Best Baby Carriers (A Very Picky List)

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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You have loads to do to keep your household running, but your baby also needs constant attention and closeness. And, let’s face it, those cuddles make your mamma’s heart melt!

Luckily, by purchasing a baby carrier, you can have the best of both worlds; the freedom to go about your daily tasks and keeping baby close.

There are certainly plenty of baby carriers on the market in all sorts of different styles and designs. So many, in fact, that we won’t be surprised if you’re a bit shell-shocked at all your options.

Before moving on to the reviews of our favorites, let’s break down some baby carrier basics.

Your easy guide to baby carriers and slings

With an array of prices, styles, and brands, you’re sure to find a baby carrier that meets your needs without breaking your back.

Front carrier

This type of carrier keeps your infant close to your chest, facing inward until he or she can sit up on their own and offers good head and neck control. Then you can face your baby outwards to see the world. These carriers are great but can make breastfeeding a little difficult.

Backpack carrier

These are fantastic once your child is a bit older, can sit up by themselves, and has head and neck control. You’ll find carrying your older, fast-growing child easier with this carrier as it distributes weight more evenly across your back, hips, and shoulders. While their bulk can make them a bit unwieldy, many models are designed for outdoor activities. So if you enjoy mother nature, and your child is the right size, this style could be the one for you.

Soft structured carrier

This baby carrier is similar to a backpack in style; straps connect to a pouch that holds your child. Some can be worn both in front and on the back.

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This product is designed to go around your body and over your shoulders. They can be worn in different configurations, though this may also make them difficult to put on and take off. However, breastfeeding is more convenient with them than with other baby carriers.


These comfortable products are a marriage between a wrap and a soft-structured carrier. Four straps connect to the carrier’s pouch, and you can tie them in various ways.

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These are basically just pieces of fabric that go over one shoulder, creating a pouch to cradle your baby. There is some controversy over their safety as many parents have concerns about a potential suffocation risk.

According to the Mayo Clinic, they are safe as long as parents pay attention to instructions and take proper precautions such as making sure the fabric doesn’t obstruct your child’s nose or mouth and being aware your baby is not being cradled in a “C” shape, a position that can hinder their ability to breathe.

We advise you to practice due diligence when it comes to slings and consider whether it’s the right type of carrier for you and your child.

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As with all baby products, safety is the prime consideration when buying a carrier. The has come up with an acronym, T.I.C.K.S., to help you quickly remember some top safety tips.

T.I.C.K.S. stands for:

  • Tight
  • In View at all Times
  • Close Enough to Kiss
  • Keep Chin off the Chest
  • Supported Back

In addition, BabyGearLab has written an extensive article on baby carrier safety.

As with all other baby merchandise, read all instructions and safety warnings before using your baby carrier.

Baby’s comfort

You want a material that will insulate your child properly, as well as sufficient padding to keep that little body nice and comfy. Look for seats that hold your baby’s legs in a natural “frog” position, not just for comfort but also for proper hip development.

Your comfort

Remember, as much as you consider your child’s safety, don’t forget about your own. In this case, comfort can equate to keeping yourself healthy.

You don’t want a baby carrier that hurts your back, neck, or shoulders, so look for one that distributes your child’s weight in a way that doesn’t leave you reaching for an ice pack whenever you get home.

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Now that you have some basics down, let’s move on to some of our product picks.

Our picks of the best super-safe baby carriers

It's no secret that moms love a product that keeps their little bundle safe. Here are a few baby carriers that excel in the safety area.

Top pick

Our opinion

This carrier scores highly with us for several reasons; such as your baby’s comfort, its ease of use, and the comfort of the wearer. For safety reasons, however, this product is a standout as Tula is a member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance and strives to exceed safety standards in all its products.

Their Ergonomic Carrier has a wide seat that keeps your baby’s legs in a healthy and natural frog-like position, which is required for healthy hip development. You will have to buy an infant insert for smaller babies.

This carrier sits higher than most of its counterparts, so your child remains comfortable and kept close to your body. It’s also designed to keep your little one’s airway clear.

Weight Range: 7 – 45 lbs.
Positions: Front and back (with baby always facing parent).


Our second choice

Our opinion

Like the Tula carrier, this Onya product has a body that is nice and high. It also gets narrower towards the top, keeping babies who like to wiggle contained. The seat is wide, and your little one’s head and neck will be held upright to ensure a clear airway. The nylon fabric is 100% rip-stop, and a mesh lining keeps the whole carrier breathable for everyone’s comfort.

This carrier requires an insert for your infant and can’t be worn front-facing, otherwise, it’s a fantastic product.

Weight Range: 7 – 45 lbs (with infant insert).
Positions: Front, back, and hip (with baby always facing parent).


Ease of use

We love baby carriers that are easy to put on. After all, life is complicated enough without fiddling with straps and buckles. Here are our picks for easy to use baby carriers.

Our third choice

Our opinion

You can slip this product on and adjust it by yourself, so there’s no need to call your partner over to help you get a good fit. With its uncomplicated, classic design you can get your baby in or out of this carrier by simply undoing the side snaps.

Although this carrier was developed with pediatricians, it doesn’t have a waistband, so doesn’t provide excellent back support. Nor is it the most comfortable for larger toddlers. However, it’s super lightweight so you won’t have to worry about being bogged down carrying any extra weight.

Weight Range: 8 – 25 lbs.
Position: Front (facing parent and facing outward).

Our fourth choice

Our opinion

Considering how many positions you can wear your baby in, this is a pretty high scorer on the ease-of-use chart. You can adjust the seat by simply folding the “wings” in and snapping them down, or folding them out for a wider fit. It’s also comfortable with its ergonomic support (for you) and extra padding on the leg holes (for your little one).

The buckles can be hard to undo, but if you’re looking for a super-secure fit, this might actually be a check in the pro column.

Weight Range: 7 – 35 lbs.
Position: Front (facing parent and facing outward), hip, back (facing parent).

Best affordable baby carriers

We know babies are expensive, so saving money where you can is always desirable. Here are some baby carriers for budget buyers.

Our fifth choice

Our opinion

This product is under $20 and comes with a bib you can attach to the baby carrier or your clothes as needed. While it doesn’t have a waist strap, it does feature a one-pull adjuster on its back, so you can reach around and adjust it easily to get a snug fit.

Weight Range: 8 – 25 lbs.
Position: Front (facing parent and facing outward).

Our sixth choice

Our opinion

This affordable carrier features a unisex design, so it’s perfect for moms and dads alike. It has reinforced stitching for extra security and is lightweight, with breathable mesh to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature. The shoulder straps adjust easily to your preference, and it’s very easy to clean.

Weight Range: Up to 33 lbs.
Position: 1-Inward front-facing, 2- Outward front-facing, 3-On the back.


Editor’s choice

Our opinion

As always, we love to shine the spotlight on a product that we’re particularly fond of for its price, comfort, safety, and convenience.

This 100% cotton carrier is inspired by the traditional Asian Meh Dais. The soft fabric is breathable and fully adjustable giving this the feel of a hybrid between a wrap and a structured carrier.

The Moby Double Tie is one-size-fits-all, allows for three different carrying positions (front, back, and hip), and can be easily adjusted so that dad or grandma can quickly take over.

Moby is one of our favorite carrier brands. They always seem to design beautiful products, and this is no different. We love that this stylish carrier is more lightweight and less bulky than others on the market. It’s buckle-free which may concern you at first, but, once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it’s quicker and easy to secure than the usual plastic buckles.

Weight: 8 – 40 lbs.
Positions: Front, back, and hip.


Wrapping up

There’s no need to sacrifice anything about your daily routine when you have a baby. Picking a carrier that fits your lifestyle will make you a happier mom, and will help to keep you and your baby close and bonded. It will also allow you to use both hands (a privilege that non-parents take for granted!)

Before you know it, they’ll be too big to keep safely strapped to your body. So, until then, enjoy the bonding experiences that come from having your sweet baby cuddled up against you.

As a footnote, whilst I strongly advocate babywearing, I believe it’s not something to be fanatical about. In my experience, there are times when setting your little one down in a decent baby swing or bouncer makes a healthy change; for example, when your shoulders are sore or, perhaps, when you need to scrub the toilet.

I’d say don’t get overly anxious about settling your little one down from time to time. I’m no expert, but with my son, Dara, I feel it even contributed to him feeling comfortable and independent in his own space.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023
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