45 Outstanding Middle Names for Olivia

Olivia middle names that sing

Written by Neve Updated on June 23rd, 2022

So you’ve finally decided on a first name for your daughter, Olivia, but still struggle to find a middle name that matches it perfectly;

Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of middle names for you to help make the landmark decision that will enhance your child’s unique personality and bring her joy for years to come.

Even if none of these names work for you, just looking through the list could spark your own imagination! 

We hope you have a fun experience and that finding a name will be easier than you expect.

So without further ado, let’s check out some great middle names for a girl named Olivia!

Assorted middle names for Olivia

  1.  Olivia Aaliyah
  2.  Olivia Alejandra
  3.  Olivia Belle
  4.  Olivia Brynn
  5.  Olivia Calliope
  6.  Olivia Corinne
  7.  Olivia Dalary
  8.  Olivia Drew
  9.  Olivia Elle
  10.  Olivia Emory
  11.  Olivia Faye
  12.  Olivia Frances
  13.  Olivia Gracie
  14.  Olivia Gwen
  15.  Olivia Hadassah
  16.  Olivia Hope
  17.  Olivia Iris
  18.  Olivia Ivanna
  19.  Olivia Jordyn
  20.  Olivia Juniper
  21.  Olivia Kaitlyn
  22.  Olivia Kamari
  23.  Olivia Lauryn
  24.  Olivia Liv
  25.  Olivia Macy
  26.  Olivia Madeleine
  27.  Olivia Natalie
  28.  Olivia Oaklyn
  29.  Olivia Phoebe
  30.  Olivia Quinn
  31.  Olivia Reese
  32.  Olivia Riley
  33.  Olivia Rose
  34.  Olivia Ruth
  35.  Olivia Samara
  36.  Olivia Sarai
  37.  Olivia Sky
  38.  Olivia Sylvie
  39.  Olivia Vera
  40.  Olivia Willow
  41.  Olivia Wynter
  42.  Olivia Ximena
  43.  Olivia Xiomara
  44.  Olivia Yaretzi
  45.  Olivia Zahra

Our favorite middle names are Sky and Rose, both monosyllabic colorful names that blend well with the elegant and classic sounding Olivia. But remember, these are our own personal favorites – now it’s time for you choose one that looks and sounds right for you.

The significance of a middle name 

Whereas a middle name is not legally necessary, it adds an extra dimension to your child’s personality. Until recently, middle names were considered more of an afterthought, but are now fast becoming standard with over 85% of American kids being given one (while 10% receive either two or three).

A middle name is handy at school if other kids share your first name. It sure helps out the teacher if there are three or four Peters or Marys in the classroom!

If you and your partner or spouse can’t decide on a name that seem just right, why not just stick two of them together! It makes an excellent compromise if you can’t agree on your child’s name, or find yourselves unable to choose between two favorites.

Having a cute middle name (or nickname) can provide your child with a convenient alternative ‘name option’ should they get bored with their first name when they get older.

Here are some more ideas to consider when picking a middle name that will be with them for a lifetime:

Cherishing family members and honoring your heritage

Middle names can have extra meaning if used to remember a dearly departed family member (or someone you hold in high esteem), and who you’d love to honor. 

If used to link children with their own family heritage or culture, a middle name has the power to tell a story about who they are and where they come from, and what kid doesn’t like having a story to tell?

Perhaps you have a grandparent or great grandparent whose name would make a great middle name for Olivia. Though it may have sounded traditional back in their day, it could sound fashionably trendy now.

You could even honor a family member without actually using their name! For example, if your mom’s favorite flower was a violet (she may even have had some in her wedding bouquet) why not consider Violet as a middle name for your daughter while remembering your mother through the floral connection? Just a thought!

Nickname Potential

A middle name ‘nickname’ can sound trendy, cool, powerful or cute, especially if it has a special meaning. Does it make others smile? Does it evolve in time with your child as he gets older? Make sure it isn’t the kind of name that other kids can make fun of in the schoolyard.

A middle names can sometimes set up your child perfectly with a nickname! Say their middle name is Dorothy, then friends could call them Dolly, Dora, Dot, etc. You get the point!

If you can spot a great potential nickname that goes with their middle name, why not use it? Variety is key, and having multiple options gives your child more potential nicknames to have fun with as they grow. 

The ‘yell-out-loud’ effect

For a child, nothing is more intimidating than the sound of mom or dad calling them ominously by their first, second and third names. Eg. ‘LIZZIE ALISON HICKSON – STOP PAINTING THE CAT NOW’. Any misbehaving child knows that when summoned by their full name, trouble won’t be far behind.

The principle of this commonly used ‘full name powerplay’ ticket could even become a golden opportunity to discover the middle name you’ve been looking for. Call your shortlist of names out loud (have fun trying this out on your partner!) till you hear the one that fits perfectly with your little one’s first and last names and, voila, you may finally unravel that elusive name!

Meaning Of The Name Olivia

Olivia is a Latin name meaning ‘olive tree’ and is also the female alternative to the boy’s name Oliver. 

In 2019, the fresh sounding, invigorating moniker Olivia became the #1 most popular name in the U.S.A., and remains an immensely popular name for girls in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Some nicknames for Olivia include Liv, Ollie, and Livie. All cheerful, playful nicknames for girls who are easy-going and optimistic.

Wrapping Up

Written by Neve Updated on June 23rd, 2022