Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2019 (because you’re worth it!)

Even if you’re completely on board with pregnancy being one of the most wonderful times of your life, there are things that are a drag for all moms. Finding solid ways to solve those problems will really help you enjoy (or just survive!) the experience. Trying to get a good night’s sleep with your expanding belly is one that almost all moms-to-be struggle with at some point.

Do I need a Pregnancy Pillow?

In a word, no. You do have the option to fight with three or four pillows or to just be plain uncomfortable. We don’t recommend it, though. You are precious, mamma! Look after yourself now, because trust me when your little one arrives, you’ll probably find that your own needs go out the window. Sad but true. So before that happens, look after yourself. Splash out on some lovely organic stretch mark cream, invest in some comfy, orthopedic preggo-shoes, and yes, in my humble opinion, get yourself a decent pregnancy pillow.

Many moms deal with back and hip pain from the extra weight of the baby pulling on the spine as they go through their day. That can make falling asleep difficult since all of that discomfort will haunt you at night. You’ll probably find that you also get tired more easily, which makes being able to sleep extremely important—both for your own sanity and baby’s development.

Finding a comfortable sleeping position can be a trial for a new mom. You’ll likely find that you spend most of your pregnancy sleeping on your side. If you’re not naturally a side-sleeper, the adjustment can be awkward. You can end up spending more time fighting with a bunch of pillows than you do actually sleeping.

types of pregnancy pillows

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows are designed to cradle your body and have the right height and firmness to support your belly and back, as well as relieve pressure from your hips and soothe your spine.

There are several different types of pregnancy pillows. The most comfortable and supportive pillows tend to be J-shaped, C-shaped, or U-shaped, and these are what are generally preferred by most moms—whether it’s their first pregnancy or fifth. Next up are wedge pillows, these are designed to support just your belly or back. These can be good options for people on a budget or for people who travel often. And finally, for people who can’t sleep any other way except tummy-down, there are some innovative pillows that let you do just that, though they tend to be pricey!

Now for the important part: which pillow is a good pillow? We’ve singled out some of our favorites to help you find the best one for you. Happy sleeping!

Our Top Picks

Best C, J, and U-shaped Pregnancy Pillows

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

This C-shaped pillow comes in several different colors and has a special crook at the top to tuck your head in to make sure your neck stays supported. You can flip the pillow to sleep facing in either direction, depending on whether you need more back or belly support and the pillow is flexible enough to accommodate both tall and short moms while providing exceptional comfort.

If you’re a traveling mom, Leechco makes a special travel bag for their Snoogles. Another bonus is that it doesn’t take up too much room in the bed, so it won’t crowd out a partner or your pets.

The pillow cases don’t have a zipper, and one of the most common issues can be that they’re frustrating to get on and off—especially in the later stages of pregnancy. If you have a partner to help wrangle your pillow for you, this may not be a concern.

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Puredown C-Shaped Maternity/Pregnancy Contoured Body Pillow

Available in blue and beige, Puredown’s pillow has a 300 thread count stain-resistant cotton cover that zips off to wash. Inside, the filling is hypoallergenic. This pillow is angled to support your head and to also tuck between your knees to get your hips and spine into a healthier, more comfortable alignment while you’re sleeping. The nice size and angles are suitable for sleeping on either side of the pillow and still receiving the support you need for a good rest.

Some moms found that the filling bunched up over time, but you can fluff it loose again. In the later months of pregnancy, you may want a partner or friend to help you fluff it up again, since the 56” length may be tiring to work with for you.

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Cheer Collection Hypoallergenic Premium Total Body J-Shaped Pillow

Cheer Collection offers J-shaped and U-shaped down-alternative pregnancy pillows made of microfiber, so you can choose your favorite shape. They have easy on and off cotton-polyester blend covers with a zipper at one end so you can keep them clean without having to deal with a long zipper that might scratch.

These pillows are comfortable enough that you may find your partner is sneaking naps with it themselves, and they can make great long term pillows for people with back, hip, or neck pain, even when you’re not pregnant. They also offer good temperature control, so you won’t overheat at night.

These pillows may be a little firm for some moms, but for the most part, they’re nice and snuggly.

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Queen Rose Unique U-Shaped Full Body Support Pillow

Queen Rose’s U-shaped pillow comes in a variety of colors, including a blue and pink two sided version. They’re comfortable for moms of most heights and only take up about a third of a queen-sized bed, so if you’re sleeping with a partner or pets, they should have plenty of room to share.

The cover is pure cotton and zips off for washing.

Most moms find the pillow nice and fluffy while being supportive, but some think it’s too soft, while for others it’s too hard. One possible fix for those problems is to try leaving it out of the packaging for a few hours and fluffing it before you use it. Depending on how you like to sleep, the pillow may be short for you, and some moms might find the cover difficult to put back on after washing.

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Best Wedge Pregnancy Pillows

Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

The Hiccapop is a wedge pillow that has soft memory foam on one side and support foam on the other side, so you can adjust your comfort level by flipping it. It can be used for your belly, knees, or as back support. The cover is very soft and easily washable, and the pillow comes with its own carrying bag, making it great for moms who travel. The foam layers are perforated to allow for better airflow, so if you’re a hot sleeper, that should help keep you cooler and comfier.

It’s almost hard to find a bad thing to say about the Hiccapop. Unless wedge pillows just aren’t the right pillow to make your pregnancy comfortable, or you really wish they came in more colors, most moms love theirs.

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Poraty Adjustable Pregnancy Back Support Pillow

This pillow is two fluffy wedges linked by a flat cloth section that you can adjust to change the level of support through changing the distance from your body each wedge rests. The linking cloth helps keep both wedges against your body while you sleep, so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night with your wedge having slid out from under your belly.

The cotton cover is washable and does not use a zipper. The inside cover is breathable, which helps keep you from overheating, and the stuffing is durable.

Since it’s smaller than full body pillows, but still offers support for both back and belly, moms with less room in the bed will appreciate the compact size, as will moms who need to travel with their pillows. It also lets you use the pillow you normally sleep on as far as your head’s concerned.

Some moms didn’t think the pillow was soft enough. If you need a lot of support, that could be a good thing, but if you’re looking for a squishier pillow, this might not do the trick.

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Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow

More than a wedge, but not quite a full body pillow, this comma-shaped pillow can be used in several different positions, depending on where you need support the most. Some moms love having a couple of them to create the perfect nest for getting an excellent night’s sleep. It’s small enough to travel easily, too.

The soft jersey cover is removable, and both it and the pillow can be tossed into the wash.

If other pillows tend to be too hard, this one may be right for you. For some moms, it’s a little too soft, but most really enjoy having a nice, cushy pillow to hug or tuck anywhere that aches.

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Best Stomach Sleeping Pregnancy Pillows

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow

If you’re a determined tummy sleeper and can’t get used to side sleeping, Cozy Bump is designed to let you sleep on your belly throughout your pregnancy. It has a round cut out section to tuck your baby bump into. Some moms enjoy using it for brief periods of relief while others swear by it for their nightly rest. They come in blue and pink.

This is an inflatable pillow, so you’ll need a pump. Being inflatable, there’s always a chance that the pillow can rupture or leak, but the manufacturer has an exchange policy to cover that.

If you’re tall, you may find the pillow less comfortable than shorter moms. Some moms also found it uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Price: $$$$

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Naomi Home Body Pillow

With gusseted neck and shoulder area  and a pleasant array of colors, the Naomi Home Pillow is another option for stomach sleepers. It also uses a cut-out to rest your belly in but also has an impression in it so that you’re not laying on your tender breasts.

This pillow supported by inner curve and keeps baby elevated while the mother is back cushioned . Has a zipper to remove the cover for separate washing.

Price: $$

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