The 7 Best Car Seat Protectors for Families

Organize your family’s wagon while minimizing the mess.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 25th, 2023

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Our top picks

Best overall: Oasser Mats/Organizers

"With every possible storage option, this organizer will keep your car organized, and your seat backs pristine"

Best budget buy: Lusso Gear Heavy Duty

"If you want only a seat back protector without the extras, here’s a great budget saver."

Best extra-large: Trobo Mats

"If you want only a seat back protector without the extras, here’s a great budget saver."

Best for little ones: Travel Bug Toddler

"At 19 x 27 inches, this pair of protector mats will fit most cars, trucks, SUVs."

Best simple organizer: Bolaz Tie-Dye

"The mat has a shatterproof mirror installed at kiddo's eye level to fascinate and entertain."

Best toy organizer: WIZCOV Toy Storage Bear

"No bells or whistles on this organizer, just simple pockets with a mind-blowing tie-dye design."

Best for older kids: Unique Imports Organizer

"This clever kick mat is a toy organizer. When you leave the car, just unclip and take it along."

Whether your little one is just graduating to a front-facing car seat or leaving the extra seat behind, a protector for the driver and passenger seat backs is a must.

After all, it’s a parenting truism: as soon as their legs are long enough, their little feet will begin a near relentless assault on the back of your car seats!

Auto-parts makers design a wide variety of protective mats for your car seatbacks. Most are inexpensive and a worthy investment to safeguard your seats’ finish.

Some are simple mats, while others have various storage options. Think about how you want to use the mat for your children, and we’re sure you’ll find one that suits you.

Important safety notice

We do not review or recommend any car seat protectors that fit under a child’s car seat. 

This is for your child’s safety. While thick pads can give the impression that the car seat is correctly installed and secure, the padding, however, can mean that the seat ‘floats’ on the pad.

Some protectors may not prevent the car seat from sliding forward during the impact of a crash. If using a car seat protector, only use the one your car seat maker recommends.

According to Consumer Reports: “Don’t use non-approved covers or cushions. Use only covers and cushions that have been approved by the car seat manufacturer for use with that seat.

These items have been crash-tested with your seat to meet compliance standards. As a rule, don’t place additional padding between the seat and your child, or between your child and the harness straps.”

If you want to protect your car’s back seats from spills and dirt, we suggest you use a small receiving blanket or a thin towel.

Our top picks of the best car seat protectors

Best overall

Our opinion

Whether you’ve an infant or a 9-year-old, this kick mat and organizer-in-one will keep your seat backs in shape throughout those childhood years.

What we love
  • Frosted waterproof tablet holders
  • Nylon fastener tape to hold earphones and chargers,
  • Separate box for tissues
  • Lower kick protection offers additional storage
Watch for
  • Fasteners at the top only -- bottom hangs loose

Best budget buy

Our opinion

Here’s an excellent protective mat with no other features. If you want only seat back protection at a very low price, this fits the bill.

What we love
  • Upper fasteners and wrap-around lower straps keep them snug
  • Features three mesh top pockets away from kicks
  • Machine washable
  • 5 color choices
Watch for
  • The bottom strap may not tighten enough

Best extra-large

Our opinion

These simple, thick, strong mats fit the backs of almost any large vehicle seats. Installs quickly and removes for easy machine washing.

What we love
  • The large 19" x 27" size fits car, SUV, and truck seatbacks
  • Top and bottom fasteners
  • Machine washable
Watch for
  • No storage pockets

Best for little ones

Our opinion

The mirror will be a familiar sight to your child when they reach the toddler stage and front-facing car seats.

What we love
  • Made for toddlers in front-facing car seats
  • This protective mat features a top-mounted convex mirror that entertains toddlers, just like their rear-facing car seats did.
  • Easy to wipe clean
Watch for
  • Mirror not adjustable

Best simple organizer

Our opinion

This makes a good choice for older kids who need a sturdier kick mat. It’s colorful and will last.

What we love
  • Heavy-duty construction with large pockets
  • Colorful tie-dye fabric
  • Waterproof, non-absorbent fabric wipes clean
Watch for
  • Comes in one-pack only. If you need to protect both seats, order two.
  • No clear pocket for electronic devices

Best toy organizer

Our opinion

A durable design with storage pockets in many sizes. The fabric design is distinctive and fun for little ones to use in the car, at the park, or at grandma’s house.

What we love
  • Double-duty kick mat and take-along toy container/organizer
  • Top fastener doubles as a carrier handle.
  • Colorful, with plenty of storage pockets
Watch for
  • Nowhere to place electronic devices

Best for older kids

Our opinion

If you have an older child, even one who has evolved from child car seats to using the back seat as a grown up, this mat keeps their things in check. A great kids’ organizer, regardless of age.

What we love
  • Handy organizer for older kids
  • Panel storage holds schoolwork, grooming items, and more.
  • The top strap and universal bottom strap keeps the mat tight
  • Low bargain price
Watch for
  • Needs installed correctly to prevent wear

Final verdict

Our top overall choice is the Oasser Mats/Organizers (check price on Amazon). These seat protectors have great organizational possibilities for kids of all ages.

For families who want a plain, sturdy protection mat, the Lusso Gear Heavy Duty (check price on Amazonprovides great seatback protection for a budget price.

How we chose these seat back protectors

We’re busy parents too, who appreciate the zen created by a neat and tidy car: calm among the chaos of family life!

We’ve used some of these protectors personally, while, for the others, we’ve made a thorough research of customer reviews.

This meant reading hundreds of pieces of feedback while separating the opinions of real moms and dads from those of fake reviewers (yep, we all know that problem)! We also spoke to many parents in person and online in forums and parenting subreddits


Do I really need car seat protectors?

If this is your first child, expect endless surprises as your kiddo grows. They all seem to love kicking the back of your front seats.

Nor can you blame them! Getting a rise out of parents is a time-honored way to get attention. It’s those darn shoes that are the problem…

Whether covered in dust or mud, the back of your front seat will take a beating. Better for the mats to take the beating rather than your car’s upholstery.

As your kids grow, you’ll find loads of uses for those organizers. Look for the ones that will grow with your child.

When will I need car seat protectors?

When your child moves from rear-facing to front-facing car seat configuration, the time to shop for a protector/organizer is imminent.

When those little, growing legs reach the seats in front of them is the time to introduce protectors.

Useful things to keep in mind while shopping

Some protectors can be machine washed, others just need wiping down. Be sure to pick the ones that suit you.

Thinking about an attached organizer? It doesn’t cost much more to add one — consider how handy it could be!

Will you need space for electronic tablets? Schoolwork? Hairstyling gear? Choose an organizer to meet your needs.

What to look for in a car seat protector/organizer

Does the protector fit the back of your seats?

Some are made wider to fit SUVs, trucks, and large vehicles. If yours is a larger vehicle, remember to measure the length and width of the seat before ordering.

Package count

Some protectors come in pairs while others can be purchased individually. If you have just one child, a single product will do, or you could use the second as a replacement.


Some protectors/organizers are machine-washable, while others just wipe clean. Decide which you prefer before buying.


While some protector mats are just that, plain coverings, others include organizers.

Many products can be tossed into a washing machine and even a dryer. Make sure you can fit ‘product care’ into your schedule.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 25th, 2023

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