75 Healer Names for Your Baby

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

When we think of a healer, we think of someone who restores us physically, mentally, or spiritually; someone trusted and benevolent who makes the world a better place. These are beautiful qualities for a child to aspire to, and names that mean healer or healing have found a place in cultures across the world for centuries.

While some healer names are words which mean healer or healing in their language of origin, others are namesakes of famous healers and deities associated with healing and wellness throughout history.

Let’s dive in. 

Male baby names

  • Gaku — The Japanese word gaku means “comfort” and “ease.” Surely, these are the characteristics of a potential healer.
  • Bliant — Those who’ve read the stories of King Arthur may recognize this name which means “healer.”
  • Josiah — This Hebrew name means, “God has healed.”
  • Rephaiah — Rephaiah is the biblical word for “the lord’s medicine.”
  • Ase — This short and sweet boy’s name means “doctor” or “healer” in the Hebrew language.
  • Salman — The Arabic word for “safety” and “security” conjures up rich images of healing.
  • Darman — The Muslim Arabic name DArman means “cure” or “treatment.”
  • Onangwatgo —The Oneida people had a chief that went by the name Onangwatgo. This name meant “big medicine” in the Oneido language.
  • Chiron — Chiron was a centaur from Greek mythology. He was capable of healing others.
  • Tahlag — This name means “medicine” in Balochi.
  • Jay — The shortened version of the name Jason makes for a fun modern boy’s name. Another variation is Jace.
  • Daiji — This common Indian and Buddist name means “great compassion.”
  • Jason — The name is derived from the Greek word for “healing.”
  • Domagoj —The semi-popular Croatian name is derived from two separate Slavic words. They translate to “home” and “heal.”
  • Glanis — This Gaulish god guarded a healing spring in southern France.
  • Wong — Wong Tai Sin was an ancient Chinese deity with the power to heal others.
  • Eijaz — The Arabic name means “blessing” or “miracle.”
  • Raphael — In Hebrew, the name Raphael means “God has healed.” There are many alternative spellings and versions of this name, including Raffiel, Raphy, and Raphaella.
  • Aeson — Aeson is a man of mythological feats. He was healed of old age when he was gifted a second youth.
  • Grannus — The Celtic god of healing is often depicted at outdoor spas.
  • Eirny — The Scandinavian name Eirny means “new healing.”
  • Arpachshad — This ancient Jewish name is known to mean “healer” or “helper.”
  • Keller — Keller translates to “winemaker” or “cellar” in German. However, in this case, we borrowed the name from the great disability rights activist, Helen Keller.
  • Sigmund — What better healer of the human mind is there than Sigmund Freud? This masculine first name is borrowed from the founder of psychoanalysis.
  • Hippocrates — He is one of the prominent figures in the history of medicine. In fact, today’s doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath because of him.
  • Asclepius — Asclepius was the Greek god of medicine and doctors. This ancient name is perfect for a budding healer.
  • Eliashib —Eliashib was the name of a high priest in the bible. This name means “God heals.”
  • Krishna — In the Hindu religion, Lord Krishna is a powerful healer of mankind.
  • Haelan — The English name means “healer.”
  • Maponus — The Gaulish deity is said to be a protector of a magical healing spring.
  • Galen — Galen was the name of one of the most well-known physicians of the Roman Empire.
  • Asklepios — He was the god of medicine and doctors. He was also an ancestor of one of the founding members of an ancient guild of doctors.
  • Hyginus — Will you be the one to revive this ancient Greek name? It translates to “one who is healthy.”
  • Hakym — In Islam, this name means “one who is a wise healer.”
  • Heilwig —This rarely used German name means “healthy” and “war.”
  • Ken’ichi — The Japanese translation for this name is “healthy one.”
  • Balint — In Hungarian, this name means “health and love.”
  • Asvin — The Hindus consider Asvin to be the god of medicine.
  • Boota — Boota is a healing plant that is native to Indi a.
  • Eshmun — This is the name of the Phonecian god of healing and medicine. He is also known as Asklepios.
  • Diancecht — In Ireland, Dian Cecht is considered the god of healing.
  • Nostradamus — Nostradamus was a reputable French physician. His predictions of the future are often speculated.
  • Errapel — The Hebrew name means “divine healer.”
  • Arpachshad l — This uncommon Hebrew name means “healer.”

Female baby names

  • Artemis — Artemis may be the goddess of hunting, but she also is renowned for her healing powers.
  • Vaidya — This is the Sanskrit word for “doctor.” In India, it is a common title for Ayurvedic practitioners.
  • Aceso or Akeso —She is the goddess of healing, known for her ability to eradicate wounds and illnesses.
  • Jasmine — Jasmine is a plant that’s known to heal.
  • Altha —The Greek used this name to refer to a healing herb. A few fun variants of the moniker include Alta and Althea.
  • Cedrina — Cedrina is another name for lemon verbena, a type of healing mint.
  • Osane — Osane means “cure” or “remedy.” It is Basque.
  • Brigitte — If you’re looking for a meaningful Irish girl’s name, why not go with that which belongs to the patron saint of healing. Alternative spellings include Brigid and Bridget.
  • Shafiyah —This incredibly popular Iranian name means “she who helps or heals others.”
  • Carmenta — Carmenta was the Roman goddess of childbirth. She represented the midwives.
  • EuIycleia — Being that she was the nurse and servant of Odysseus, Eurcleia is a renowned healer and caregiver.
  • Peony — The roots of this delicate flower are used in a wide range of traditional Chinese medicines.
  • Emma — The Germanic translation for this word is “universal.” Still, many interpret the name to mean “healer of the universe.”
  • Yasmeen — This is the French version of the name Jasmine. It is a healing flower.
  • Halimah or Halima — While Halima does not translate to “healer,” this Arabic name does mean “patient” and “generous.” It’s a lovely name for any baby girl expected to heal or help others.
  • Evie — What better name for a healer is there than one which means “life?” Evie is derived from Latin. It is a popular feminine first name for Jewish women.
  • Sage — Many Native American tribes burn this healing herb during spiritual rituals.
  • Dhanvantari —The Dhanvantari mantra for healing is a powerful one. After all, she is the Hindu goddess of health.
  • Hygieia — Do you see parts of the word hygiene in this name? That’s because this was the name of the Greek god of cleanliness and health.
  • Heka — Heka is the Egyptian word for magic and medicine.
  • Abella — In Hebrew, this name means “breath of life.” The masculine alternative is Abel.
  • Anemone — This particular flower specimen is known for its healing capabilities.
  • Kyana — In Arabic, the name Kyana means “one with great fortune or health.”
  • Remei — This Catalan name comes from the Greek name Remedios. It means “remedy.”
  • Bethesda — The Pool of Bethseda is a waterway of mythical proportions. In the bible, Jesus takes water from the pool and uses it as a tool to heal a paralyzed man.
  • Remedios — The name means “remedy” in Spanish. Across Spain, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries, the Virgin Mary is often referred to as “Our Lady of Remedies.”
  • Ixchel — In Mayan mythology, Ixchel is the goddess of earth, the moon, midwifery, and medicine. In the Dresden Codex, she appears as an older woman with jaguar ears and a snake on top of her head.
  • Eir — She was the Norse goddess of healing and medicine.
  • Agas — This traditional English name means “medicine.”
  • Elthia — Elthia is an uncommon English name that means “healer.”
  • Sarmi — Sarmi offers mankind peace, harmony, and health.

Unisex baby names

  • Fewesi — In the Amharic vernacular, this name means “to heal.”
  • Harune — Harune is a Japanese name that comes from the word haru, which means “springtime” and “to heal or cure.”
  • Reiki —The Japanese healing art of Reiki is popular around the world.
  • Lee —Lee is yet another Celtic name that means “healer.”
  • Leigh — The Celtic translation for Leigh is “healer.”
  • Asa — This is an alternative version of the Hebrew name Ase, which means “healer” or “physician.”
  • Chea — This unisex Khmer name means “health.”
  • Jian — In Chinese, this name means “health.”
  • Remedy — A remedy is what is needed for healing. This is a fun name for parents looking for a non-gendered name that relates to health and medicine.
  • Zhi — The name Zhi means “wisdom and healing” in Chinese.
  • Sahsinaimska — The First Nation of Siksika uses this word for their sacred medicine pipes.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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