53 Most Attractive Middle Names for Amelia

Amelia names that sound alluring

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022

Congratulations on the choice of Amelia as your daughter’s elegant sounding name. 

With so many factors involved, choosing a name for your newborn is never simple, but, on the other hand, while fretting over endless essentials like diapers, toys, baby monitors, car seats, bottle warmers, etc., it’s easy to forget completely about that all-important middle name. 

If that’s the case with you, then don’t panic but relax and browse through the list we’ve compiled from chatting with parents of real Amelias and searching through countless databases and discussion forums.

Middle name ideas for girls called Amelia

  1. Amelia Aaliyah
  2. Amelia Addison
  3. Amelia Alexis
  4. Amelia Berkley
  5. Amelia Bethany
  6. Amelia Bexley
  7. Amelia Camille
  8. Amelia Carolyn
  9. Amelia Celeste
  10. Amelia Dani
  11. Amelia Daphne
  12. Amelia Denise
  13. Amelia Ellie
  14. Amelia Elliott
  15. Amelia Eloise
  16. Amelia Emily
  17. Amelia Felicity
  18. Amelia Frances
  19. Amelia Freya
  20. Amelia Gianna
  21. Amelia Grace
  22. Amelia Gwendolyn
  23. Amelia Hadassah
  24. Amelia Haylee
  25. Amelia Iliana
  26. Amelia Isabelle
  27. Amelia Ivy
  28. Amelia Jade
  29. Amelia Jasmine
  30. Amelia Jillian
  31. Amelia Kai
  32. Amelia Kaisley
  33. Amelia Kassidy
  34. Amelia Kate
  35. Amelia Lacey
  36. Amelia Leilani
  37. Amelia Lorelei
  38. Amelia Louise
  39. Amelia Madison
  40. Amelia Margo
  41. Amelia Melody
  42. Amelia Nathalie
  43. Amelia Noor
  44. Amelia Olive
  45. Amelia Paige
  46. Amelia Penelope
  47. Amelia Persephone
  48. Amelia Reese
  49. Amelia Rory
  50. Amelia Selene
  51. Amelia Shelby
  52. Amelia Valerie
  53. Amelia Zainab

Our favorite middle names for Amelia are Grace (from Latin, meaning ‘God’s grace’), and Jasmine, a fragrant flowering plant that symbolizes elegance and finesse. Both names enhance Amelia as they’re short, sweet, and feminine.

But these are only our picks — now you decide on one that looks and sounds right for you.

The significance of a middle name 

Although there are no hard or fast rules while picking one (in fact, they’re not legally necessary), over 80% of parents now give their kids a middle name.

If a child’s first and last names are fairly ‘ordinary’, a middle name is a great way to spice it up and personalize it, especially if it represents a person or place symbolic to you, the parents.

Having a distinctive middle name helps your child stand out, especially if others around her share the same first name.

A middle name can sometimes serve as a back up (or ‘safety net’) if a child grows to dislike their first name, in which case they’ll resort to using it as their preferred name.

Honoring a family member – keeping heritage intact

An exceptional way of honoring a loved one, whether it be a family member or someone very close to you, is by passing on their name (or even a variation of it) to your child as a middle name. 

Honoring a departed grandparent, aunt, or uncle helps your child remain in touch with his or her cultural background. You could opt for a middle name that pays tribute to your heritage while at the same time keeping your daughter connected to the family’s roots.

Maiden names can be beautiful. A way of honoring one side of the family that’s growing in popularity is to give mom’s maiden name to your daughter as a middle name. This can also strengthen the bond between both parents.

Have you thought about honoring the memory of a dear loved one without even using their name? We know someone whose favorite grandmother had a passion for poppies, had cultivated a little gardenful of the delicate little plants, and even made sure she had some in her wedding bouquet! Needless to say, our friend’s daughter now has Poppy as her middle name.

Nicknames and initials

Nicknames are usually short and informal, not taken too seriously, and generally used as a term of endearment. 

More importantly, nicknames usually arise among small groups of children, quickly becoming symbolic of how a child is viewed within that circle. Bonds of intimacy and trust can soon develop through the use of nicknames, leading to friendships that often extend into adulthood. 

As mentioned above, nicknames can be extremely useful at school, especially if the teacher has three or four little Williams or Penelopes to deal with simultaneously.

These days initials seem to follow us everywhere, and not just on towels and briefcases. So when choosing that middle name, take care that the initials don’t spell out anything embarrassing. 

For example, it won’t take long for the school bully to notice the initials of young Patrick Eamon Edwards (PEE) or Christine Olivia Walters (COW) displayed proudly on their gym bags!

Full-name powerplay alert!

Apart from writing out your different name choices, try calling them out verbally to hear how they actually resonate with first and last names. 

Remember how it felt when we heard mom or dad thunderously call us by our full names whenever our conduct was less than angelic? TERENCE ZACHARY GOLDSTEIN – STOP DRENCHING YOUR BABY BROTHER WITH THAT GARDEN HOSE AT ONCE. The full-name address never failed to stop us in our tracks.

So when practising calling out your potential names, make sure that, when holle

Meaning of the name Amelia

Meaning ‘tender goddess’ (Greek), and ‘trustworthy’ and ‘beautiful’ (Arabic), Amelia has been one of the top ten most popular names for girls in the U.S.A. for the past five years in a row. Much loved nicknames for Amelia are: Amy, Lia, Mel, and Millie.

The popularity of the name Amelia grew enormously when singer Joni Mitchell released her album, Hejira, in 1976. The track, Amelia, inspired by the renowned aviator Amelia Earhart, is still considered by many to be one of Joni’s classics.

Wrapping up

We hope you managed to pick a name from our list. If not, let it become a jump off point that sparks your own creative imagination till you come across the perfect moniker for your Amelia.

We wish you all the best with your middle name adventure!

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022