Emily Polash

Emily Polash

Emily Polash is a superb writer and editor from a small(ish) town in Pennsylvania. She’s also an awesome mom to four young kids, two cats, one anxious dog, and seventeen chickens. In our opinion, that makes her a veritable expert in family life; few others can maintain such moments of calm amidst the daily whirlwind of hyperactive humans and neurotic animals.

She has a degree in English Literary Studies because she wanted to spend her time at college reading and writing about fiction. One day she’ll write that book!

For now, though, with a couple of kids off to school, she has time to write with warmth and insight about real-life, less-than-perfect parenting and all that comes with it. Emily brings to bear her extensive parenting experience and deep knowledge of child development.

When she’s not busy taking orders from her two-year-old, she’s reading, cooking, or spending time outside.

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