50 Intrepid Baby Names Meaning Traveler or Wanderer

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Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

There’s much wisdom and insight to be gained from wandering the world; whether you’re a traveler yourself or simply hope your little one will have a healthy sense of exploration, baby names meaning traveler or wanderer are a sweet way to wish adventure into the life of your new addition.

Names meaning wanderer, traveler, or explorer have been commonly used throughout history, and many male, female, and unisex choices with both classic and modern styling are up for the choosing.

Pack your bags, it’s time to dive in!

Male baby names

  • Kamwendo – Kamwendo is a name that can trace its origin back to the Chewa people of Malawi. It means “walker” or “traveler.”
  • Fale – This name is a shortened version of the traditional Nordic surname, Farþegn. It is the name that was once given to travelers and merchants.
  • Eporedorix – Eporedorix is a name that gets its roots from three separate Celtic words. Separately, they mean “horse,” “travel,” and “king.” The name means one who is the king of horse travel.
  • Dagfari – The Nordics combined two words to make this classic name. It translates to “one who travels by day.”
  • Ayaan – The Yakuts are members of a Turkish ethnic group. This is one of their male surnames. It means “journey.”
  • Alfarinn – This Norse name means “one who wanders.”
  • Akaitcho – He was a great chief of the Yellowknife tribe. The name is a reference to the large feet of the wolf. The large extremities make it easy for the predatory animal to travel across the land.
  • Vetle – Derived from Old Norse, this name means “one who is a winter traveler.”
  • Somerled – This lighthearted Irish surname means “summer sailor.” It’s perfect for a family who loves the sea.
  • Pippin – A shortened version of the English name Peregrin, Pippin is believed to mean “traveler.” It is sometimes shortened to Pip. It is also related to the female first name, Pippy.
  • Walafrid – This name which means “peaceful stranger” is a fitting one for an unbeknownst traveler.
  • Walabert – With a similar origin to that of Walafrid, this Old German name also means “traveler” or “wanderer.”
  • Rounin – In Japanese, this name translates to “he who drifts or wanders.”
  • Ilgiz — Originating from Russia, this name means “wanderer or “traveler.”
  • Stigandr – The name Stigandr has ancient Scandinvaian roots. It means “wanderer.”
  • Doran – Doran originated as an Irish name that meant “stranger” and “one in exile.”
  • Ferdinand – Ferdinand is a popular Spanish name with a rough translation that equates to “he who is a daring or brave traveler.” It’s also the first name of Ferdinand Magellan. Perhaps those who bear this name are more likely to be great wanderers and explorers.
  • Finn – This well-known literary surname conjures up images of adventurous travels.
  • Cheng – The traditional Chinese boy’s name is quite popular. It means “journey” or “trip.”
  • Odin – While no jet setter, this Norse leader was known as the “eternal wanderer.”

Female baby names

  • Alemonia – Not to be confused with the Roman goddess Alemona, this name means “wanderer” in Greek.
  • Musofira – In Uzbeki custom, Musofir is a name that means “traveler.” Musofira is a feminine offshoot of the male surname.
  • Sayyora – The Uzbeki names Sayyora and Sayor (the male alternative) are both known to mean “wanderer.”
  • Mhambi – In Zulu, this surname means “traveler.”
  • Beatrix – This semi-popular English name is derived from the name Viatrix. In the Latin vernacular, Viatrix means “traveler.”
  • Asra – Asra is a feminine Arabic name that means “she who travels at night.”
  • Isra – Isra is an offshoot of the Arabic name Asra. It also translates to “ travels at night.”
  • Peregrine – This name stems from that of the Greek Cynic philosopher Peregrinus Proteus. The man was said to have left home when he was just an adolescent. Thus, he was a renowned traveler. In the English vernacular, Peregrine is known to mean “traveler.”
  • Saira – The Hebrew name Saira means “she who is like a bird.”
  • Jetseta – Jetseta is the sort of travel-minded name that is created out of pure ingenuity. There are very few examples of it. However, the child that is Jetseta is sure to go far in life.
  • Paris – Okay, to be perfectly honest, this one doesn’t translate to “traveler.” Still, it definitely conjures up images of overseas adventures.
  • Tekonwenaharake – The Mohawk translation for this lengthy name is, “her voice travels through the wind.” Now, that’s one way to wander.
  • Fernanda – Fernanda is the feminine alternative to Fernando. It means “adventurous.”
  • Wanda – This Slavic name means “shepherdess.” This can be roughly translated to “wanderer.”
  • Amelia – Amelia means “industrious” in Latin. Given the feats of Amelia Earheart, we like to think it’s closely associated with travel and wanderlust.
  • Sojourner – In French, this name means “to stay awhile.” It was adopted by civil rights activist Sojourner Truth. What a fitting name it was, especially being that she was traveling around the country as an activist.
  • Mareesha – The meaning of the name Mareesha is “traveler.” The name comes from the Hindu vernacular.
  • Raahi – This Hindu name has come to mean “good traveling companion.”
  • Florence – Florence is yet another name inspired by a famous city.
  • Celeste – In ancient times, travelers used the heavens or skies to navigate the ocean and land. Celeste is a lovely feminine name derived from the Latin word for the celestial entities.

Unisex baby names

  • Wendall – The name Wendall is just one of several linguistically similar German names that translate to “wanderer.” Others include Wendal and Wendahl.
  • Beitong – In Chinese, this name is the combination of two words. Together, they mean “traveling together.”
  • Charaka – Hindi for “wanderer” or “traveler,” Charaka has a lovely ring to it.
  • Kymani – In Africa, this name is known to mean “adventurous or bold traveler.”
  • Journey – Journey is an English word that we use to describe a person’s travels. The word has all the right tones to be a name.
  • Ajo – This Yoruba name is actually a shortened form of Ajosanmi. It means “one who experiences favorable travels.”
  • Sawyer – In the English vernacular, Sawyer is a name for a person that makes their living cutting wood. It’s also the surname of the main character in several of Mark Twain’s literary sagas. The character, Tom Sawyer, enjoys epic travels down the Mississippi River. It’s quite the case of wanderlust!
  • Nova – It’s a bit of stretch, but this space-related name has us thinking of intergalactic travel. Keep in mind that Nova is the term for a star that makes a quick appearance before exploding.
  • North – Popularized by Kim Kardashian and Kayne West, the name North is arguably the most notable cardinal direction.
  • Polaris – This is the name that the Phoenicians used for the pole star or “north star.” It was an incredibly pertinent part of early navigation. Surely, it is a name that any wanderlust could appreciate.
  • Sailor – If you’re looking for a unisex name that conjures up images of ocean travel, why not go with Sailor? This is the English word for a person who works on a boat.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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