The 7 Best Car Seat Protectors for Families (2019 Reviews)

Not only should a good car seat protector keep your car’s seats looking like new, it should also help keep them clean as well as providing a safe base for your car seats, boosters, and little bottoms.

There are a lot of them out there to choose from. So, we’ve put together a list of the seven best ones that we could find. And, we’ll give you our top pick for the best car seat protector for families.

Advantages of Car Seat Protectors

If you’ve ever been in a rush to convert your backseat from a toddler’s playland into an area for adults, you know exactly what I mean. Without seat protectors, all of that food and clutter gets stuck everywhere, not to mention the occasional personal accidents, if you know what I mean! And, who wants to spend that much time scrubbing seats?

They’re also great for keeping your upholstery safe. Car seats are notorious for leaving indentations in your car’s seats. They can even tear the upholstery on leather when they are in the same place for a long time. A good-quality car seat protector will create a barrier to help keep your seats safe.

Some Things to Consider When Buying a Car Seat Protector

Make sure it fits your seats

Take a few measurements and make sure that they are the right size. There’s not much worse than ordering something, waiting for it to arrive, and then finding out that it won’t work. The really great car seat protectors will be adjustable to fit almost any vehicle.

How old are your children?

Some are better for infants and toddlers. And, some will be designed more for older kids. Here are a couple of things to look out for.

  • Does the back of the seat protector attach to the seat? Sometimes, they don’t, which makes it awkward for rear-facing car seats.
  • Is the seat protector designed for booster seats? Not only do you want to make sure that there are slots for the seat belts, but this is the age when your little ones will want to buckle their own seat belts. Will they be able to maneuver it?
  • Does it come with a kick mat for the front seat? This is a must if you have either forward facing car seats, toddlers in boosters, or school-aged children. Those little feet always seem to find their way onto the backs of the front seats. What a mess!
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Do they have a non-skid backing?

It keeps the seat covers from sliding around and provides a more stable base for car seats and boosters. But, even though you definitely want a sslip-resistantbacking, make sure that it won’t leave scratches on your seats, especially if they’re leather.

What are they made out of?

A strong thick padding will not only protect your seats from damage, it’s also a much more comfortable seat for your older kids who are sitting directly on them, and it makes a more solid base for car seats and boosters. Be very careful when you are looking at the material. The last thing that you want is to have to replace them because they just aren’t tough enough.

Are they water resistant, waterproof, or not?

  • Waterproof means just that. Nothing soaks it, which is good and bad. It won’t get dirty, but spills could roll off and onto your seats and carpeting. Yikes!
  • Water resistant car seat covers have a small amount of absorption, saving your upholstery from spills.
  • If they aren’t either waterproof or water resistant, they’ll probably absorb the most mess, but they’ll need to be cleaned more often.

Are you looking for pockets?

Some have them and some don’t. The great thing about pockets is that you have lots of nooks and crannies to stuff things. The downside is that those pockets will accumulate a lot, quickly. And, those little fingers will sometimes stuff things into them that might have been meant for their mouths. But, who doesn’t love pockets?

How do they look?

It’s important! You spend a lot of time in your car, and you want it to look nice, right?

Our Top Picks

- The Best Car Seat Protectors Chosen by Parents-

#1 Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

Upgrade Choice  Best car seat protector for leather

Now, here’s a tidy, little option to keep your seats safe. It lays easily on top on your car’s seat, and has an extra-tall back panel, making it ideal for larger car seats as well as serving as a kick mat for your rambunctious, little ones in rear-facing car seats.

The Brica Seat Guardian (check price on Amazon) is made with grime guard fabric that keeps your seats clean, won’t let the colors bleed through, and has traction on the bottom to keep it in place, keeping your baby’s car seat more secure.

What we like:

  • The raised edges will catch any spills or crumbs before they hit the seat or carpet.
  • The back connects to the headrest for added stability.

Watch out for:

  • It’s not great for booster seats. Little fingers have a hard time maneuvering the seat belts around the protector.
  • The seat protector won’t fit on middle seats.

Check Price on Amazon

#2 Car Seat Protector and Kick Mat Car Seat Cover (4 Pack)

Best car seat protector mat

Not bad at all! You get two seat covers along with two kick-mat front seat protectors to boot (check price on Amazon)! Made out of tough, water-resistant material with thick padding, they’ll keep your seats clean and protect them from gouges and dents from car seats. There’s even a non-skid backing to keep the covers in place, and the seat cover hangs over the edge of the seat with more pockets for toys or, well, you know…

What we like:

  • Great value!
  • The kick mats have pockets for wipes, toys, or whatever.
  • You can toss it in your washing machine.

Watch out for:

  • They’re not ideal for all cars.
  • The seat protectors work best with a car seat holding them in place. They tend to slide a bit without the added weight.

Check Price on Amazon

#3 Prince Lionheart 2 Stage Seatsaver

Made of strong polyurethane foam, this two-piece seat protector from Prince Lionheart (check price on Amazonhas a patented design and will fit in almost any car, protecting the seats from the damage caused by car seats. The non-skid backing holds the car seat in place, while the strength of the seat bottom helps to keep it level. The high-density, foam construction will prevent those awful indentations that car seats are known for making.

What we like:

  • It wipes clean!
  • You can get it in three different colors; black, blue/gray, or beige.
  • It works for both forward and rear facing car seats.

Watch out for:

  • The two pieces don’t cover a great deal of area, making them not so great for spills.
  • They might not be too comfortable to actually sit on, making them more suitable for car-seat-aged children.

Check Price on Amazon

#4 Summer Infant Elite DuoMat for Car Seat

Best baby car seat protector

The Summer Infant DuoMat (check price on Amazonone is designed especially for car seats. Both the non-skid backing material and the textured surface keep a solid grip on the car seat, holding it firmly in place. The front of the protector hangs over the car’s seat, with a pocket big enough for a few toys or some snacks.

What we like:

  • The back folds down when the car seat is rear-facing.
  • It has strategically placed fold lines, so it forms to your car’s seat snugly.
  • It’s big enough to cover the entire seat of most cars.
  • Another one that you can toss in the washing machine to clean!

Watch out for:

  • It doesn’t have a kick mat for rear-facing car seats.
  • You might not want to leave it in your car in extreme heat. The color can fade through onto your car’s seats.

Check Price on Amazon

#5 Happy Healthy Parent Mess Manager

Editor's Choice

Here’s a great combo set. You get a seat protector and a kick mat to hang over the back of your front seat. Made of a water-resistant durable material, the Happy Healthy Parent Mess Manager (check price on Amazonwill cover the entire seat with secure straps to hold the back upright, and in place.

It works for car seats facing in either direction, and it will support a booster seat just as well. And, as you little ones grow out of their cars seats and boosters, the seat protector will still be comfortable for them and continue to keep your car’s seats safe and clean.

What we like:

  • They give you a lifetime money back guarantee!
  • The kick mat has plenty of pockets for storage.
  • It’s great for leather or cloth seats.
  • The backing grips the car’s seat, keeping it firmly in place.

Watch out for:

  • The kick mat is a little tricky to install, and doesn’t cover the entire back of the front seat.
  • The pockets, while it’s great to have them, are a little small.

Check Price on Amazon

#6 BABYSEATER Car Seat Protector with Trash Can

Best Budget Buy

What a great idea! With strong buckles to hold it firmly in place and adjustable straps making it fit any car, this one even has a small wastebasket that hangs over the car’s seat edge. How convenient is that? The BABYSEATER protector (check price on Amazonis big enough to protect your seats, and it’s waterproof so it won’t stain.

What we like:

  • The value!
  • Keeping it clean is so simple.
  • The padding is thick enough to protect your car’s seats.
  • The waste basket can also be used for toys, or it can be folded away when it’s not in use.

Watch out for:

  • The trash bags are a custom size.
  • The back doesn’t attach to the headrest.
  • It doesn’t work well with rear-facing car seats.

Check Price on Amazon

#7 Glangers Car Seat Protector

Best waterproof car seat protector

The Glangers Car Seat Protector (check price on Amazon) is big enough to cover the entire seat, and it’s waterproof. There’s also thick padding to protect your car’s seats, and the back of the seat protector has a non-skid surface, keeping it in place so your little tot is safe in their car seat. And, there’s even a pocket for storage.

What we like:

  • Another easy install!
  • The headrest clips in place, making it great for forward or rear-facing car seats.

Watch out for:

  • Extended periods of direct sunlight can cause some bleed-through onto your car’s seats.
  • It’s a little big for small cars.

Check Price on Amazon

And the winner is…

The Happy Healthy Parent Mess Manager (check price on Amazonhits all of the marks for a great car seat protector! The padding is thick enough to protect your seats, with a non-slip backing to hold it in place that is safe for leather or cloth seats. And, since the seat protector’s back firmly attaches to the headrest, it will work for forward or rear-facing car seats, as well as for little bottoms without safety seats.

It has a catchy, gray and white design that will compliment most car interiors. It’s water-resistant, so the spills won’t slide off onto your upholstery. And, you get a kick mat for the back of your front seat to keep it safe from those busy, little feet. Not to mention, there are pockets everywhere!

Top it all off with a lifetime warranty! If you aren’t fully satisfied, you get your money back. Now, that’s how you stand behind the reliability of your product!

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