65+ Names That Mean Rock (Boy, Girl, Non-binary)

Names that sway between a rock and a hard place

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on June 23rd, 2023

Choosing an out-of-the-ordinary name can be hard, especially if you’re looking for names that mean rock!

Whether you want a name that symbolizes power and durability for your precious little bundle of joy – or because you’re simply a lifelong fan of rock’n’roll! – you’ve come to the right place.

For centuries, the world’s cultures have fashioned a wealth of names that mean rock, especially for parents who hope to see their children develop those elusive qualities of loyalty and integrity as they grow. 

We invite you to browse through our hand-picked list of names, both classic and modern, one of which could enable your child to feel secure and loved throughout his life.

Female baby names

Ailsa — [Scottish] “from Ailsa Craig, a granite rock formation in Scotland”
Amethyst — [Greek] “purple crystal often found in rocks”
Bryn — [Welsh] “hill or mound, rocky hill”
Cady — [Greek] “wet, helpful; rocky”
Capri — [Italian] “island with rocky cliffs in the Bay of Naples”
Dara — [Irish] “oak tree; rocky hill”
Gwendolyn — [Welsh] “blessed ring or circle; white, ring, rock”
Jade — [Spanish] “green gemstone often found in rocks”
Kailani — [Hawaiian] “sea and sky, combined with rock”
Laramie — [French] “tears of love, a rock formation in Wyoming”
Margarita — [Spanish] “pearl; also the name of a rock formation in Mexico”
Mica — [Latin] “shiny mineral often found in rocks”
Morwenna — [Cornish] “waves of the sea; white, fair, rock”
Ona — [Hawaiian] “graceful wave; also a rocky region in Hawaii”
Opal — [Sanskrit] “precious gemstone often found in rocks”
Pebbles — [English] “small, smooth stones often found on beaches or in rivers”
Petra — [Greek] “rock, stone”
Roxy — [Persian] “dawn, bright; also a type of rock”
Shale — [English] “type of rock formed from mud or clay”
Sierra — [Spanish] “mountain range; also a type of rock formation”
Skye — [Scottish] “island in Scotland with rocky cliffs”
Stone — [English] “hard, solid rock”
Terra — [Latin] “earth, land, ground”
Zara — [Hebrew] “princess; also a type of rock formation in Israel”
Zircon — [Arabic] “clear gemstone often found in rocks”

Male baby names

Alastair — [Scottish] “defender of the rock”
Basalt — [Latin] “volcanic rock”
Carraig — [Irish] “rock, stone”
Chisel — [English] “tool used for cutting rocks”
Cliff — [English] “a steep rock face”
Dwayne — [Irish] “little dark rock”
Flint — [English] “hard rock, used for making fire”
Gage — [French] “pledge, an object given as a guarantee (such as a rock)”
Geo — [Greek] “earth, rock”
Granit — [Turkish] “granite rock”
Haldor — [Norwegian] “rock of Thor”
Jagger — [English] “one who carries or cuts rocks”
Kairos — [Greek] “supreme moment, appointed time”
Kaya — [Japanese] “rock, cliff”
Lapis — [Latin] “rock, stone”
Neil — [Irish] “cloud or champion”
Onyx — [Greek] “black stone, often used in jewelry”
Petra — [Greek] “rock, stone”
Quade — [Irish] “the son of the warrior, the descendant of the warrior”
Rocco — [Italian] “rest, repose; rock”
Sela — [Hebrew] “rock, cliff”
Slate — [English] “fine-grained rock used for roofing and flooring”
Stone — [English] “hard, solid rock”
Taranga — [Maori] “rocks emerging from the sea”
Thor — [Norse] “thunder; the god of thunder and strength”

Unisex baby names

Azurite — [English] “blue mineral often found in rocks”
Canyon — [English] “deep, narrow valley with steep sides”
Chip — [English] “small piece of a rock or stone”
Coal — [English] “a combustible rock”
Granite — [English] “hard, coarse-grained rock made of quartz, feldspar, and mica”
Jasper — [English] “precious stone often found in rocks”
Kaimana — [Hawaiian] “power of the sea and stones”
Keystone — [English] “central wedge-shaped stone at the top of an arch”
Marble — [Greek] “metamorphic rock often used in sculpture and architecture”
Marley — [English] “pleasant seaside meadow; also a type of rock”
Mesa — [Spanish] “flat-topped hill with steep sides”
Obsidian — [English] “dark, volcanic glass formed from cooled lava”
Quartz — [English] “hard, crystalline mineral often found in rocks”
Ridge — [English] “long, narrow elevation of land with a rocky summit”
Rockwell — [English] “rocky spring or stream”
Rhyolite — [Greek] “volcanic rock with a high silica content”
Talus — [Latin] “sloping mass of rock debris at the foot of a cliff”
Tuff — [Italian] “volcanic rock formed from ash and lava”

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on June 23rd, 2023