47 Lively Middle Names for Lucas

Lucas names like no others

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022

Having chosen an exceptional name for your son, perhaps you’re still searching for a middle name that fits comfortably with Lucas.

Opting for a middle name can sometimes prove awkward, as it has to blend effortlessly with the first name and sound tailor-made when spoken (or written) with first and last.

To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of names we think go perfectly with Lucas, so without further ado just scroll through our well-researched list and see what you can find.

Middle name ideas for boys called Lucas

Repeat aloud while browsing and magic could happen!

  1. Lucas Ahmir
  2. Lucas Aiden
  3. Lucas Alec
  4. Lucas Alistair
  5. Lucas Ashton
  6. Lucas Barrett
  7. Lucas Bjorn
  8. Lucas Blake
  9. Lucas Braxton
  10. Lucas Callum
  11. Lucas Calvin
  12. Lucas Cedric
  13. Lucas Cory
  14. Lucas Danny
  15. Lucas Darren
  16. Lucas Davis
  17. Lucas Dean
  18. Lucas Derrick
  19. Lucas Dominic
  20. Lucas Duncan
  21. Lucas Finnley
  22. Lucas Ford
  23. Lucas Gideon
  24. Lucas Grey
  25. Lucas Hunter
  26. Lucas Issac
  27. Lucas Jacob
  28. Lucas Jaxon
  29. Lucas Kalel
  30. Lucas Kendrick
  31. Lucas Kody
  32. Lucas Kristopher
  33. Lucas Leighton
  34. Lucas Levi
  35. Lucas Liam
  36. Lucas Maddox
  37. Lucas Malachi
  38. Lucas Marcus
  39. Lucas Nikolai
  40. Lucas Phillip
  41. Lucas Reuben
  42. Lucas Rhys
  43. Lucas Riggs
  44. Lucas Ryker
  45. Lucas Trace
  46. Lucas Trent
  47. Lucas Ulises

My favorites are Alistair (from Scottish, meaning ‘defender of the people’), and Dean (from old English, meaning ‘valley’). Both strike a good balance while adding a fun spin to the classic-sounding name Lucas. 

Now it’s time for you to go ahead and pick out the name(s) that sound best to you.

Why a middle name is significant

80% of today’s kids now have a middle name as compared with the 30% of a hundred years ago. Though a middle name is not legally necessary, there are countless benefits to choosing one for your child. 

For one thing, it can personalize his name more when honoring a family member, friend, or even place which has played a vital part in your lives.

A middle name can single out your child from others with the same first name or even offer him an alternative option if he gets bored with his first name as he gets older (yes, it sometimes happens!)

If parents struggle to agree on a first name, or if they’d like more than one, a middle name can be the perfect diplomatic solution.

Honoring family members or descendants

If you’re thinking of honoring a late family member, a good way to start would be to explore your ancestry records. You may discover a great great grandparent with a name just perfect for your child. Not only would this keep you connected with your family tree, but, while the name may have been fairly common then, it might sound thoroughly trendy now.

Showing our feelings to loved ones can sometimes be difficult, but what better way to say ‘I love you’, than by passing on their name to your child, like a little piece of family history?

Many parents now buck the trend and look outside the family for middle name ideas. Godparents or friends who’ve played a major role in your life could work – as could an inspirational political or spiritual leader, author, composer, musician, or actor.

Sometimes a mom can create a closer link between family members by using her maiden name as the child’s middle name, hence reinforcing the family tree.

What’s in a nickname?

is, or even Critt…

Kids generally create nicknames for each other in small play groups, each name coming to represent how the child is viewed within the circle. This often grows into the intimacy of friendship and trust – especially important when breaking down barriers with others.

Nicknames also play a huge part in the classroom if your child shares his first name with a few other classmates. A teacher will be more than happy to refer to kids by their nicknames when confronted by two or three Patricks or Catherines at question time!

Full name power-play

As you look through your list of potential middle names, we suggest you call them out aloud, one by one, along with your child’s first and surnames. This will help you consider whether they sound melodious together. Hearing names like this can make it easier to make the right choice.

Names also work better together if the the middle one differs in syllable count, so pair a longer name like Christopher with a short middle one (like Max), or vice versa.

Who can forget hearing mom or dad calling us out by our first, middle, and last name whenever we’d gotten into deep trouble? SIMON MARTIN ARMITAGE – STOP SPRAYING YOUR SISTER WITH THE GARDEN HOSE! The full name power-play approach always stops them in their tracks, pronto! 

So go ahead and enunciate those middle name options. We think you’ll soon find the one you’re looking for.

Meaning of the name Lucas 

The name Lucas means ‘bringer of light’ in Latin, while its biblical meaning is ‘luminous’, or ‘white’.

This is a name that announces a personality who attracts powerful ideas. The bearer of the name Lucas is said to be gentle, intuitive, cooperative, and even psychic.

In 2018 the name Lucas first entered the top 10 list of most popular names in America and now sits at #8.

Common nicknames for Lucas are Lou, Luca, Louie, and Luke.

Wrapping up

Although our list isn’t exactly exhaustive, we hope you’ve come across one or two names here that lend themselves to the ideas you have in mind. Otherwise it may inspire you to come up with some creative ideas of your own. Whatever happens, we wish you all the best with your brainstorming!

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022