50 Quaint Middle Names for Quinn

Written by Neve Updated on June 24th, 2023

Getting ready to welcome your bundle of joy into the world but feeling stuck for a middle name? Fear not! We’ve compiled a list of names that will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

Quinn is a classic name, perfect for both boys and girls and, like most Irish names, is steeped in history and meaning.

Picking a perfect name can be a tough decision for any parent, but whoever said you have to choose just one? Why not give your little prince or princess several to play with?   

Here’s our middle name list for all the Quinns out there to make it easier for you. So check out our options and hopefully you’ll find a favorite!

Middle names for boys named Quinn

  1. Quinn Aaron
  2. Quinn Beau
  3. Quinn Caleb
  4. Quinn Davis
  5. Quinn Duncan
  6. Quinn Easton
  7. Quinn Felix
  8. Quinn Grayson
  9. Quinn Harris
  10. Quinn Isaac
  11. Quinn Jameson
  12. Quinn Kaiser
  13. Quinn Lawrence
  14. Quinn Maddox
  15. Quinn Nikolai
  16. Quinn Onyx
  17. Quinn Phillip
  18. Quinn Quinton
  19. Quinn Thomas
  20. Quinn Ulises
  21. Quinn Valentin
  22. Quinn Wallace
  23. Quinn Xander
  24. Quinn Yosef
  25. Quinn Zander

Middle names for girls named Quinn

  1. Quinn Aaliyah
  2. Quinn Anika
  3. Quinn Briana
  4. Quinn Celeste
  5. Quinn Delaney
  6. Quinn Estelle
  7. Quinn Felicity
  8. Quinn Frances
  9. Quinn Gabrielle
  10. Quinn Heidi
  11. Quinn Holland
  12. Quinn Isabelle
  13. Quinn Jaycee
  14. Quinn Kallie
  15. Quinn Liberty
  16. Quinn Madeleine
  17. Quinn Noemi
  18. Quinn Oakley
  19. Quinn Paige
  20. Quinn Reese
  21. Quinn Savanna
  22. Quinn Tori
  23. Quinn Wren
  24. Quinn Yara
  25. Quinn Zara 

Our favorite middle name for a boy named Quinn is Zander, a short version of Alexander meaning ‘defender of men’.
For a little girl we think the name Felicity provides a natural and enchanting ring that complements Quinn just perfectly.
Felicity is a feminine name of Latin origin meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘good fortune’. 
Of course, these are just our favorites. Be sure to pick the one that looks and sounds perfect for you!

The importance of a middle name

A middle name can have lots of meaning and become part of your child’s identity. Having said that, they can also choose to use it or not when they grow up.

When opting for a middle name, keep your intention in mind. Is it to honor a family member or loved one? Are you looking for a name that represents your heritage or culture? Or will you just be happy with something that sounds good between your child’s first and last names?

Although a middle name is optional it can single out your little angel from other kids with the same given name and surname, so let’s help you get started! 

Honoring family members & ancestors

Middle names have always been used as a way of upholding the family name or preserving cultural heritage. Selecting a middle name for your child that honors a departed grandparent, or to uphold a piece of historic family significance, can be a fun way for them to stay linked with their ancestry. 

You might even consider tracing some of your family tree to find a descendant with an out of the ordinary, attractive name to give your child a sense of history.

Did you know there are ways to honor family members without actually using their name? Say your mother’s favorite gemstone was amber (perhaps she wore an amber pendant all her life), why not consider Amber as a middle name for your daughter, Quinn, while remembering mom through the gemstone connection?

Middle name to nickname

Kids love nicknames. And parents love coming up with them (at least, I know I do!). Giving your child a middle name that can also double as a nickname is a guaranteed way to make sure they’ll always love it.

If you choose Elizabeth for your daughter’s middle name, she could go by Liz, Lizzie, or Betty. If it’s Caroline, that could become Caro or Carrie. The possibilities are endless.

Nicknames usually arise within small groups of kids and can become powerful symbols of how your child is viewed within that circle. With children, having a nickname can help form a confidential bond as their nicknames are known only to others within the group, creating a mood of trust and friendship.

A nickname can also lighten the mood and show others that we’re up for a laugh while sounding cool, powerful, and trendy!

A parents’ stop-them-in-their-tracks ploy!

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a wayward child more than the classic ‘full name’ warning. Remember how it felt when you got into trouble and mom or dad addressed you by your full first, middle and last name? “Chrissie Rebecca Cooper – stop painting the cat pink”! 

We all know that the use of a child’s full name wields great force and that nothing grabs a rebellious kid’s attention faster than the old ‘full name powerplay’ card. 

This could even become a great way of discovering a middle name for Quinn. Whatever names you’ve got, try calling them out one after the other in the style of the ‘full name powerplay’. See how they sound together with first and last names. The one that slips off your tongue easiest may be the winner you’ve been looking for!

Meaning of the name Quinn

Quinn is a gender neutral name of Irish Gaelic origin meaning ‘wisdom’, and ‘one who follows the leader’, and has achieved a steady rise in popularity since the early 2000s.

Wrapping up

Did you find the perfect middle name for Quinn on our list? If not, then maybe it’ll give you some ideas to get your brains going! If nothing else, use it as a starting point to trigger your imagination on your personal adventure to unearth the magical name you’ve been looking for.

Happy hunting!

Written by Neve Updated on June 24th, 2023