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Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on May 8th, 2024

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most significant and joyous decisions you’ll make. Names that mean joy not only stand out, but they also symbolize the profound happiness and celebration your child brings into the world.

Each name, a vibrant expression of elation, holds the potential to reflect the cherished emotions and aspirations you have for your new arrival. By selecting from joy related names and names related to happiness, you’re giving your child a lifelong gift—a name that carries with it an inherent blessing of happiness and positivity.

Female names

  • Abigail (Hebrew) – Means “my father’s joy”. It’s a timeless name with a lovely meaning.
  • Allegra (Italian) – Means “joyful, lively”. It’s an energetic name.
  • Ananda (Sanskrit) – Means “bliss, happiness,” a profound name with deep cultural roots.
  • Beatrice (Latin) – Derived from “beatus,” meaning blessed or happy.
  • Blythe (English) – Means “free spirit, happy”. It’s a carefree name.
  • Carina (Latin) – Means “dear, beloved,” suggesting deep joy and affection.
  • Chara (Greek) – Means “joy”. It’s a simple yet meaningful name.
  • Duscha (Russian) – Means “happy”. It’s a unique name with a joyful connotation.
  • Eda (German) – Means “wealthy, happy”. It’s an elegant name.
  • Farah (Arabic) – Means “joy,” a popular name across various cultures.
  • Fahari (Swahili Origin) – Means “splendor” or “magnificence,” linked to pride and joy.

Unisex Names:

  • Felicia (Latin) – From “felicitas,” meaning good fortune and happiness.
  • Gwyneth (Welsh) – Means “blessed, happy,” with a graceful sound.
  • Hana (Hebrew) – Means “happiness,” simple and elegant.
  • Hilary (Latin) – Means “cheerful, joyful,” historically used for both genders.
  • Ilaria (Italian) – Means “cheerful, happy”. It’s an uplifting name.
  • Jovita (Latin) – Feminine form of Jovian, derived from Jove, suggesting joy.
  • Leta (Latin) – Means “glad, joyful”. It’s a charming name.
  • Letizia (Italian) – Means “joy, gladness,” an exuberant choice.
  • Merry (English) – Means “joyful, lighthearted”. It’s a delightful name.
  • Nara (Japanese) – Means “happy”. It’s a serene name.
  • Noelani (Hawaiian Origin) – Means “heavenly mist,” often associated with delight and a joyful spirit.

Male names

  • Asher (Hebrew) – Means “happy, blessed”. It’s a biblical name with a positive vibe.
  • Anand (Sanskrit) – Means “bliss, happiness,” commonly used in India.
  • Bennett (Latin) – Derived from “benedictus,” meaning blessed.
  • Caius (Latin) – Means “rejoice”. It’s a regal name.
  • Duscha (Russian) – Means “happy spirit”. It’s a vibrant name.
  • Felix (Latin) – Means “happy, fortunate”. It’s a fortunate name.
  • Fane (Slavic) – Means “joyful,” a unique and robust name.
  • Gil (Hebrew) – Means “joy, happiness”. It’s a lively name.
  • Isaac (Hebrew) – Means “laughter”. It’s a cheerful name.
  • Jovan (Slavic) – Derived from Jove, associated with joy and good humor.
  • Joyce (English) – Derived from the Norman male name Josse, which was derived from the earlier Jodocus. It’s a classic name.
  • Luke (Greek) – Means “light,” associated with the joy and lightness of being.
  • Marnin (Hebrew) – Means “one who creates joy”. It’s an uncommon name with a beautiful meaning.
  • Milo (Slavic) – Means “dear, beloved,” which brings joy.
  • Noam (Hebrew) – Means “delight, joy,” a soft yet significant name.
  • Ronen (Hebrew) – Means “song, joy”. It’s a melodious name.
  • Tate (English) – Means “cheerful,” straightforward and strong.
  • Theo (Greek) – Short for Theodore, means “gift of God,” often associated with the joy of giving.
  • Vito (Italian) – Means “life”. It’s a vibrant name.

Unisex names

  • Ayo (Yoruba) – Means “joy,” widely used in Nigeria for both genders.
  • Bliss (English) – Means “great joy”. It’s a straightforward name that exudes happiness.
  • Gale (English) – Means “cheerful, happy”. It’s a breezy name.
  • Hani (Arabic) – Means “happy, delighted,” versatile for any child.
  • Hedwig (German Origin) – Means “battle,” but often associated with happiness due to its use in joyful contexts in popular culture.
  • Jody (English) – Derived from the name Judith or a diminutive of Joseph, associated with joy.
  • Kai (Hawaiian) – Means “sea, willow tree, joyful”. It’s a nature-inspired name.
  • Liron (Hebrew) – Means “my joy,” a personal and touching choice.
  • Pax (Latin) – Means “peace”. It’s a tranquil name.
  • Quincy (Latin) – Derived from Quintus, meaning “fifth”. It’s a harmonious name.
  • Rena (Hebrew) – Means “joyful melody”. It’s a musical name that sounds joyful.
  • Selig (Yiddish) – Means “blessed, happy”. It’s a distinctive name with a joyful meaning.
  • Sorcha (Irish Origin) – Means “brightness” or “light,” symbolizing joy and delight.
  • Tivona (Hebrew) – Means “lovers of nature, joyful in nature”. It’s a peaceful name.
  • Zelig (Yiddish) – Means “blessed, happy”. It’s a blessed name.
  • Zorion (Basque) – Means “happiness”. It’s an exotic name.

Joyfully Crafted: Names with a Spark of Happiness

Intro: Dive into this collection of creatively inspired names, each brimming with joy and cultural charm. Feel free to sprinkle your own creativity into naming your bundle of joy using these as a fun starting point.

  • Alaire (French Origin) – Inspired by the French word for cheerful, this name suggests lightness and joy, perfect for a baby full of happiness.
  • Blythe (English Origin) – An old English name meaning free spirit and cheerful, echoing the light and carefree happiness that a name like this could bring to a child.
  • Carwyn (Welsh Origin) – This name means “blessed love,” which incorporates joy and delight through the happiness found in love, reflecting the joyous emotions parents feel.
  • Frodo (Literary Origin) – Borrowing from J.R.R. Tolkien’s character, who, despite facing daunting tasks, carries an underlying sense of hope and joy.
  • Hani (Hawaiian Origin) – Meaning happy and joyful in Hawaiian, this name evokes the sunny and spirited energy of the Hawaiian islands.
  • Isaac (Hebrew Origin) – A traditional name that means “laughter,” inspired by the biblical story of Sarah’s joy at bearing a son in her old age.
  • Jovie (American Origin) – Derived from the word “jovial,” suggesting a lively and cheerful disposition, and made popular by the character in the film “Elf.”
  • Leto (Greek Origin) – While known as a deity from mythology, the name conveys the lightness and celebration of life, akin to joy.
  • Vidor (Hungarian Origin) – Means “happy” in Hungarian, offering a unique and culturally rich name choice that’s both distinctive and joyful.
  • Winston (English Origin) – Inspired by Winston Churchill, who, despite the challenges he faced, was known for his wit and enduring spirit, reflecting the strength within joy.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on May 8th, 2024

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