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Names meaning valuable or precious

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on February 22nd, 2024

Tired of terrible lists? Well, we’ve worked hard putting together this carefully curated list of baby names meaning precious. These charming names speak to value and rarity and resonate with extraordinary significance.

Consider Margarita, meaning ‘pearl’, and Jada, symbolizing ‘precious stone’, each reflecting your child’s distinct worth.

With names meaning valuable, each mirrors your hopes and dreams for your child’s future, hinting at the legacy you wish to bestow upon them.

Let’s go!

Male Names

  • Jacinth (English, Greek) – This gemstone name, a variation of Hyacinth, presents itself as a standout choice.
  • Miv (Unknown) – A versatile variant of Gemma/Jemma or James, offering simplicity and charm.
  • Adam (Hebrew) – Signifying “man, earth,” Adam brings a timeless appeal.
  • Caleb (Hebrew) – Symbolizing loyalty through its meaning “dog,” Caleb embodies strength and fidelity.
  • David (Hebrew) – Representing “beloved,” David is a name that never goes out of style.
  • Reuben (Hebrew) – “Behold, a son” encapsulates this name’s traditional essence.
  • Samson (Hebrew) – Echoing the might of “sun,” Samson is synonymous with vigor and energy.
  • Liam (Irish) – A contemporary twist on Uilliam, meaning “helmet of will,” Liam enjoys widespread popularity.
  • Bao (Chinese) – Meaning “treasure, precious,” Bao is rich in meaning and cultural depth.
  • Kieran (Irish) – Denoting “little dark one,” Kieran is distinct and memorable.

Female Names

  • Aamber (Unknown) – Suggestive of a precious jewel or gemstone, Aamber radiates with vibrancy.
  • Caoimhe (Irish) – Meaning “gentle, beautiful, precious,” Caoimhe wraps charm and delicacy into one.
  • Dorothy (Greek) – “Gift of God” bestows a sacred aura on Dorothy, marking it as a cherished name.
  • Daria (Persian) – Reflecting “good, kind,” Daria is both sweet and graceful.
  • Ruth (Hebrew) – Evoking “companion, friend,” Ruth is warmly approachable and timeless.
  • Sara (Hebrew) – With its meaning “princess,” Sara carries elegance and regality.
  • Lila (Arabic) – Meaning “night,” Lila is enveloped in beauty and mystery.
  • Bella (Italian) – “Beautiful” in essence, Bella is universally appealing.
  • Kira (Russian) – Signifying “leader of the people,” Kira exudes strength and leadership.

Unisex Names

  • Ruby (Latin) – A name that gleams with the luster of a “deep red precious stone,” Ruby is full of life and color.
  • Sapphire (Hebrew) – Meaning “blue gemstone,” Sapphire shines with brilliance and depth.
  • Lapis (Latin) – With a foundation in “stone,” Lapis is as enduring as it is meaningful.
  • Esme (Persian) – “Esteemed and beloved,” Esme is cherished for its warmth and affection.
  • Dara (Hebrew) – A “pearl of wisdom,” Dara is both intelligent and insightful.
  • Gemma (Italian) – Illuminating the “precious gemstone” it represents, Gemma is timeless and radiant.
  • Eden (Hebrew) – Symbolizing a “place of pleasure,” Eden is inviting and joyful.
  • Taylor (English) – Reflecting craftsmanship in “cutter of cloth,” Taylor is versatile and grounded.
  • Gale (English) – Signifying “jovial,” Gale is light-hearted and cheerful.

Precious Wonders: Imaginative Gems for Your Little One

As we journey further into our exploration of names, let’s dive into a treasure trove of creative concoctions. Each of these names, artistically woven with poetic flair and cultural richness, is a gem waiting to sparkle. Feel inspired to embrace the art of naming, creating your own precious moniker for your bundle of joy.

  • Aurora (Latin) – Embodying the break of dawn, Aurora signifies new beginnings and is beautifully evocative.
  • Vita (Latin) – “Life” itself, Vita brings with it an air of vivacity and literary charm.
  • Rumi (Japanese, Persian) – Bridging cultures with beauty and exaltation, Rumi captures the essence of poetic grace.
  • Gemma (Italian) – A name that resonates with the timeless beauty of gems, offering an evergreen charm.
  • Eldorado (Spanish) – Conjuring visions of unparalleled riches, Eldorado is adventurous and full of wonder.
  • Calix (Greek) – Celebrating aesthetic beauty as “very handsome,” Calix is ancient yet fresh.
  • Selene (Greek) – With the moon goddess as its muse, Selene is ethereal and enchanting.
  • Orion (Greek) – Echoing the grandeur of the cosmos, Orion inspires with its celestial significance.
  • Mira (Latin, Sanskrit) – “Wonderful” and reminiscent of the sea, Mira is a name of beauty and depth.
  • Dante (Latin) – A nod to the literary giant, Dante offers cultural depth and enduring appeal.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on February 22nd, 2024

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