Best Baby Bathtubs (Don’t Splash Out!)

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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It wasn’t that long ago that most babies got their first baths in the kitchen sink. And while that remains a viable option for parents, bathtubs specially designed for babies offer substantial benefits.

Quality baby bathtubs elegantly keep squirming babies in place, allowing parents to bathe their child in safety and comfort.

The simplest baby bathtubs are little more than a specially shaped plastic tub, providing an affordable option for parents to comfortably bathe their child. But if you’re looking for something more extravagant, other options include foldable bathtubs that elegantly adjust to suit different sized sinks, bathtubs with channels that sluice away dirty water, built-in thermometers, and some with adjustable recline positions.

Baby bathtubs are incredibly popular and are on the ‘must have’ baby gear list for most first-time parents. But it’s important to know what you’re looking for before navigating the diverse market.

Things to consider before buying a baby bathtub

Here are some questions to think through before choosing a tub:

Where will the tub be used?

The classic baby bathtub is designed to fit into the sink. This keeps baby up high where parents can bathe the child easily and also works well for new moms recovering from delivery who may struggle to bend over. However, not every sink is ideal for a baby bathtub and, if your basin is on the smaller side, you might find a tub that fits into your regular bathtub will be more ideal.

How long will the tub be used?

Baby bathtubs are adorably cute, but most are really small, and baby will probably outgrow it in less than a year. Bigger tubs designed for use in the family bathtub will generally last longer as there’s more room for baby to grow. Even if you’re buying for a single child, remember that the baby bathtub is essential during those critical early months.

What’s your budget?

In an emergency, babies can always be bathed the old-fashioned way, so don’t worry too much about spending a lot on a baby bathtub. Consider your options, and pick one that’s right for you.

Is it easy to dry and clean?

A baby bathtub is no use if it requires a lot of cleaning and hassle afterwards. You want to pick something that is super easy to maintain so that you are happy to use it at every bathtime.

So, without further ado, let’s “dive in” and take a look at some of our favorite tubs. To make things easier, we’ve divided our reviews into three categories : 1) Baby bathtubs designed to function as inserts in a kitchen or bathroom sink; 2) Those better suited for use inside an adult tub; and 3) Portable bathtubs, ideal for travel use.

We’ve searched through hundreds of reviews, assessing the pros and cons of each baby bathtub, including price, size, and durability, in order to give you our top picks.

Best baby bathtubs for using in the sink

A good in-sink bathtub should flexibly adapt to the contours of your sinks. A quality in-sink baby bathtub is versatile enough to handle both larger kitchen and smaller bathroom sinks. These tubs allow parents or guardians to comfortably stand and wash baby without having to bend over. Bonus points are awarded for ease in cleaning and maintenance.

Top pick

Our opinion

At first sight, this baby bathtub looks like almost nothing! But once you unfold the cushioned flaps and set it in a sink, it instantly makes sense why the Puj tub is so special.

Available in three pleasing colors, the Puj tub uses cushioned flaps made from BPA/PVC-free material that you can bend and fold once in a sink. Ideal even for smaller bathroom vanities, the Puj tub makes cleaning baby comfortable and easy. Best of all, it’s designed to hang flat after use, making it easy to dry.


  • Made from soft, comfortable, non-slip foam;
  • Easy to dry after use;
  • Great for smaller sinks;
  • Special holes mean baby will never be submerged in the water;
  • Designed for babies age 0-6 months.

Our second choice

Our opinion

It’s harder to imagine a cuter product than the Blooming Bath in-sink baby bathtub. But the Blooming Bath is more than just Instagram candy, as it also does a great job of cradling newborns during bath time.

Looking exactly like a colorful, plush flower, the Blooming Bath cradles baby in a comfortable swaddle of soft “petals” that look simply adorable in photographs.

The “petals” are made from BPA-free, Phthalate-free, latex-free, and lead-free soft material that is safe to be put in both the washing machine and dryer or, if you prefer, can be hand washed and dried.


  • Flower measures 32 inches in diameter;
  • Comes in three different colorful flower designs;
  • Works great even in large sinks;
  • Designed for babies age 0-6 months;
  • Weighs just 1.2 pounds when dry.

Our third choice

Our opinion

If you’re looking for a full feature in-sink baby bathtub, you can’t go wrong with the PRIMO Eurobath.

Designed in a unique anatomical shape, this tub comes with safety support features including two compartments for soap and sponges, a reservoir for clean water, and special side drains to keep baby from sitting in dirty water.

Baby will never get cold in this advanced bathtub as the entire system is designed to ensure a steady flow of warm, clean water while effortlessly removing cold, dirty water. This baby bath tub is made of durable polypropylene plastic and it is built to prevent the toddler from slipping under the water.


  • Perfect for first-time parents;
  • Durable design, ideal for growing families;
  • Digital thermometer and color display ensures perfect water temperatures;
  • No need to worry about overflow or build-up of dirty water;
  • For babies aged 0-6 months.

Best baby tubs for use in your big bathtub

Baby bathtubs designed to be used inside a normal tub (or shower) offer a lot of unique benefits. For one, in-bath baby bathtubs can be larger than in-sink tubs.

Larger and more durable construction means that baby will take more time to grow out of the tub while providing more options for position and design. Some in-bath baby bathtubs also offer greater stability than in-sink tubs.

Our fourth choice

Our opinion

Available in three primary colors, the PRIMO EuroBath looks much like a jacuzzi specially built for babies.

The molded shape of this rigid bathtub means that babies won’t slip and slide during bath time. Best of all, the PRIMO EuroBath is big enough that it can be used for babies up to 2 years old.

This bathtub is BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free and comes with supports for baby’s legs and arms.


  • Two built-in bathing positions allow it to adapt to your growing child;
  • Though one of the largest baby bathtubs on the market, can comfortably be used for newborns;
  • Effortless transition for those babies learning how to sit up;
  • Easy to clean with a mildew-resistant design;
  • Designed for babies 0-2 years;
    • Made in the USA.

Our fifth choice

Our opinion

From one of the leading manufacturers of baby and child products, the Fisher-Price Sling N’ Seat tub is designed to adjust as your baby grows.

Newborns who can’t sit up rest gently on the mesh sling while a special support (included) is ideal for babies who are big enough to sit up on their own.

The Sling N’ Seat also comes with a fun whale-shaped scoop-and squeeze-bottle for rinsing baby.


  • Newborn sling can be adjusted to reach the ideal amount of water immersion;
  • Included foam inserts prevent younger babies from slipping and sliding;
  • Rigid support : ideal for babies learning to sit up on their own;
  • Comes with a built-in hook for easy drying;
  • For babies age 0-2 years.

Our sixth choice

Our opinion

Available in either white or pearl gray, the Shnuggle (check price on BuyBuyBaby) has a truly elegant design with smooth curves all around to ensure no rough surfaces or edges.

The compact and beautiful design of the Shnuggle speaks volumes for its immaculate engineering, which includes a comfortable backrest, no-slip feet, and perfect angle, ensuring baby remains sufficiently upright.

Although it’s relatively small, the Shnuggle can be used for newborns all the way up to one year olds.


  • Very elegant and ergonomic design;
  • Effortlessly adapts to growing babies age 0-1 years;
  • Keeps baby immersed in warm water;
  • Simple to clean and dry;
  • Great for showers or tubs.

Best baby bathtubs for travelling

While travel tubs offer less functionality and fewer options than the others on our list, their compact design and ease in portability make them ideal for parents or guardians on the go. The ideal travel baby bathtub is lightweight, easy to stow away, and comfortable to use.

Our seventh choice

Our opinion

For parents on the go, it can be hard to keep baby clean. Most bathtubs are simply too big to fit into overhead compartments or suitcases. But the Intime inflatable baby bathtub, available in two fun colors, can easily fit into a purse or travel bag.

Despite being inflatable, the Intime comes with a head rest, a mark on the side to indicate the right water level, and even a handy side pocket for storing shampoo, soap, and other bathing essentials. Best of all, the large size means that this tub can accommodate either twins or larger babies with ease.


  • Comes with its own inflator pump;
  • Easy to drain, dry, and store away;
  • Anti-skid design;
  • Comes with handy storage bag;
  • Measures approximately 8″ by 8″ when folded, 2’7″ by 1’8″ when inflated.

Our eighth choice

Our opinion

If you’re looking for a portable, compact baby bathtub that isn’t inflatable, you can’t go wrong with the Summer Infant Deluxe. Made from gentle, lead-free material, this bathtub is versatile enough to be used in a sink, as a stand-alone tub on a counter, in a shower or a full-size tub.

The bathtub has three different recline positions while a non-slip base keeps the tub firmly in place. When time to put it away, the bathtub folds up easily. Mesh component is safe for machine washing.


  • Lovely compact design;
  • Ideal for newborns to 12 months;
  • Easily folds up to for storage in luggage or small spaces;
  • Built-in headrest offers additional comfort;
  • Easy to clean and dry.


Whether you’re looking for a tiny tub for your newborn, a bigger one that will feature for a few years, or one that can be packed into a case and used on the go, we’re confident you’ll find one that will suit your needs here, allowing you to create those special bath time moments with your baby.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023
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