53 Trendy Middle Names for Theodore

Theodore names to savour

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on September 22nd, 2022

So you’ve settled for a beautiful first name for your child (Theodore) but haven’t decided on a middle name that goes with it just yet?

A middle name that’s really simple can add huge significance to your child’s name, especially if it bears a personal family connection.

We’ve searched through countless databases and chatted with parents of real Theodores to put together a list of names to help you find the one that suits your son perfectly. So without further ado, let’s browse through 53 great names for Theodore…

Middle names for Theodore

  1. Theodore Alec
  2. Theodore Alejandro
  3. Theodore Alexis
  4. Theodore Ali
  5. Theodore Arjun
  6. Theodore Arthur
  7. Theodore Asher
  8. Theodore Ashton
  9. Theodore August
  10. Theodore Benjamin
  11. Theodore Bjorn
  12. Theodore Boone
  13. Theodore Brady
  14. Theodore Braxton
  15. Theodore Briggs
  16. Theodore Brock
  17. Theodore Bruce
  18. Theodore Bryce
  19. Theodore Cain
  20. Theodore Caleb
  21. Theodore Carson
  22. Theodore Cayson
  23. Theodore Chaim
  24. Theodore Darius
  25. Theodore Davis
  26. Theodore Denver
  27. Theodore Dexter
  28. Theodore Emery
  29. Theodore Enzo
  30. Theodore Ephraim
  31. Theodore Ethan
  32. Theodore Ezekiel
  33. Theodore Felix
  34. Theodore Franco
  35. Theodore Garrett
  36. Theodore Genesis
  37. Theodore Graysen
  38. Theodore Hunter
  39. Theodore Izaiah
  40. Theodore Jasper
  41. Theodore Jaxon
  42. Theodore Kayson
  43. Theodore Keaton
  44. Theodore Lawson
  45. Theodore Leighton
  46. Theodore Martin
  47. Theodore Nico
  48. Theodore Peyton
  49. Theodore Ricky
  50. Theodore Stephen
  51. Theodore Turner
  52. Theodore Wayne
  53. Theodore Zayne

Our favorites are August (derived from the Latin Augustus, meaning ‘esteemed’ or ‘venerable’), and Enzo (Italian origin, meaning ‘ruler of the estate’). These two names are short and blend naturally with the classic sounding Theodore.

But that’s our opinion – now it’s your turn to decide which one, if any, stands out for you.

The importance of a middle name

Though not legally necessary, there are countless benefits in selecting a middle name (or names) for your son, especially as it personalizes your child’s name more.

  • A middle name can discern your child from others with the same first or second name, while providing her or him with the safety net of a ‘name option’ if they get bored with their first as they get older (it happens!)
  • Expanding a family member’s legacy, or even making your child’s name more stylish are more perks of having a middle name.
  • A middle name can sometimes provide the ideal diplomatic solution if parents find they can’t agree on a first name (or if both fancy more than one)!
  • How better to say, ‘I love you’, to a cherished, departed friend or relative than by passing on their name to your child as a middle name?

Honor a family member – preserve your heritage

Middle names that honor a lost loved one or family member are the classic way to preserve the memory of someone who has played a major role in your life. 

Checking your ancestry records could surprisingly help you come across a great great grandparent with a fascinating name that may just suit Theodore to perfection as a middle name. Even though it may sound antiquated, their name may actually sound super cool today!

Another fashionable way of preserving the family line is by giving moms maiden name to your child as a middle name. This strengthens the link between all family members while, at the same time, honoring moms former identity (especially if struggling tp part with her maiden name when getting married).

Your cultural background can also be an abundant source of inspiration. If you come from another country, consider turning to your homeland for middle name options, for instance, the name of the town or village you were born. This can lead to your child experiencing a genuine sense of connection to his family roots.

Having fun with a nickname

Nicknames are backup names, usually invented amongst kids, generally as expressions of endearment. We all love receiving affection and kindness and a sure-fire way to connect with a friend is by creating a ‘pet’ name for them. 

Nicknames offer a child a sense of trust, and friendship within a group, so we think it’s a great idea to offer them a middle name that’s full of the ‘nickname factor.’ Alexander could evolve into Alex, Xander, or Lex, while Madeline could develop as Maddy, Linn, or Mads.

Although nicknames can sound cool, trendy, and powerful, be careful the school bully can’t make fun of in the playground… Which, in turn, brings us to the issue of initials…

Sets of initials follow us around everywhere. Briefcases, towels, emails, etc. So make sure your child’s initials don’t spell out anything embarrassing. For example young Abigail Susan Sherman may wonder why the other kids are sniggering behind her back when they spot her initials (ASS) proudly displayed on her gym bag!

The full-name-out-loud remedy

If still undecided about which of your potential names work for little Theodore, why not try calling them out loud to see how they resonate with the first and last name? This is far more effective than just writing them down and reading them. 

Remember when mom or dad hollered our full name at us when we’d gotten into serious trouble? It sure grabbed our attention fast! 


So who’s to say that by calling your possible names out loud, you may just discover that elusive middle name you’ve been looking for

Meaning of the name Theodore

Theodore is a name of Greek origin meaning, ‘gift of God’, and is an abiding name with roots going back to ancient times. The name has remained intact throughout history without losing its luster, while two Roman Catholic popes have borne the name Theodore.

In 2020, Theodore was the 23rd most popular birth name in America.

Wrapping up

Not a bad list, eh? But these are just a few suggestions to get you started. With so many options, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect middle name for Theodore. Please let us know if we’ve helped you with your search.

Happy name hunting!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on September 22nd, 2022