45 Shy Girl Names Meaning Timid, Quiet, and More

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

There’s something to be said for the kind of person that stands back from the crowd a bit, taking things in and acting accordingly. Though being a quiet, timid, or shy person might not always be recognized for its merits, these qualities have lots of positives; they’re likely to listen and think before they talk, and to choose their friendships and relationships carefully.

Baby names meaning timid, quiet, and shy may sometimes be associated with the feminine quality of being demure, and they can make a lovely choice for your new little girl.

Let’s take a look.

  • Nyarai – This sweet South African girl’s name means “shy or humble.”
  • Sermin – Sermin is a feminine Turkish name that means “Shy.”
  • An – An is a Chinese name that means “peace and quiet.”
  • Hilja – In Finnish, this name means “silent.”
  • Hilla – Hilla is an Indian name that means “timid.”
  • Tihana – This shortened Serbian first name is often used as the nickname for names that begin with tikhu. It means “quiet.”
  • Sharmila – Sharmila means “protected one” or “shy one” in Sanskrit.
  • Kaino – This unisex Finnish name translates to “shy.”
  • Ballari – This feminine Indian name means “one who walks quietly.”
  • Csaga – This ancient Hungarian name means “shy.”
  • Shyly – Shyly is an Indian name that means “timid girl.”
  • Hesychia – Hesychia is the Greek spirit of quiet and stillness.
  • Imajuik – This feminine Greenlandic name is often given to babies that are not prone to fuss or cry.
  • Concord – Concord is a unisex English name that comes from the Latin word for “peace.”
  • Gweirful – While the meaning of this Old Welsh name is murky, it contains the elements for “turn” and “shy.”
  • Nyein – Nyein is a charming Burmese name. It means “quiet, calm.”
  • Dianthe – This charming Greek name translates to “silent and gentle.”
  • Galina – This charming Greek name means “calm.”
  • Tiombe – This rare African name means “shy.”
  • Hien – In Vietnamese, this unisex name means “gentle and quiet.”
  • Galene – This Greek goddess represents calm seas.
  • Hudn – The Arabic translation for this name is “calm or quiet.”
  • Wening – In Indonesian, Wening means “quiet.”
  • Tihomira – This is the feminine version of a Slavic name that means “quiet and peaceful.”
  • Susu – In Chinese, Susu means “a very slight sound.”
  • Shye – Shye means “gift” in Hebrew.
  • Ecgtheow – This unisex baby name means “peace and quiet.”
  • Laqueta – Laqueta means “the quiet one.”
  • Arcadia – Arcadia is a Greek baby name that means “simplicity and happiness.”
  • Kafi – This short yet sweet African name means “quiet.”
  • Tacita – Tacita is a Latin name that means “silent.”
  • Mikaela – Mikaela means “one who is like God.”
  • Kalmalie – This is a feminine Hawaiian name that means “calm seas.”
  • Jheel – In Hindi, Jheel means “silent lake.”
  • Ramzia – This feminine Muslim name means “reserved” or quiet.”
  • Tacy – Tacy is a name that comes from the Latin word for “silence.”
  • Arava – This Indian name translates to “noiseless” or “calm.”
  • Shizuru – This unique Japanese moniker contains the characters for “calm” and “precious stone.”
  • Placida – This one- of- a- kind name comes from the Latin word for “calm, placid.”
  • Jolina – Jolina means “God is gracious.”
  • Tace – This name stems from the Latin word for “silence.” The moniker was quite popular in Medieval Europe but has long since fallen out of vogue.
  • Tacita – This feminine Latin name means “silent.”
  • Diara – Diara translates to “gift” in Latin. This name
  • Ovia – Ovia is an excellent name for a quiet girl with deep inner desires.
  • Gwladys – This feminine baby name represents a need for inner quiet.
  • Kimya – Kimya is a Swahili name that means “silent.”
  • Jonmi – Jomni means “calm and quiet” in Japanese.
  • Tacey – This rare English name comes from the Latin word for “be silent.”
  • Darshinika – This unique baby name means “one who sees quietly.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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