The Best Toddler Table and Chairs

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023

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Perhaps you’ve heard legends of the arts and crafts corner; a neat little table and chair, storage bins keeping everything organized and separated, a surface that wipes clean when projects are done.

Without one, when your crafty kids’ art supply bomb goes off, they’re strewn from one end of the house to the other.

Offering your child a dedicated space for arts and crafts, mealtime, special projects, etc., will help keep things contained and minimize the messes.

Check out these nine great tables and chairs for kids; from bonus storage bins to building play opportunities, there’s something here for every family.

How do I choose the best toddler table?

There are tons of cute toddler table options available, but choosing the right one for your family will likely come down to a combination of factors.

  • The table’s purpose: What they’ll be using their kiddie table and chairs for is something to consider when making your decision. Will it be used mostly for dining? If so, you’ll want one that’s space-efficient and easy to clean, while storage will be less important. If it’s for arts and crafts, you’ll want one with wells, storage bins, a removable top, and other features offering space to stash supplies, etc.
  • Available space: Adding an additional table to a home with limited space can be awkward. Think about where you’d like your child’s table to go, and measure the space to see exactly what size table can fit. Folding tables and chairs are also ideal for small spaces, as they store flat and can easily be slid under a bed or into a closet till later use.
  • Number of kids: Consider how many will be using it regularly before making your decision. If only one or two tots are using the table, this will be less of a problem. However, if sharing with siblings and friends, a small table with two chairs could wind up creating conflict! In this case, a larger one (with four chairs) would work better.

What features should I look for in a toddler table?

Easy to clean: The toddler years are filled with endless floor-to-ceiling, how-did-you-possibly-do-that kind of messes! Go for furniture that can handle a Clorox wipe — you’ll absolutely thank yourself later.

  • Easy to assemble: Putting together furniture out of the box is no one’s favorite task. Fortunately, there’s plenty of kids’ table options that are easy to assemble, while most folding tables and chairs require no assembly at all.
  • Storage bins: If your child is using the table for arts, crafts, and general non-eating activities, the inclusion of a few handy storage bins offers a convenient place to stash their supplies, making them easy to access when needed. Books, small toys, and stuffed animals can also hang out here.
  • Folding: If you’re dealing with a smaller space, or prefer to keep the “kid aesthetic” in the playroom, we recommend a folding table that can be moved easily and stored flat. Another bonus — folding tables are less likely to need assembled and are ready to use right out of the box (after a quick wipe-down.)
  • Safety: While a table and chairs set may sound pretty harmless, folding hinges without safety protection, screws, sharp corners, and other potential causes of injury, can be found on low-quality picks, or if tables are assembled incorrectly.
  • Durability: A wood table has a durable body, though the surface may be vulnerable to gashes and scratches. If this is a concern, you might opt for a plastic one, which is usually harder to damage.

When should a toddler transition from a high chair to a toddler table?

If your little one is trying to get out of their high chair and explore the world, you might consider making the switch to a table and chairs for kids.

There’s no prescribed age at which to safely make this transition, though you’ll likely want to wait till they’re at least 18 months old.

At this age, they’re old enough to sit upright on their own for longer, but staying put at a table is another matter.

If they don’t mind staying with their high chair, you could save yourself a little grief by keeping them there during most meals until the recommended phase-out age of 3 yrs.

Our top picks for the best toddler table and chairs

Best overall

Materials: Finished wood
Colors: White/pink, natural/primary colors, Grey/blue
Number of chairs: 4
Folds to store: No
Has storage: No

Looking for a table that can act as a craft station, dining area, and homeschooling nook which leaves room for plenty of friends?

The Delta Children Kids Table and Chair Set (check price on Amazon) is made of durable, finished wood, while tough enough to handle toddler play and still wipe clean after use.

Set assembly takes only a few minutes, and its four chairs offer lots of room for siblings and friends to play.

We love the variety of chair colors, giving this table and chair set a more pleasing look. With plenty of space to spread out and a rainbow of colors that will look great in any nursery or playroom, this set easily makes our choice of ‘top pick’.

What we love
  • Four chairs included, so more children can play
  • It’s real wood, and the non-toxic finish makes the surface easy to clean
  • Assembly only takes a few minutes
Watch for
  • The legs of the table may wobble and require tightening after continued use

Best wooden tables & chairs

Materials: Wood
Colors: Natural
Number of chairs: 2
Folds to store: No
Has storage: No

The experts at Melissa & Doug are known for their durable wooden toys that prompt kids to be creative.

That same level of craftsmanship can be found in the Melissa & Doug Tables & Chairs Set (check price on Amazon), which is the perfect size for your little one to either work or eat.

The rectangular table is a little smaller than average, which is great for space-conscious parents.

The natural wood finish is attractive and neutral, so it also won’t stick out like a brightly-colored sore thumb in the midst of your kitchen or living room decor.

The chairs in this set are remarkably durable, boasting a 150-pound weight limit, though parents should note that assembly may take some time.

What we love
  • The natural wood finish won’t clash with existing decor
  • The space-efficient design doesn’t take up much room
  • The chairs are extremely durable, with a weight rating of 150 pounds
Watch for
  • Assembly may require extra time and attention, so make sure to plan for it

Best for smaller kids

Materials: Plastic
Colors: Coffee, green, pink
Number of chairs: 2
Folds to store: No
Has storage: Yes

Arts-and-crafts time is both developmentally important and lots of fun, but keeping track of art supplies so they stay contained can be an ongoing nightmare for parents.

Tables that offer built-in storage, like the Costzon Kids Table and 2 Chair Set (check price on Amazon), are great for keeping paints, markers, crayons, and clay in one convenient location. It’ll definitely save you a few bucks when tools aren’t discovered lost, dried out, and hidden under the couch cushions.

This table set comes with two chairs, so it’s great for a sibling set, and the bins underneath the table can be detached for easy cleaning.

Parents should note that this table runs a little small, so it’s ideal when they’re little, but bigger kids may outgrow it before the suggested age of seven.

What we love
  • There are storage bins under each side of the table, so lots of room to keep supplies
  • The surface wipes clean easily
  • The durable table and chairs can each hold up to 176 lbs
Watch for
  • This table is a bit on the small side

Best sturdy

Materials: Plastic
Colors: Red/green/blue, blue/white/pink
Number of chairs: 4
Folds to store: No
Has storage: Yes

An important developmental step in pretend-play is kids taking on adult roles, often those of parents.

Toys and furniture that look like smaller true-to-life versions of the ‘real thing’ can make this play engaging and fun, like the KidKraft Farmhouse (check price on Amazon) table and chairs set.

The solid wood construction is highly durable, so it can hold up to repeated use, and extra chairs and a larger table means that more kids can play, while the table won’t be outgrown as quickly as some other picks.

It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that can easily double as a homework table while they’re young, but parents should note that the table’s wood surface can be vulnerable to dings and scratches.

What we love
  • The charming solid wood design looks just like the real thing
  • It’s larger than average, so it’s good for older kids too
  • Comes with four chairs, so more room for multiple children to play
Watch for
  • The table’s wood construction makes it vulnerable to dings and scratches

Best foldable

Our opinion

Materials: Metal
Colors: Rainbow
Number of chairs: 4
Folds to store: No
Has storage: Yes

When your living space is short on room for activities, adding a second table and chairs just for the kids may seem like a difficult proposition.

Picks that fold to store, like this colorful set from Bracelet Babies (check price on Amazon), can be set up quickly when it’s time to eat or draw, and disappear just as quickly when activity time is over.

Pinch button safety locks on the folding mechanisms of this set prevent little fingers from pinches, while the feet of both chairs and table have rubber grips to prevent floor damage.

A huge selling point for parents who don’t fancy themselves engineers: no assembly is needed for this set, as it’s ready to use right out of the box.

What we love
  • Table and chairs fold to store, so great for space efficiency
  • Pinch-button safety locks help keep toddlers' fingers safe from folding mechanisms
  • Rubber caps on the legs of the table and chairs prevent the floor from being scratched
Watch for
  • The table’s vinyl top is prone to damage and may warp if wet repeatedly

Best for girls

Materials: Wood
Colors: White/pink/purple
Number of chairs: 2
Folds to store: No
Has storage: Yes

Kids’ tables with built-in storage are convenient in theory, but the shape, size, and placement of bins can sometimes diminish the functionality of the set.

That’s not the case with the KidKraft Wooden Round Table (check price on Walmart), which cleverly places storage under the table’s top while making it accessible through a removable access panel on the surface.

This means it’s easy for your child to sit comfortably at the table while eating, whilst supplies are only ever a moment away when art or homework is being done.

This set features two chairs in an easy-to-assemble kit, and the light pink and white shades make it perfect for a girl’s bedroom or playroom.

What we love
  • Its hidden storage is space efficient, so kids can stash supplies and still comfortably use the table for eating or other activities
  • The storage compartment can be accessed conveniently through the top of the table
  • Assembly takes only a few minutes
Watch for
  • Cleaning products containing alcohol shouldn’t be used on this product, as they may alter the finish.

Best with storage

Our opinion

Materials: Wood/metal
Colors: Pink/white
Number of chairs: 2
Folds to store: No
Has storage: Yes

Searching for the ultimate arts and crafts table for your little lady? The KidKraft Heart Table and Chair Set (check price on Walmarthas a total of four removable, washable storage bins for holding all their essentials.

There’s even room here for bigger supplies, like paper. The pink, purple, and white design, with adorable heart cutouts, makes a lovely addition to a girls room, with two chairs making the set ideal for kids to share their creative space.

The design is charmingly detailed but easy to assemble and wipes clean easily when playtime is done.

What we love
  • The fun heart accents make this a precious addition to a girls’ nursery or playroom
  • A total of four storage bins provides lots of places to keep toys and supplies
  • Despite its detailed design, this table is easy to assemble
Watch for
  • Chair screws may loosen with repeated use

Best for budget

Materials: Plastic
Colors: Rainbow
Number of chairs: 4
Folds to store: No
Has storage: No

On the hunt for a size-appropriate table and chairs set for your toddler, but can’t deal with assembling complicated furniture with a kid underfoot?

You’re not alone, so the Humble Crew Vibrant Kids (check price on Walmartplastic table could be for you.

The rainbow color scheme appeals to almost every child, and the pieces of this hard plastic set connect so easily that assembly is literally a snap!

Your toddler can share this table with other children, as there are four seats available,  while the hard plastic surface is hard to damage and easy to wipe down.

What we love
  • The hard plastic construction is durable and easy to clean
  • The pieces snap together, so construction is simple (and kids may be able to help)
  • Non-slip sticker grips for chair and table legs included
Watch for
  • Despite having four chairs, the surface area of this table is quite small

The bottom line

Finding the right toddler table and chairs set for your family is all about striking that balance between aesthetic, function, and space efficiency.

We can’t help but love the Delta Children Kids Table and Chair Set (check price on Amazon) for this — it seats four kids easily, has a durable worktop that cleans in a snap, and the rectangular shape means it’s easy to fit into a corner to maximize space.

It works great in playrooms, living rooms, or kitchens, and a range of color schemes makes it’s easy to choose a set your child will love.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023

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