60 Baby Names That Mean Helper or Helpful

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

We all hope that our children will be good and kind, and choosing a baby name with a virtuous aspiration is often thought of as a way to set them on that path. Baby names that mean helper or helpful are popular choices; they can have many attached meanings, such as “helper of man”, “helper of god”, or “protector”.

There are quite a few male, female, and unisex baby names that mean helper or helpful, as it’s a quality many parents hope for in their little ones — not having to argue about chores sounds like a pretty big virtue in and of itself!

Let’s take a look.

Male baby names

  • Cody – Cody is an English name with Irish roots. It means “helper.” There are several variations of the name Cody, including Codie, Kodee, and Codi.
  • Islah – In Hebrew, Isaiah means, “the lord is my helper.”
  • Ansar – This Arabic name means “assistant” or “helper.” In the Quran, the Ansar were the residents of Medina who helped Muhammad and his followers.
  • Zahir – In Arabic, this name has multiple means, including “helper” and “flourishing.”
  • Eleazar – Eleazar is the name of a Hebrew priest. In Hebrew, this name means, “God is my helper.”
  • Agapios – This Greek name means “selfless” and “supporter.” It is the masculine form of the name Agapi. Both are very rare.
  • Fadil – Fadil means “generous” and “giving” in the Arabic language.
  • Nisang – This Hindu name means “unselfish.” That’s certainly the ideal trait of a lifelong helper.
  • Azriel – In the Jewish bible, Azriel is an angel that helps God. The name translates to, “God is my help.”
  • Nasir – This Arabic name means “helper.” It is the first name that was given to American rapper Nas.
  • Mohsin – Muhsin is a popular Arabic name that means “helper” and “charitable one.”
  • Coronado – The Spanish surname means “beloved.”
  • Rafiq – In Arabic, Rafiq is the name given to a “companion” or “helper.”
  • Uzair – Uzair was an Arabic name that means “helper.”
  • Tudwrig – This English name translates to “generous one” and “peacekeeper.”
  • Jibesh – Jinesh is the perfect name for one who is helpful and ambitious.
  • Akelan – Akelan is a lovely Indian name that means “helpful builder.”
  • Hamrish – In Hinduism, Hamrish means “helpful.”
  • Betserai – Betserai is a Zimbabwean name that means “helper.”
  • Ezer – This Hebrew name means to “help” or “aid.”
  • Azari – This Hebrew name means “god’s helper.”
  • Ezra – Ezra is a Jewish name that means “helper.”
  • Cuidightheach – Revive this ancient Irish name with a sweet meaning. It is the perfect name for “one who is helpful.”
  • Porter – Porter is the traditional English name for the occupation of a gatekeeper. This position is undoubtedly one of someone who is entrusted to help others.
  • Aulis – In Finland, the name Aulis remains popular. It means “one who is helpful” or “willing to help.”
  • Anvi – She is the Hindi god of the forest. She is known as a helper and friend to nature.
  • Turlough – The Irish offshoot of the Old Roman name Terentius. It means ‘helper.”

Female baby names

  • Auxiliadora – This name literally means “Mary, Help of Christians.” It is a common female first name in Spain and Portugal.
  • Yara – Brazilian folklore has it that Yara is a beautiful mermaid goddess who helps the fish by luring in fishermen. She is also known as the mother of water.
  • Sandra – Sandra is a shortened version of the traditional Greek name Alexandra. It translates to she who is the defender or helper of mankind.
  • Lutfana – This Muslim name means “kind helper.”
  • Altagracia – You see this name most predominantly in the Caribbean. It means “high grace.”
  • Orphelin – Orphelin is a female first name that was originally given to a mythological serpent who was known for her helpful nature.
  • Saada – In Swahili, Saada means “helpful.”
  • Theary – Theory is a Cambodian name that means “helper” or “aid.”
  • Socorro – The Spanish originated this name from “Mary of Perpetual Succour.” In Spanish, succour means “to provide relief or help.”
  • Annaisha – The Japanese name means “helpful guide.”
  • Abothi – Abothi is a name that comes to us from the Adhola people of Uganda. The name means “she who is useful.”
  • Hitakarita – This Sanskirt name means “benevolent one.”
  • Bergliot – The Norse people gave us this name. The word can be divided into several different Old Norse words. Together, the elements mean “protection,” “help,” and “defense.”
  • Aytama – Estonians have long appreciated this name that means “one who is helpful.”
  • Whina – This name gained notoriety because of a well-known Māori activist. It is a shortened version of Āwhina. Both names translate to “helper.”
  • Paraclete – This fanciful name stems from the Greek vernacular. It means “one who is an advocate” or “helper.”
  • Alexandra – Alexandra is a traditional Greek name that means “helper.”
  • Faye – This sweet one-syllable name means “fairy” and “loyalty.”
  • Ophelia – The moderately well-known name means “man’s defender” in Greek.
  • Aleka – This ancient Greek nickname stems from the name Alexandra. It means “man’s defender.”
  • Aida – Aida is a female first name that steps from the Arabic language. It has taken on several meanings, including “helper” or “helpful one.”
  • Zahira – Zahira is the feminine form of the name Zahir, which is an Arabic word for “a helper.”
  • Helpfrid – This medieval name has the word “help” built into it. It means one who is “helpful” or “friendly.”

Unisex baby names

  • Alexis – This unisex Greek name means “to defend” or “help.” It was a name that is commonly given to Saints. There are dozens of popular variants of the name, including Lexus, Lexie, Aleix, Aleixo, and Alejo.
  • Alexey – Alexey is a potentially unisex first-name for one who helps by defending.
  • Eleazar – Once a common name for Jewish baby boys, Eleazar is not rising in popularity. This name translates to, “El-azar has helped.”
  • Lazare – This Hebrew name translates to “God is my helper.” It is an offshoot of the French name Lazarus. In the bible, God helps Lazurus by granting him four extra days to live.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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