53 Remarkable Middle Names for Ruby

Ruby names that will enrich the heart

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on February 14th, 2023

Having finally decided to name your daughter Ruby, don’t forget to stretch your imagination a little more while deciding on that equally important middle name.

To help you in your quest, we’ve sifted through endless databases and spoken with numerous parents of girls named Ruby in order to compile a list designed to trigger some ideas of your own in your search.

So without further delay, let’s browse through and see what we can find…

Middle name suggestions for Ruby

  1. Ruby Aaliyah
  2. Ruby Adaline
  3. Ruby Ainsley
  4. Ruby Aleah
  5. Ruby Alyssa
  6. Ruby Amelie
  7. Ruby Bethany
  8. Ruby Blair
  9. Ruby Blakely
  10. Ruby Braelynn
  11. Ruby Cataleya
  12. Ruby Catherine
  13. Ruby Celeste
  14. Ruby Chana
  15. Ruby Delilah
  16. Ruby Demi
  17. Ruby Denisse
  18. Ruby Diana
  19. Ruby Ellianna
  20. Ruby Ellie
  21. Ruby Elliot
  22. Ruby Ellison
  23. Ruby Francesca
  24. Ruby Freyja
  25. Ruby Gabriela
  26. Ruby Giana
  27. Ruby Hadassah
  28. Ruby Hadleigh
  29. Ruby Harlee
  30. Ruby Harmony
  31. Ruby Isabel
  32. Ruby Isla
  33. Ruby Ivanna
  34. Ruby Ivory
  35. Ruby Janiyah
  36. Ruby Jaycee
  37. Ruby Julie
  38. Ruby Kaia
  39. Ruby Kaydence
  40. Ruby Laura
  41. Ruby Leanna
  42. Ruby Madilynn
  43. Ruby Madison
  44. Ruby Margo
  45. Ruby Marie
  46. Ruby Marlee
  47. Ruby Mavis
  48. Ruby Naomi
  49. Ruby Noor
  50. Ruby Phoebe
  51. Ruby Sariyah
  52. Ruby Thalia
  53. Ruby Zhuri

Our favorite picks would have to be Madison (Biblical meaning: ‘gift from God’) and Thalia, a name of Greek origin, meaning ‘flourishing’ (and, from Hebrew, ‘dew from heaven’). These 3-syllable names add a measure of natural balance to the short and sweet-sounding Ruby.

Now you decide which one of the names on our list resonates for you…

How important are middle names?

Although middle names are not legally required, over 80% of our children are given one.

If a child’s first and last names are fairly traditional, a creative middle name is a foolproof way to enliven and personalize them, especially if representing a person or place significant to you as parents.

A middle name distinguishes your child from others with the same name, especially in the classroom, and also serves as a ‘back up’ name if they should ever grow to dislike their first name enough to adopt the middle one as their preferred name – (take our word for it, it happens!)

Honoring family members or ancestors

Passing on the name of a family member or dearly departed loved one as your child’s middle name is still the most popular way of keeping that person’s cherished memory intact.

Honoring an uncle, aunt, or grandparent (even a great grandparent!) can enable your child to stay connected with her cultural heritage, while helping your daughter feel emotionally tied to her family roots.

We know a number of moms who’ve chosen to use their own maiden name as their child’s middle name. This is a really popular way of keeping mom’s original name vibrant (especially if she had a hard time parting with it when getting married), and can help bring both families even closer together.

Or personalize your child’s name by honoring someone inspirational, like a dear friend, teacher, musician, or writer. Today there are no hard or fast ‘rules’ that require a particular choice when picking a middle name, so go ahead and be as creative as you like!

Do the initials work?

Be careful that your child’s initials don’t come across as a little embarrassing. Initials that spell out words needn’t necessarily be a stumbling block, as most can be quite harmless. 

On the other hand, sets that spell words like R.A.T. (Richard Adam Thompson), or C.O.W. (Christina Olivia Wilson) may give parents pause for thought, especially if clearly emblazoned on your unfortunate child’s gym singlet or school satchel.

The full name treatment

A formula that rarely fails when sifting through your list of candidates for a middle name is to call each of them aloud, one by one, to physically hear how they resonate with your child’s first and last names. 

We think that just seeing what they look like on the written page has far less impact as that of hearing them spoken out loud together. 

Remember when mom or dad yelled out our full name (first, middle, and last) whenever we’d crossed those ‘boundary’ lines? CAROLINE MILLIE BROOKMYRE – STOP SPRAYING YOUR LITTLE SISTER WITH THAT GARDEN HOSE AT ONCE! 

Sooner or later, you’ll be called upon to use the ‘full name power play’ option to grab their immediate attention, so be sure and choose a combination of names that both stops them in their tracks and doesn’t sound too clunky when yelled out across a busy playground!

Meaning of the name Ruby

Ruby is a famous girl’s name of Latin origin meaning ‘deep red precious stone’. It derives from the Latin word ruber, meaning ‘red’.

Girls named Ruby are said to have an extremely positive approach to life, are open-hearted, and have a sunny disposition.

Ruby is currently the 12th most popular girl’s name in England.

Wrapping up

So, what do you think of our list? While not totally all-encompassing, hopefully you’ll find the perfect middle name for Ruby that you’ve been looking for. Otherwise, why not let it be a starting point for some brainstorming of your own?

Happy name hunting, folks! 

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on February 14th, 2023