53 Atmospheric Middle Names for Owen

Owen names that soar!

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022

Congratulations on choosing a beautiful name for your new baby. Selecting the perfect name for a child can sure be a bewildering task, with so many factors to consider.

After all the planning and shopping for strollers, baby wipes, diapers, cribs, car seats, etc., plus designing and painting the nursery, just make sure not to forget that all-important middle name!

We just love the delicate art of name-matching, so we’ve put together a list of potential middle names to help you decide what looks and sounds fabulous with Owen.

So without further ado, let’s plunge in and get those creative juices flowing.

Middle name suggestions for Owen

  1. Owen Adam
  2. Owen Ahmir
  3. Owen Alistair
  4. Owen Beau
  5. Owen Bjorn
  6. Owen Brady
  7. Owen Caleb
  8. Owen Calvin
  9. Owen Chandler
  10. Owen Dakota
  11. Owen Daniel
  12. Owen Davis
  13. Owen Easton
  14. Owen Eithan
  15. Owen Eli
  16. Owen Fletcher
  17. Owen Flynn
  18. Owen Franco
  19. Owen Grant
  20. Owen Grey
  21. Owen Greyson
  22. Owen Harvey
  23. Owen Henrik
  24. Owen Hezekiah
  25. Owen Issac
  26. Owen Izaiah
  27. Owen Jacoby
  28. Owen Jared
  29. Owen Kane
  30. Owen Keith
  31. Owen Kristopher
  32. Owen Lance
  33. Owen Lennox
  34. Owen Levi
  35. Owen Malachi
  36. Owen Marcos
  37. Owen Nicholas
  38. Owen Oliver
  39. Owen Onyx
  40. Owen Phillip
  41. Owen Quinn
  42. Owen Rafael
  43. Owen Reece
  44. Owen Rocco
  45. Owen Sam
  46. Owen Scott
  47. Owen Sean
  48. Owen Tony
  49. Owen Travis
  50. Owen Warren
  51. Owen Xzavier
  52. Owen Zachariah
  53. Owen Zeke

Our favorites are Fletcher (English origin: means ‘arrow maker’), and Philip (from Greek, meaning ‘lover of horses). Each look and sound naturally harmonious with the smooth sounding, two-syllabled Owen. 

But these are only our picks – now it’s time to tap into your own imagination and find one that looks and sounds right for you.

The importance of a middle name

100 years ago, 30% of children had middle names. Today the stats tell us that over 80% of kids are proud to sport one, while 10% have two or more.

Though not legally necessary, there are abundant reasons to give your child a middle name, as it can play an important role in a child’s life and greatly influence how they are seen by others. 

One use for a middle name is to distinguish your child from other kids who may share the same first (or last) name, or if a child should grow to dislike their first name (it happens!) as they get older, they could start using their middle name instead.

Honoring a family member

Middle names are a guaranteed way of honoring a dear departed family member or friend while at the same time letting your child feel part of his family heritage. A middle name lets a child stay connected to the family’s culture and stay bound to his roots. 

Look through your ancestral records to see if you can find a grandparent, uncle or aunt with an unusual or attractive name which, though revived from the past, might easily sound cool and trendy today. 

It’s becoming even more fashionable today for moms to pass on their maiden name to their child, honoring a whole side of the family and continuing the family tree.

You can also honor a loved one by remembering them through something that was dear to them; for instance, we have a friend whose deceased great grandma, Anne, had a lifelong attraction to roses, having cultivated over 20 species in her beautiful garden. Unsurprisingly, she chose Roseanne as her daughter’s middle name.

Apart from family or ancestors, if there’s someone who made a special impact on your life, be it a famous artist, musician, film star, book or film character, perhaps let them be the inspiration for your child’s middle name!

What about a nickname?

Who knows why kids love nicknames so much? Perhaps it’s because it makes them feel special and different, or because they just like having fun with them. 

Whatever the reasons, nicknames are here to stay, so it’s a smart idea to offer your child a nickname-packed option with their middle name. For instance, Charlotte would become Charley, Lola, Carly, or Chaz, while Richard could soon become Rich, Ricky, Rico, or Dick.

Nicknames enable our kids to lighten up and show their sense of humor. Used among peers they become tokens of trust, loyalty, and belonging; important attributes in the building of enduring friendships.

Nicknames also come in really useful in classrooms if the teacher is struggling with three or four little Natalies or Andrews!

The ominous ‘full-name warning’ remedy

As parents we reckon there’s no better way to grab your errant child’s attention than by saying their full name out loud with total conviction. What parent doesn’t (successfully!) use this age-old tactic from time to time? That’s why it’s essential to find a middle name that works with the others so that, when you call them out, not only does it sound good but it’s guaranteed to stop that kid in his tracks!

While making your choice, try repeating your kid’s first, middle, and last names loudly together. Consider how it sounds. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you uncover the perfect middle name.

Meaning of the name Owen

The name Owen hails from ancient Celtic (Welsh / Irish) roots and means ‘youthful’, or ‘noble’. It’s said that the personality traits of a boy named Owen is that he is expressive, optimistic, and inspiring.

The name Owen has been steadily increasing in popularity since 1995 and now sits at #22 in the list of most popular names in America.

Wrapping up

These are just a few middle name picks that we think chime best with Owen, though the list is certainly not the ‘be all and end all’. 

If you don’t find the right one here, be inspired to brainstorm a little more till you find the ideal middle name for your Owen.

We hope you enjoy the adventure!

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022