75 Eagle, Falcon or Hawk Names for Your New Baby

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Names based on nature and animals have found an important place in many cultures; often, it’s thought or implied that giving your child a name representative of an animal will endow them with its strengths. A name that means eagle, falcon, or hawk can be indicative of swiftness, cunning, and majesty, and can make a proud, strong moniker for your new little one.

Let your creativity take flight, and let’s read on!

Baby names meaning eagle

  • Adelar – This masculine Brazilian name means “noble eagle.”
  • Alfarinn – This eagle-minded name stems from Norse mythology.
  • Ancolie – While Ancolie the French word for columbine, it comes from the Latin word for “eagle.” Many people believe that these flowers resemble eagle claws.
  • Orenthal – Did you know that Orenthal was O.J. Simpson’s given name? The name stems from a Norwegian phrase. It means “valley of the eagles.”
  • Altair – This lovely masculine name comes to us from the Arabic language. It means “flying eagle.”
  • Wamblee – This masculine Sioux name means “golden eagle.”
  • Arnelle – Solidify your love of birds of prey with this feminine Germanic name. It means “eagle.”
  • Lazalea – Ancient Greek names like Lazalea are perfect for modern-day babes. This one means “eagle ruler.” It is an excellent option for parents that want to stay out of top baby name territory.
  • Hokioi – The Maori have reserved this name for indigenous New Zealanders. Hokioi means “eagle.”
  • Wamlisapa – Wamlisapa is a feminine Sioux given name. It means “black eagle.”
  • Oryol – Oryol is a standard Russian nickname. It means “eagle.”
  • Amoldina – This feminine German given name means “strength of an eagle.”
  • Adler – This old-timey male first name comes from the German word for “eagle.”
  • Soo-ri – The unisex Korean name comes from the element for “eagle.”
  • Makyah – This masculine indigenous name means “eagle hunter.”
  • Aladfar – Aladfar is the name of one of the stars in the constellation Lyra. It means “swooping eagle” in Arabic.
  • Wilny – The Sioux translate this name as “eagle singling while flying.” It’s a noble choice for any indigenous baby.
  • Bennu – The rare Egyptian name means “eagle.”
  • Sigmurg – In Persian mythology, Simurg is the name of a monstrous eagle.
  • Orlin – This name comes from the Bulgarian word for “eagle.”
  • Isarno – In German, Isarno means “iron eagle.”
  • Washi – This funky Japanese name means “ferocious eagle.”
  • Ard – Ard is a short yet sweet Dutch name. It stems from the Latin word for “eagle.”
  • Aren – Aren is a masculine English name with a bold meaning. This name translates to “eagle ruler.”
  • Aquila – Anguilla is a rarely utilized biblical name. It stems from the Latin word for “eagle.”
  • Arundel – This Old English name means “valley of the eagle.”
  • Anca – This Quechua name means “black eagle.”
  • Steller – Steller’s sea eagle is an interesting type of bird of prey.

Baby names meaning falcon

  • Ayah – The unisex Hebrew name means “falcon” or “vulture.”
  • Baze – Baze is a modern-sounding Armenian name. It means “falcon.”
  • Peregrine – The peregrine falcon is one of the well-known types of birds of prey. This name translates to “traveler.”
  • Talon – The French name is also the word for a bird of prey’s large claw.
  • Gavin – Gavin is a common English name. It means “white hawk.”
  • Aiah – The masculine Hebrew name is an anglicized version of Ayah. It means “falcon.”
  • Shahbaz – This radical-sounding Arabic name means “royal falcon.”
  • Kestrel – A kestrel is a group within the falcon family. It is derived from the French word for “rattle.” Some say the sound of a rattle resembles that of a falcon’s call.
  • Haytham – This mellow-sounding masculine name means “young falcon.”
  • Saqr – Saqr is a rarely used masculine Arabic name. It means “falcon.”
  • Shay – The English name means “hawk-like.”
  • Cetan – The Lakota translate this name as “spirit of the falcon.”
  • Baz – Baz is a Kurdish boys’ name. It means “falcon.”
  • Shaw– The rare Scottish Gaelic name means “young hawk.”
  • Haru – In Egyptian Mythology, Haru is the falcon-headed son of Isis.
  • Harcourt – Harcourt means “falconer.”
  • Bahrain – Bahrain is the Uzbeki name for “peregrine falcon.”
  • Aquillus – This once-popular Roman name comes from the Latin Aquila, meaning “eagle.”
  • Chunying – The unisex Chinese name comes from the elements for “spring,” “lustrous,” “falcon,” and “flower.”
  • Karsa – The rare Hungarian name means “one who looks like a falcon.”
  • Chaytan – Chaytan is a traditional name of the Lakota people. It means “falcon” or “hawk.”
  • Cheglok – This masculine Russian name means “falcon.”
  • Merlin – Merlfins are falcons that are native to the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Falk – Falk is a relatively common Dutch baby name. It is derived from the word Dutch word for “falcon.’
  • Akos – In Turkish, this masculine name means “white falcon.”

Baby names meaning hawk

  • Astor – This rare English surname comes from the Occitan word for “hawk.” This name is fitting for both girls and boys.
  • Hawk – Hawk is a perfectly suitable male given name. This bird of prey is known for its fierce hunting skills and bravado.
  • Ezio – This enticing Greek name means “hawk.”
  • Haukr – This masculine given name comes from the Old Norse word for “hawk.” It was a common name in Ancient Scandinavia.
  • Circe – In Greek mythology, Circe is the daughter of Helios. Her name comes from the Latin word for “hawk.”
  • Katsutaka – As per Japanese tradition, this name has many translations. The suffix means “hawk,” and the prefix means “victory.”
  • Youki – Youki comes from the kanji for “hawk” and “expensive.”
  • Hawkeye – This unisex English name refers to one who is very observant. It is a heavy choice for a given moniker. However, Hawk would make an excellent nickname.
  • Iolani – This exotic Hawaiian name translates to “exalted hawk.”
  • Agak – This feminine African name means “hawk.”
  • Seaghdha – This is a traditional Gaelic surname that means “hawk.”
  • Helo – Helo is a masculine Kurdish name. It means “hawk.”
  • Cetanwakuwa – This lengthy Sioux name means “attacking hawk.”
  • Agak – This traditional African name means “hawk.” It is a feminine first name.
  • Seaghdha – This is a Gaelic surname that means “hawk.”
  • Helo – Helo is a masculine Kurdish name. It means “hawk.”
  • Cetanwakuwa – This intense Sioux name means “attacking hawk.”
  • Ajah – Ajah is a masculine Hebrew name that means “hawk.”
  • Falco – This spunky German name translates to “hawk.”
  • Horus – Horus is the name of a well-known character from Greek mythology. Horus is often depicted with a hawk’s head and a man’s body.
  • Khartsaga – Khartsaga is a masculine Mongolian name. It means “hawk.”
  • Hauksteinn – You would be hardpressed to find someone named Hauklestinn outside Iceland. The word “hawk” is built right into this clever moniker.
  • Kuira – Kuira is a Chechen name that means “hawk.”
  • Gwain – Gwain is an Old English name that comes from the Welsh word for “hawk.”
  • Gwalchmei – Gwalchmei is a masculine given name. It comes from the Welsh elements for “hawk” and “May.”
  • Shea – Shea is a unisex Irish name. This name is an anglicized version of a Gaelic surname that means “hawk.”
  • Shaylyn – Shae means “hawk,” and Lynn means “lake. Therefore, this traditional English name means “hawk-like lake.”
  • Dilbaz – This feminine Kurdish name means “hawk” or “falcon.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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