Katelyn Holt, RN, BSN, BC

Katelyn Holt, RN, BSN, BC, is a cardiology nurse and medical writer. She has nine years of experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings, primarily focused on cardiac and medical-surgical care. She graduated with a BS in medical biology from the University of New England in 2006, and transitioned into an accelerated second-degree nursing program at Salve Regina University. She received her BSN in 2011.

Katelyn’s dual degrees have given her a strong background in medical research. She’s passionate about patient education, and feels strongly about the importance of helping patients understand the health care system in order to better achieve their goals. Her role as a mother of two has given her a passion for women’s health, lactation education, and support. She currently focuses on providing peer support to mothers, intending to eventually pursue the role of lactation consultant.

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