to my first-born son, the lavender-scented bubbles, the yellow rubber ducky, and the scratchy polyester hospital blanket. By baby two, I knew to bring my own carefully curated baby bath essentials to the labor and delivery ward. If you’re looking for washcloths and towels that are worthy of your precious one’s sensitive skin, you’ve come to the right place.

Baby towels need to be super soft and absorbent. You need to be able to wick the moisture from your little one without irritating their hypersensitive skin. Naturally, you also want a super adorable towel. Baby baths are going to be some of the most novel and fleeting moments in your little one’s life. Savor them by taking lots of pictures of your little one all wrapped up in their new towel.

How to choose the best baby towels and washcloths

When choosing premium baby towels and washcloths, we targeted soft, natural materials with excellent absorbency and durability. Cotton terry, woven bamboo, synthetic microfiber, and even polyester fleece wick moisture without irritating sensitive skin.

You can usually gauge a towel’s absorbency by its weight, or GSM. Thick baby towels tend to weigh between 400 and 600 grams per square meter. These towels have multiple layers of absorbent fibers. They create a snuggly layer around little ones while wicking away excess water. If only they made products this soft in adult sizes.

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We’ve all dealt with towels that fall apart after a single wash. The once-plush fibers become knotted and rough. The embroidery and other add-ons come loose from the surface. Don’t even get us started on the fray.

Inferior fabric is not suitable for infants. Opt for two-ply towels made from durable materials,such as cotton and bamboo. In an ideal world, you would be able to just toss your towels and washcloths into your washing machine and dryer.

In many cases, improper laundering and drying can become the demise of your most coveted baby essentials. As painfully monotonous as they may be, follow the manufacture’s cleaning instructions. Or else, opt for a towel set that can be put through the ringer time and time again.

Your baby will only use their baby towels for a short period. Still, that’s not an excuse to cut corners. That does not mean that you have to comprise their quality. We continue to utilize our babies’ washcloths even though our children have long-since outgrown them. We’ve given our beloved baby towels to baby-bearing friends and family.

Hoods and other add-ons

Babies’ heads are incredibly delicate. Hooded towels provide head to toe coverage for little ones exiting the water. These extra elements are super adorable and useful, but they are far from essential. Many hooded towels feature animal ears and faces, making for playful bath time aesthetics. Some parents even target hooded towels when planning out elaborate photoshoots.

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Many of our childless friends are always shocked to see high stacks of baby towels and washcloths in our linen closet. We’re the first ones to admit that we can go overboard when it comes to baby essentials. However, when it comes to bath time, you can never be too prepared.

Most baby towels need to be dripped dry. That means your no going to be reusing your little one’s bath towel soon after bath time. The AAP suggests that parents bath their infant three times a week. After the first year, you can expect those bathing sessions to double. The fact is that babies don’t stay clean for long. It takes a lot of effort to keep them smelling and looking fabulous. Keep three to five baby towels in stock to ensure that you are ready to resolve a mess at any given moment. Our experience tells us that the worst messes always occur on laundry day.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to limit your baby’s exposure to water and soap. These elements can strip their delicate skin of essential moisture and oils. Conditions such as eczema are often made worse by frequent bathing sessions.

When it comes to washcloths, we say go big or go home. During the first years of our children’s lives, we went through dozens of baby washcloths. You’ll use them to mitigate diaper explosions, spit-up catastrophes, and sweaty buildup. How many do you need? Start with 12. However, queue your favorites in your online shopping cart. It’s nearly impossible to stay on top of the laundry with a little one in the house.

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Our picks of the best baby towels & washcloths

Editors Choice

Our opinion

The oversized, hooded San Francisco baby towel (check price on Amazon) is an awesome option for parents looking to wrap their freshly bathed babes up in something fluffy and absorbent. The pure white cloth is thick, plush, and moisture-wicking. It has candy-striped blue and white trim and matching three-dimensional bear ears. It is made from organic bamboo fabric, with no BPAs or other chemical additives for you to fuss over. Its large size makes it suitable for babies and toddlers. The towel is 40 inches long and 28 inches wide, making it a perfect option for quick-growing little ones.

What we love
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Made from premium white organic bamboo
  • Soft and absorbant
Watch for
  • Pricey

Upgrade Choice

Our opinion

The adorable Artyis Hooded Baby Towel (check price on Amazon) is made from organic bamboo fabric. There are three charming colorways to choose , including gray, yellow, and pink. Each towel has an adorable bear face embroidered on the hood. The towels have a thickness of 600 GSM, making them one of the softest and most insulating options on our list. The sheets are 35-by-25 inches, making them suitable for infants, babies, and toddlers.

The bamboo fibers do an excellent job of wicking up leftover moisture. You’ll love snuggling your little one when they are all bundled up in their animal-themed towel. There’s no doubt that this is a quality woven product, though beware of loose threads. We recommend skipping the dryer to avoid compromising the precious material. What’s more, pat yourself on the back for investing in a sustainable option.

What we love
  • Made from 100% o organic bamboo fibers
  • Boasts a thickness of 600 GSM
  • Large enough to cover a toddler
Watch for
  • Threads come loose when these are washed in a rough wash cycle

Best Budget Buy

Our opinion

You will go through lots of washcloths during the first months of your baby’s life. Those little beasts poop and spit all day long. When you finally think you’re ready to retire your coveted cleanup gear, food will become the star of the show. To handle all this, you will need a seriously reliable set of baby washcloths. We’re talking about cloths that are soft enough to rub against the tender face of a newborn but hardy enough to remove all the gunk from their neck folds.

Pupiki’s organic bamboo washcloths (check price on Amazon) get the job done while looking pretty fabulous. This set of six washcloths comes in unisex green and white solids. The package is really cute, making it one of those mommy-approved baby shower gifts you can go back to indefinitely. This set even comes with a handy laundry bag. You’ll never again have to dig a clingy fabric square out of your sweater.

What we love
  • Made from premium organic bamboo fabric
  • Comes with a free laundry bag to ensure that they are not destroyed during washing
  • Super cute packaging makes for an excellent baby shower gift
Watch for
  • You’ll want at least two packages

Best Thick Baby Towel

Our opinion

Rounding out our list is one of our favorite towel and washcloth sets made by Eccomum (check price on Amazon. This charming bath essentials kit comes with a 25-by-25-inch hooded towel and two 8-by-8-inch washcloths. All of the pieces are made from premium organic bamboo fabric. They are guaranteed to be free from chemical fibers and dyes. If you’re looking for a product that is 100% antibacterial and hypoallergenic, Eccomum has you covered.

Not only are these bath towels super soft and absorbent, but they are also easy to wash. Both machine and hand washing will suffice. The towel is solid white with blue accents. Three-dimensional ears and an embroidered bear face give this towel an adorable look. Matching striped piping lines the entire edge of the towel. As such, you never have to worry about threads getting caught or pulled.

Best Thick Baby Towel

Our opinion

JJ Cole’s hooded baby towel (check price on Amazon) is nautical yet nice. It has an adorable blue and white whale/bubble-themed hood that fits neatly over one corner. The towel is constructed of premium cotton terry. As such, it is as absorbant as soft as towels come. It even comes with a matching washcloth. You’ll be ready for bathtime with this adorable, affordable set. Feel free to purchase a soothing baby wash with all the money you saved on your purchase. In terms of maintenance, this towel set can be tossed into the washer along with another color coordinate. We suggest drip drying the clothes, but there is no reason to fear the dryer when it comes to JJ Cole products.

What we love
  • Made from all-natural cotton terry cloth
  • Choose between whales, clouds, or flamingos
  • The hood fits neatly into one corner
Watch for
  • The perfect size for a newborn, but small for babies and toddlers

Best Elephant Themed Towel

Our opinion

This Hudson baby elephant towel (check price on Amazon) has us ready for the circus. First off, the thick cotton that makes up the product is the kind that swallows up moisture instantly upon contact. On top of being super soft and plush, this towel features a three-dimensional elephant face. The eyes are embroidered on the hood. Two ears and a dangling elephant trunk tie this animal-centric look together. We can see this towel being paired with some lions and tiger bath toys for an over-the-top photo op.

What we love
  • Made from 100% cotton terry cloth
  • Measures 33 by 33 inches
  • Other animal options available
Watch for
  • Much larger than the infant towels

Best Muslin Washcloth

Our opinion

This pack of five pastel muslin washcloths (check price on Amazon) is all you’ll need to have your baby looking and smelling fresh and clean. Each cloth measures 12 inches by 12 inches, making them superb feeding towels, bibs, pillow covers, and washcloths.

With the rise of environmentally friendly products, we’re happy to finally come across a product that resembles a reusable wipe. When your baby outgrows these, you can use them as facecloths. Trust us when we say that muslin fabric only gets softer with each cleaning. Each cloth even has a small hook for hanging! Each pack includes five cute colors, including blue, green, yellow, pink, and white.

What we love
  • Natural dyes on soft, absorbent organic cotton muslin fabric
  • Gets softer with each wash
  • Measures 12 by 12 inches
Watch for
  • Pastel colors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea

Our Eight Choice

Our opinion

Hudson Baby is our go-to company for chic baby shower gifts. This baby deer bath towel (check price on Amazon) looks like it’s straight out of an Instagram story. It has a super cute fawn face and set of baby antlers on the hood. We love the use of gender-neutral colors. If you’re looking to compliment a woodland-themed nursery, this is an affordable option that won’t compromise your baby’s comfort. The over-sized towel wraps up easily, but we could see this being large enough for a toddler.

What we love
  • It has antlers! (and a hood)
  • Charming white and brown colorway
  • Made from super absorbent terry cotton
Watch for
  • We wish it was just a little bit thicker

Best Absorbent Bath Towel

Our opinion

Natemia makes top-of-the-line baby essentials, and their hooded animal baby towel (check price on eBay) is no exception. This towel is made from super soft hypoallergenic bamboo fabric. You have your choice between a white bear, a cool gray hippopotamus, and a light gray raccoon.

The towels are generously sized, with enough room to accommodate a growing toddler. The fabric is gentle and absorbent, making this an excellent option for little ones with skin issues.

What we love
  • Plush hood with three-dimensional animal face (modern minimalist style)
  • Hypoallergenic and odor-resistant
  • Super easy to launder (retains its shape, texture, and color)
Watch for
  • Drip dry only (your dryer will destroy this)

Best Beach Towel

Our opinion

This adorable astronaut beach towel (check price on Amazon) will keep your little space cadet warm and cozy while their scanning tide pools for otherworldly life forms. This is a poncho-style piece with a cloth that drapes over the front and back of a child’s body. It has a large hood that will wick moisture from your child’s wet head. This 24-by-36-inch towel is suitable for children between the ages of 1 and 6. The microfiber material is wrinkle-free and non-fading. Did we mention is condenses well for travel?

What we love
  • Great for visits to the pool or beach
  • Hooded poncho won’t fall off your child
  • Creates an instantly warm, dry environment for kids hopping in and out of the water
Watch for
  • Doesn’t cover toddler’s arms very well

Best Eco-friendly Bath Towel

Our opinion

Your craving for super sweet baby essentials doesn’t have to destroy the environment. This charming dark gray baby towel from Sweet Dolphin (check price on Amazon) features a warming hood with a set of baby bear ears. It’s a subtle yet cute detail that won’t detract from your baby’s cuteness when they are exiting their bath.

The material is 100% organic bamboo. It has been responsibly harvested for your little one’s daily enjoyment. The towel has a high weight, meaning it’s thick enough to absorb every bead of water on their little body.

What we love
  • Soft gray organic bamboo material
  • Minimalist bear design complimented by three-dimensional ears
  • Super absorbent and great for sensitive skin
Watch for
  • Pricey

Best For Girls

Our opinion

Your baby girl will get her first taste of magic when she slips into this super soft pink unicorn bathrobe from Hudson (check price on Target). So, this is technically not a towel or a washcloth. However, it does wick away moisture while keeping your little one toasty. Snuggle up close to enjoy the quality details. This bathroom has a sparkly silver horn and two horse-like ears. Take lots of pictures when you can. This robe probably won’t fit your little one after they pass the one-year mark.

What we love
  • Super plush fleece fabric
  • Has a real unicorn corn and ears on the hood
  • Perfect for bath-themed photoshoots
Watch for
  • Made from polyester material (sorry folks this unicorn is not eco-friendly)

Extremely Soft Washcloth

Our opinion

This Brooklyn Bamboo Washcloth Wipes Set (check price on Walmart) includes six reusable wipes in an assortment of pastel colors. You have to test these cloths out yourself to witness their absorbency. You can use them to scrub your baby clean or pat away sweat and moisture. We’d be willing use them to make the switch from one-time-use wipes. Take care when washing these delicate clothes, as they do not respond well to heavy wash cycles.

What we love
  • Set includes six premium baby washcloths in assorted colors
  • Looks great in any bathroom
  • Won’t irritate your little one’s skin
Watch for
  • The threads are prone to pulls and snags

And our winner is…

We could seriously look at baby towels and washcloths all day, but the time has come for us to name a single winner. After careful consideration, we’re happy to praise the San Francisco Hooded Baby Towel (check price on Amazon). This adorable set is made of organic bamboo fabric any parent can appreciate. The pure white cloth is thick, plush, and moisture-wicking. It has candy-striped blue and white trim and matching three-dimensional bear ears. Its large size makes it suitable for babies and toddlers.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 25th, 2023

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