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Discover Names Expressing Belief and Trust

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on February 22nd, 2024

Choosing a baby name is a journey rich with meaning, especially when considering names that mean faith.

These faith-related names go beyond mere words, embodying beliefs and serving as a beacon for your child’s life. They range from the direct and cherished ‘Faith’ to diverse cultural expressions like ‘Emunah’ and ‘Aman’, each a name meaning believe in its own unique way.

Selecting a name that represents faith is more than just a choice; it’s a reflection of the values you hope to instill in your child. Each name, with its unique background and story, symbolizes hope and strength.

As you explore these names, you weave these enduring qualities into your child’s very essence, setting a foundation of unwavering faith for their journey ahead.

Female names

  • Amani (Swahili) – This harmonious name means “faith,” radiating beauty.
  • Amina (Arabic) – Signifying “trustworthy,” it’s a classic, dependable choice.
  • Asha (Sanskrit) – Meaning “faith,” it embodies steadfastness and loyalty.
  • Fides (Latin) – This bold name signifies “trust and faith,” with a distinctive character.
  • Nadira (Arabic) – Meaning “precious belief,” it’s rare and valuable.
  • Nadia (Slavic) – Signifying “hope,” it’s inspirational and full of positivity.
  • Vera (Russian) – A simple, elegant name meaning “faith.”
  • Emilia (Latin) – Meaning “industrious,” it signifies hard work and diligence.
  • Amira (Arabic) – This regal name means “Princess,” exuding elegance.

Males names

  • Aaron (Hebrew) – Meaning “mountain of strength,” it’s majestic and strong.
  • Amil (Arabic) – This profound name means “believer,” simple yet deep.
  • Caleb (Hebrew) – Meaning “whole heart,” it’s beloved and popular.
  • Credo (Latin) – A unique, strong name meaning “belief.”
  • Ethan (Hebrew) – Signifying “strong, firm,” it’s robust and solid.
  • Gabriel (Hebrew) – Divine and powerful, it means “God is my strength.”
  • Mumin (Arabic) – Meaning “believer,” it resonates with spirituality.
  • Vishwas (Sanskrit) – Traditional and meaningful, it means “belief.”
  • Emmanuel (Hebrew) – Meaning “God is with us,” it’s comforting and reassuring.

Unisex names

  • Amal (Arabic) – Hopeful and inspiring, means “hope and belief.”
  • Aqeeda (Arabic) – Deep and thoughtful, it signifies “creed or belief.”
  • Credence (English) – Meaning “belief,” it’s believable and trustworthy.
  • Elpis (Greek) – An optimistic name meaning “hope and belief.”
  • Fidel (Latin) – Signifying “faithful,” it’s loyal and steadfast.
  • Iman (Arabic) – Popular and respected, it means “faith and belief.”
  • Nguvu (Swahili) – Powerful and strong, it means “strength of belief.”
  • Emunah (Hebrew) – Trusting and reliable, it signifies “trust.”
  • Amil (Arabic) – Signifying “hopeful,” it’s inspiring and forward-looking.

Inventive Names Sprinkled with Faith

As we continue our journey through meaningful names, let’s dive into a world of creativity and cultural richness. These next names, inspired by the theme of faith, are our own whimsical creations, designed to spark your imagination and inspire your own name explorations.

  • Emunah (Hebrew) – Inspired by the Hebrew word for faith, this name resonates with spiritual depth. It reflects a strong, unwavering belief, ideal for a child with a soulful and profound character.
  • Amani (Swahili) – Drawing from African roots, Amani means ‘faith’ in Swahili. This name brings to mind the peaceful and strong spirit of Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, embodying hope and conviction.
  • Vishwas (Sanskrit) – A traditional Indian name meaning ‘faith’, Vishwas combines cultural richness with a sense of integrity and trust. It reflects a deep-rooted belief, reminiscent of the philosophical teachings in ancient Sanskrit texts.
  • Credence (English) – Borrowed directly from the English word for belief, Credence is both modern and timeless. It echoes the sentiment of faith and trust, perfect for a child who might grow to be a guiding light.
  • Fidelis (Latin) – Inspired by the Latin word for ‘faithful’, this name echoes loyalty and steadfastness. It reflects the enduring faith found in classical literature and historical figures like Fidel Castro.
  • Amil (Arabic) – In Arabic, Amil means ‘hopeful believer’. This name carries a sense of optimism and faith, ideal for a child with a bright and hopeful future.
  • Daliyah (Hebrew) – A creative twist on the Hebrew word for ‘faith’, Daliyah resonates with the beauty and strength of a ‘faithful branch’, symbolizing growth and steadfastness.
  • Nadira (Arabic) – Meaning ‘precious belief’, Nadira is both unique and profound. It reflects the rare and valuable nature of faith, suitable for a child with a distinctive and strong character.
  • Caleb (Hebrew) – While traditionally meaning ‘whole-hearted’, Caleb also conveys a sense of faithfulness and devotion. It’s a name with biblical roots, representing enduring faith and determination.
  • Esperanza (Spanish) – Inspired by the Spanish word for ‘hope’, Esperanza carries a beautiful melody and the essence of faith and optimism. This name is reflective of the vibrant and hopeful spirit found in Latin American culture and literature.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on February 22nd, 2024

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