Best Nursing Tank Tops (Tried, Tested, and Affordable)

Breastfeed comfortably while looking great.

Sarah Schulze, RN, NP, CBC
Reviewed by Sarah Schulze, RN, NP, CLCWritten by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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Our top picks

Best Overall: Bearsland Maternity Nursing Tank

"For immediate postpartum nursing, this no-clip tank offers a built-in discreet design and a choice of standard sizes in prints and colors for any occasion."

Best Budget Buy: Motherhood Maternity Tank Top

"A nursing top for all sizes, xx-small to 3x, comes in 9 colors to flatter any outfit."

Best built-in bra: IMFASY Nursing Tank

"Wire-free and seamless, the comfy built-in bra is easy to use and flattering to your shape."

Best natural fabric: FAFAMI Cotton Nursing Tank

"The stretch of spandex is nice, but if you have sensitive skin or prefer an organic fabric, these cotton tanks might be a great choice."

Best racerback cami: SUIEK Racerback Nursing Tank

"Who said you can’t be sporty during your nursing sessions? This racerback top also features a flattering loose design to hide any leftover baby weight."

Best pumping tank: Kindred Bravely Sublime All-in-One

"Pumping is also a daily need, so get two tanks in one with this unique design."

Best no-straps tank: KUCI Maternity Top

"If you want to cover up those bra straps and keep the sun off your neck and shoulders, here is a good alternative."

Best shapewear tan: Cake Toffee Nursing Tank

"This microfiber built-in bra nursing tank gives you a gentle hold to present a slimmer figure while you’re ready to nurse in moments."

Best built-in bra tank: Lataly Padded Nursing Bra Tank

"The built-in padded bra gives your now larger breasts extra support while making nursing easier."

Best plus size tank: iloveSIA Plus Size Nursing Tanks

"No matter what size, moms deserve the best nursing wear."

Love the idea of breastfeeding, but not too thrilled about baring that post-baby belly to the world?

Don’t worry; you are not alone. 

Plenty of women are absolutely fine with the idea of nursing while they are out and about, but are at a loss over what to wear to keep things comfortable. That’s why so many mothers are adding nursing tank tops to their wardrobes.

Alas, it can be hard to find a top that won’t leave you fighting a uni-boob at the park or that announces “nursing mother right here!” to the world. So, are you doomed to live out your baby’s breastfeeding days behind closed doors? Of course not. 

Whether you need shapewear, extra small or large sizes, or an addition to your work wardrobe, there is a cami or tank top to meet your needs. These tanks are great for wearing alone while shopping, lounging, or even sleeping. They also can be an inner layer under blouses or jackets for cooler weather or more formal occasions.

Let’s take a closer look at the nursing tank tops we’ve chosen for you to consider.

Our picks of the best nursing tanks

We’ve done our homework and studied the best offerings for tank and camisole tops for nursing mothers. Here are 10 of the best which meet nearly any mother’s preferences or requirements.

Best Overall

Our opinion

This rayon and spandex nursing top gives extra support for your figure. No clips to come loose; just lift the large ruffled layer, and your breast is immediately available to your baby. The long ruffle also doubles as a nursing cover. Those flowy layers also hide any figure imperfections.

What we love
  • Wide range of colors and prints
  • Figure flattering
  • Easy-to-use with no fussy clips
Watch for
  • Not suitable for dryers; line dry in shade

Best Budget Buy

Our opinion

This Motherhood Maternity offering is excellent for the nursing mother who needs many tops (who doesn’t?) in their tank top drawer. At these prices, you can order dozens. There are nine colors/patterns and, best of all, a full range of sizes from US 4 to 22.

What we love
  • Sizes for nearly anyone
  • Wide range of colors and prints
  • Great price
Watch for
  • Some colors are spandex, and others are cotton; check your choices first.

Best built-in bra

Our opinion

If you don’t see the point in wearing two nursing garments when one will do, this tank top with a built-in nursing bra might be for you. The 92 percent nylon with 8 percent spandex construction is soft and easy on your skin. Plus, the nylon fabric washes very well and dries quickly. 

What we love
  • Self-contained nursing bra
  • Straight or crossed detachable back straps
  • One-hand access with drop cups
  • Comes in 4-pack
Watch for
  • Some moms reported the bust size runs smaller.

Best natural fabric

Our opinion

If you or your baby has skin sensitivity to the manufactured stretchy fabric, natural cotton is a great choice. Unlike spandex or rayon, cotton can handle warmer water washes with color-safe bleach. That’s important when dealing with the inevitable nursing, burping, and even food stains. In addition, the self-contained nursing bra takes care of your lift needs without wearing another bra under the tank.

What we love
  • Cotton fabric for sensitive skin
  • Built-in shelf type nursing bra
  • One-hand access with drop cups
  • Comes in 3-pack
Watch for
  • The top has little stretch because of the fabric; therefore you may need a larger bra size.

Best racerback cami

Our opinion

This 95 percent cotton tank puts the ‘sport’ in sporty. The racerback is an interesting design choice, while the empire waist hides any baby weight flaws. This is a good-looking top to wear anywhere, from sporting events to picnics to lunch with the boss. The nursing area has built-in pockets to hold nursing pads securely.

What we love
  • The under-bust area is elastic-free for added comfort
  • A double-layered area covering breasts
  • The loose cotton fabric under the empire waist hides tummy
  • Comes in 3-pack
Watch for
  • This selection may not be a good choice for those moms with larger bust sizes.

Best pumping tank

Our opinion

The all-in-one feature means no more switching from nursing to pumping bras. You can even pump while you breastfeed. No hands are required to pump, and breastfeeding is easy as can be. The built-in bra tank comes in a wide range of sizes, from 30B to 44E,almost any to fit nearly anyone.

What we love
  • Easy nursing to pumping and no changing necessary
  • Unique patented design, hands-free with easy clip
  • It fits all standard pump flanges
  • Designed and sold by small business
Watch for
  • The built-in bra may run small

Best no-straps tank

Our opinion

This scoop neck, wide shoulder strap cami tank hides bra straps and presents a fashionable mom to the world. This top covers any nursing bra straps, so it won’t be necessary to put another shirt or jacket over the cami. The 3-pack should be a good wardrobe addition.

What we love
  • Fully covered back and wide shoulder straps with vee neck
  • Side ruching and long and loose empire waist top
  • Built-in pouches for nursing pads
Watch for
  • Some moms reported that the stretch cotton fabric was scratchy
  • Moms with smaller breasts noted gaps above the scoop neck

Best shapewear tan

Our opinion

The Cake nursing tank has a wire-free built-in shelf bra with fabric side support. The sides are constructed with heavier 4-way stretch, knit coverage to hold in your figure. The nursing clips and inner cup side sling provide nearly instant nursing access for the baby. Sizes US 32B through 42 DDD/F fits nearly every mom.

What we love
  • Built-in shelf-style nursing bra
  • Soft 6.6 microfiber construction
  • 4-way stretch for figure control
Watch for
  • No molded style bra cups; nipples may show through the top
  • Some buyers report that bra sizes run large

Best built-in bra tank

Our opinion

If you need extra support and coverage from your nursing bra, this tank has the built-in you need. The fabric is soft yet supportive, with no seams to twist or bother your skin. The bra itself is padded and wireless for shape and comfort. The one-handed clip and unclip feature make quick feeding a snap.

What we love
  • Built-in push-up padded nursing bra without wires
  • Soft and seamless nylon/spandex construction
  • Long torso construction with removable foam padding
Watch for
  • Needs hand washing

Best plus size tank

Our opinion

If you need sizes from 38 through 44, this tank will fit. No need to wear a separate nursing bra, just pull down the extra-long tank over your jeans and go. The bra has removable cups to accommodate your nursing needs. Moms report these are great nightwear for nursing.

What we love
  • Stylish choices for the Rubenesque mom
  • Includes a padded bra that fits
  • Nylon/spandex holds you in all the right places
Watch for
  • Fit true-to-size before washing; you may need a larger size

Final verdict

Overall our top choice has to go to the Bearsland Nursing Tank (view on Amazon). The soft, stretchy fabric and the loose, flowy design make this flattering no-clip nursing top a winner for nearly every woman with every need.

For those looking for something more supportive, the Lataly Padded Nursing Bra Tank (view on Amazon) has a well-structured, no-wire nursing bra with two easy clip-on fasteners for a top that flatters and supports.

How we chose these nursing tanks

After 40 years of mothering, I have seen the fashions in nursing wear come and go. Today’s selections are a fantastic upgrade. No nursing tank or cami will suit or please every nursing mother, of course. I looked for variety in the tops, so that one will probably work for you the best. Here are some of the criteria I used.

  • Fabric. From stretchy spandex to all-natural cotton, different materials are suitable for different needs. Some of these need special laundry handling, so check with care.
  • Closures. Some tops have clips at the front base of the straps that unfasten easily with one hand to drop the breast covering for your child. Others have no clips, but the breast covering fabric can be pulled up and away. These no-clip types often double as privacy covering.
  • Style. There are long torso tops, those with racerbacks, and those for more formal occasions that require you to be covered in style. Some tanks work in casual or sporty venues but at times need covering by overshirts or jackets.


Why do you need specialized clothes for nursing your baby? 

The answer is, you don’t; however, if you have them, you’ll be glad. Whether you use the clip-on/off style or the removable fabric covering, your nursing sessions will be quicker to start and save you from any unintentional fashion faux pas. If your budget is tight, buy enough tops for you to wear when away from home; a 3- or 4-pack would do nicely.

Why do many tops have clips, and what are they for?

The clips that the product descriptions mention are the built-in tools for uncovering your breast for feeding. You simply reach to the place where the front of your shoulder strap hooks onto the front of the top. Grab the clip and undo it in a sec. If you don’t like the idea, there are tops that don’t use clips. You will just need to move aside the fabric covering the breast.

Should I get my normal size or larger?

This is a tricky question. Most often, the size you wore pre-pregnancy is the one recommended. Check our descriptions or the feedback from customers to learn if your choice is sized smaller, normal, or larger.

What to look for in a nursing tank top

The best fabric for you.

If you will be nursing over the winter, the fabric and style you choose will be different than if your baby will be born in summer. Keep the seasons in mind when you purchase tops. If you are sensitive to some fabrics, look for friendly ones when you shop. 

Fit and fashion

Make sure that your top will fit you and look stylish as well. Some tanks have side ruching that stretches with your figure and can hide many flaws. If you are larger busted, you might want a stronger bra contained in the top. Some mothers look great in tight, clingy tops. Others will prefer a flowy, easy style that is comfortable and flatters.

Care Instructions

Some tops need handwashing and others can be tossed in the washer and dryer. Be sure that you are prepared for the care your top will demand.

Coverage for baby

Your breast isn’t all you want to cover while nursing. Your baby needs protection from the sun and wind. They also deserve privacy from those who coo and exclaim about your perfect tiny one, even if well-meant.

Sarah Schulze, RN, NP, CBC
Reviewed by Sarah Schulze, RN, NP, CLCWritten by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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