57 Names That Mean Moon (Uncommonly Beautiful)

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Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on December 12th, 2023

Hello, soon-to-be parents! Let’s embark on an exploration of lunar names and names that mean moon, a blend of mystique and beauty inspired by our moon’s rhythmic cycle.

Selecting your baby’s name is an enchanting challenge. You’re seeking that perfect blend: a name that resonates with the moon’s tranquil presence yet captures its enigmatic charm. You’ve come to the right place for moon related names.

Together, we’ll dive into a curated list of names related to the moon, each echoing the moon’s serene power in its own unique way. Prepare to find a name that not only sounds melodious but also holds the profound essence of our celestial companion.

Girl moon names

  • Cynthia (Greek) – A name with Greek origins, Cynthia is an epithet of the moon goddess Artemis, exuding classic elegance and grace.
  • Diana (Roman) – Representing the Roman moon goddess, Diana is a name that speaks to timelessness and regal poise.
  • Fuyuko (Japanese) – Translating to “child of the winter moon,” Fuyuko is a name imbued with delicacy and poetic charm.
  • Hala (Arabic) – Meaning “halo around the moon,” Hala is a name that evokes delicateness and beauty.
  • Ilargi (Basque) – Simply meaning “moon,” Ilargi is a melodious and unique name.
  • Lua (Portuguese) – Similar to Luna, Lua is a moon-related name that’s beautifully simple and appealing for English speakers.
  • Lune (French) – A phonetic adaptation of the French word for moon, Lune is reminiscent of the word “June” with an ‘L’.
  • Mahina (Hawaiian) – An exotic yet easy-to-pronounce name, Mahina offers cultural richness and simplicity.
  • Neoma (Greek) – A modern and unique Greek name, Neoma means “new moon.”
  • Rhiannon (Welsh) – Derived from a Welsh goddess associated with the moon, Rhiannon is melodious and distinctive.

Boy moon names

  • Arun (Indian) – In Sanskrit, Arun means “dawn” or “sun,” but in some Indian cultures, it also associates with the moon, offering simplicity and depth.
  • Elbio (Spanish) – Meaning “he who comes from the beautiful moon,” Elbio is a name that’s both unique and poetic.
  • Gale (Irish) – Commonly meaning “foreigner,” Gale also carries connotations with the moon, blending simplicity and strength.
  • Jericho (Hebrew) – A biblical name, Jericho translates to “city of the moon,” embodying a strong historical essence.
  • Koray (Turkish) – Meaning “ember moon,” Koray is a name that radiates vibrancy and energy.
  • Mahir (Arabic) – In Arabic, Mahir means “skilled,” but in Turkish, it resonates with the moon, presenting an exotic and versatile choice.
  • Purnama (Indonesian) – Directly translating to “full moon,” Purnama is both unique and exotic.
  • Thoth (Egyptian) – Named after the Egyptian moon god, Thoth is an ancient and powerful name.
  • Wulan (Javanese) – Simply meaning “moon,” Wulan is a name that’s both beautiful and straightforward.

Unisex Names

  • Ay (Azerbaijani, Turkish) – A short and sweet name, Ay effortlessly means “moon.”
  • Badru (African) – Originating from an Egyptian name, Badru means “born during a full moon,” and is both rare and distinctive.
  • Indu (Sanskrit) – A simple yet meaningful name, Indu means “moon.”
  • Kuu (Estonian, Finnish) – Pronounced like “coo,” Kuu is an endearing and easy-to-say name.
  • Luna (Latin) – Popular and trendy, Luna is the Latin word for the moon.
  • Maan (Afrikaans, Dutch) – A straightforward and charming name, Maan is phonetically simple for English speakers.
  • Måne (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) – A Scandinavian name pronounced “moan-eh,” Måne is unique and accessible.
  • Oberon (English) – A regal name from Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ Oberon is also a moon of Uranus, blending regality with celestial charm.
  • Quacey (Scottish) – Meaning “moonlight,” Quacey is radiant and unique.
  • Selene (Greek) – The name of the Greek moon goddess, Selene is celestial and enchanting.
  • Yue (Chinese) – A simple and elegant name, Yue translates directly to “moon.”
  • Zelenia (Greek) – Meaning “moon” in Greek, Zelenia is charming and distinctive.

Moonlit Musings: Whimsically Crafted Names

In the spirit of creativity, we’ve conjured up these moon-inspired names, blending poetic grace with cultural nods. Let these be your muse for crafting a unique moniker for your little star!

  • Lunabelle – Combining ‘Luna’ (Latin for moon) with the delightful ‘belle’, this name is like a fairytale. It reminds me of Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” with its blend of beauty and intelligence.
  • SelenaDrew – Inspired by the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, and combined with the poetic ‘Drew,’ echoing the literary giant Drew Barrymore. This name speaks to those who admire strength and grace.
  • Galileo – After the famed astronomer who studied the moon, this name is perfect for your little explorer. It’s a nod to science, discovery, and the endless curiosity of a child.
  • Artemis – Named after the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, this name is perfect for a strong, independent spirit. It’s a homage to empowerment and resilience.
  • Calisto – A nod to one of Jupiter’s moons and a character from Greek mythology, this name resonates with the adventurous and the bold.
  • Phoebe – Another name for Artemis and also a moon of Saturn, Phoebe is a blend of celestial wonder and timeless charm, perfect for fans of “Friends” and classic literature.
  • Diana – The Roman equivalent of Artemis, this name also honors the beloved Princess Diana, symbolizing grace, compassion, and a strong will.
  • Juliet – Inspired by one of Uranus’s moons and Shakespeare’s enduring heroine, this name is for those who dream of love, passion, and drama.
  • Orion – Although known as a constellation, Orion’s close relationship with the moon in mythology makes it a stellar choice for a little boy with his eyes on the stars.
  • Cordelia – One of Uranus’s moons and a character from Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” this name speaks to both the heavens and the depths of literary richness.
Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on December 12th, 2023

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