Best Baby Thermometers of 2019 (Forehead, Ear & Rectal)

Thermometers are the unsung heroes of the parent’s toolkit. They spend most of their time locked away in the medical cupboard, only taking center stage when your kid gets sick and things heat up. It’s important that every parent is confident that they have the best baby thermometer for the job, and that they know how to use them; picking the wrong orifice will only add insult to injury!

As a parent, you will quickly learn the cues of when your baby is not feeling well. However, unlike diaper rash, it is not always clear what’s going on, therefore it’s important to find out whether your little one is running a high temperature. A high fever can be especially dangerous for babies and can cause a myriad of problems if not treated. Enter the thermometer.


Which Type of Thermometer Do I Need?

There are many thermometers on the market, each with different designs, interfaces and features. Really, though, the main difference is in the way you use them to get a reading of your baby’s temperature.

The common methods are rectal, under the armpit, in the ear, and on the forehead. A decent thermometer can give you a reasonably accurate whichever method it opts for; however, many health professionals recommend checking your kid’s temperature rectally or in the ear. These methods can give you the most accurate readings because they get closer to the important organs of the body. (As an example, ear drum is closest to the brain and shares the most similar temperature.)

Once you’ve decided which application method is for you, then decide if you want certain features, such as smartphone connectivity, quiet mode, LCD display and other features. Obviously, certain features depend on your budget, and thermometers can really range in price.

Now you’ve had a quick introduction, let’s dive straight in. Here are some of the best baby thermometers we’ve found:

Our Top Picks

Best Ear Baby Thermometers

iProven DMT-489 Medical Ear Thermometer (with Forehead Function)

This digital infrared ear thermometer also has a forehead function so you can try both and see which method you prefer. (We guarantee you’ll waste at least five minutes checking the whole family and testing to see whether both methods give the same result!). An Amazon #1 BestSeller, this thermometer is one of the most reliable and affordable models on the market.

The interface is simple to use with only two buttons and a loud beep. It is one of the only models that is trusted by pediatricians and used in medical clinics. Another plus is that each purchase is backed by a 100 day money back guarantee.


  • Money back guarantee: The company gives you 100 days to make a return with no questions asked.
  • Infrared lens technology: This allows for a reliable and quick reading.
  • Professional medical grade: This thermometer is trusted and used by numerous pediatricians.
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Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer

The Kinsa digital smart ear thermometer is known as one of the smartest thermometers in the world. Not only does it provide super fast and comfortable readings, but it can connect to most smartphones for maximum ease. By syncing the thermometer with your smartphone, parents can easily track their child’s health. Temperatures are recorded with the exact time and date, which allows you to easily share the information with a doctor. It can also be programmed to be used for several family members, perfect for those with more than one child. There is also an option to add your own photos or notes to specific readings for later clarification. Owners of the Kinsa digital thermometer have nothing but great things to say about it.

Owners of the Kinsa digital thermometer have nothing but great things to say about it.


  • One button touch: This thermometer is extremely easy to use.
  • Connects to smartphone: This model is compatible with iPhones, Samsung and other popular brands.
  • Allows for customization: From adding notes or photos, the accompanying app makes parenting a sick child much easier!
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Best Forehead Baby Thermometers

Metene Digital Infrared Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

The Metene digital baby thermometer provides quick and reliable readings with no contact needed. It is highly recommended by the professional medical field and is FDA approved. As most medical grade products, this model holds the latest infrared technology and can give parents an accurate reading in a single second. You can rest assured that you are getting the most accurate temperature. A huge plus of this thermometer is the silent mode. No more beeping noise disturbing a sleeping sick child. Its large LCD display screen is easy to read in a dark room. This model is perfect for those inevitable nights when illness always seems to hit!


  • Medical Grade: This model is recommended and used by medical professionals.
  • No touch needed: Simply scan your child’s forehead for an accurate temperature reading.
  • Ease of use: A large LCD display and single button interface is easy to operate.
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YODAY Forehead Digital Thermometer and Infrared

Instant results with no contact needed make this one of the leading digital baby thermometers. This model offers accurate and quick readings with the latest in infrared technology, but it is so much more. This Yoday thermometer is ergonomically designed to offer a comfortable grip. It is also made with environmentally friendly materials. Parents can rest assured that this model will off medical grade results without the huge cost. The Yoday digital thermometer retails for under forty dollars and comes with a manufacturer warranty.


  • Environmentally friendly: This model is made with safe materials.
  • Infrared technology: No touch is needed, which means no more spreading germs.
  • Affordable: This model is inexpensive, yet a medical grade product.
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Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer

This is one of the most unique thermometers on the market. Dr. Madre’s medical infrared talking forehead thermometer offers a reading in about a second. Not only is it extremely fast and reliable, but there is no touch required. This is a great way to reduce the spread of germs, especially in households with more than one child.

Another interesting feature of this thermometer is that it speaks the temperature reading. Parents can choose to hear readings in English or Spanish. There is also a silent mode for those instances where you don’t want to make a sound, such as not wanting to wake a sleeping child.

This model is slightly more expensive than others, but it is high quality. Each purchase comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty straight from the manufacturer.


  • Quick readings: Temperatures read in about a second thanks to the infrared technology.
  • No touch required: Scanning your child’s forehead will reduce the spread of germs.
  • Talking option: Parents can choose to have the readings spoken out loud.
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Best Rectal Baby Thermometers

Friendly Digital Medical Thermometer

The Friendly Digital Medical Thermometer is sure to stand out amongst the other rectal baby thermometers. The vivid green tip is extremely flexible for your baby’s maximum comfort. This thermometer was designed to provide accurate readers quickly when time is of the essence.One of the things parents love the most about this thermometer is the beeping function. As the thermometer reaches 100 degrees, it begins to beep quicker to alert the parent. The jumbo design and simple interface is also big selling points for parents. This model can also be used under the armpit. It is also a great value and can be purchased for under twenty dollars.

One of the things parents love the most about this thermometer is the beeping function. As the thermometer reaches 100 degrees, it begins to beep quicker to alert the parent. The jumbo design and simple interface are also big selling points for parents. This model can also be used under the armpit. It is also a great value and can be purchased for under twenty dollars.


  • Affordable: This model retails for under twenty dollars.
  • Versatility: This thermometer can be used on under-arm or rectally.
  • Comfort: A flexible and durable tip provides maximum comfort for your baby.
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Occobaby Clinical Baby Thermometer

Okay, so this is actually a bundle. You get both an infrared forehead thermometer and a waterproof, fast rectal thermometer, too.

The OCCObaby thermometer is more than just an FDA-approved model, it is also a common use for clinics. With the recommendation of healthcare professionals, parents can rest assured with this brand. Accurate readings are available within 10 seconds, which is great when you are dealing with a fussy or sick baby. This is much quicker than several other models and is most likely one of fastest on the market. This quick speed is thanks to the latest technology using a microchip.

The OCCObaby thermometer features a waterproof flexible tip. This provides your baby with the ultimate comfort while getting their temperature checked. While this thermometer is usually used rectally, it can also be used under the armpit.

Parents can purchase without concern, thanks to the company’s 60-day guarantee. This means returns are accepted with no questions asked, if you discover this thermometer is not for you. This is also an extremely affordable option and can be purchased for under thirty dollars.


  • Affordability: Usually retails for under thirty dollars.
  • Quick reads: Temperatures in about ten minutes thanks to state of the art technology.
  • Flexible and water proof tip provides ultimate comfort for your baby.
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Best Affordable Baby Thermometer

Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer

This Vicks Baby thermometer is an extremely basic model, but it gets the job done and accurately tells you your baby temperature. This model is extremely compact and is great for traveling and storage. Its design was also developed to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety. The compact design helps prevent over insertion for your child’s protection.

This model is one of the most affordable on the market. Despite being available for under twenty bucks, it is extremely reliable and recommended by medical professionals. This would be a great thermometer to keep in the diaper bag for those unexpected moments.


  • Extremely affordable: available for under twenty dollars
  • Trusted brand: This thermometer is manufactured by Vicks and Procter & Gamble
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Wrapping up

Dealing with a sick child can be a worrisome experience. However, being armed with a reliable and accurate thermometer can give you peace of mind. This important tool can help ensure that your child is safely overcoming his illness or condition. A baby thermometer is an important tool that all parents should have in their household.

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