The Best Jogging Strollers

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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Whether you were an avid jogger before you had your baby or have only recently decided to join the ranks of the runners, we take our hats off to you for getting active with your child.

Healthy habits start early, with what you feed your baby and the learning toys you purchase for them. So, why not start early when it comes to healthy physical activities?

While you may have found yourself limited when your child was a tiny infant, now that they’re a bit older, they can join you on all sorts of fun outings. Besides, babies of all ages want to explore, and what better way to show them the world than by taking them on a tour of all your favorite outdoor areas?

Best all-round jogging strollers.

A good single riding stroller can mean the difference between popping out the door for your run, or being stuck in the house wondering how on earth that tire broke again. Here are some of our picks that won’t leave you stranded.

Top pick

Our opinion

This stroller earns plenty of praise for how well it maneuvers and for its ability to cover all types of terrain. It has an adjustable suspension system, and you can either lock the front wheel in place or set it to swivel.

Unfortunately, this stroller does not automatically lock when you fold it up, so it requires a little more effort from you.

What it does have, though, is great storage space and a handlebar with nine positions so that, no matter who is doing the pushing, they’ll be comfortable. After the purchase of an adapter, this stroller will be compatible with most car seats.

Stroller weight: 27 lbs
Weight capacity: 75 lbs
Handbrake: Yes

Our second choice

Our opinion

At last! A jogging stroller that can accommodate an infant car seat. Graco is a mainstay for affordable baby gear. Their fast-action, folding jogging stroller will have you nailing those postpartum runs. You can flip this thing into shape with a one-handed maneuver. It’s also super easy to fold this carriage for storage or travel.

The swiveling front wheel can be locked into place for enhanced front-end steering. The oversized wheels will effortlessly traverse rocky trails, sandy beaches, and other uneven terrains. The stroller also comes with a deluxe storage console for parents and a removable tray for its pint-sized passenger.

There are designated spaces for a phone, beverages, and much more. Graco’s prices are so low, you’ll be able to buy this and still enjoy your morning latte.

Stroller weight: 35 pounds
Weight capacity: 50 pounds
Handbrake: No

Best lightweight jogging strollers

Jogging strollers can certainly lean towards the heavy side, making them harder to transport and use on the go. Here are some that are less hefty than their feature-loaded counterparts. (Check out our dedicated parent’s guide if you are after particularly lightweight strollers.)

Our third choice

Our opinion

With its light aluminum frame and the ease with which it folds, this is a great stroller for when you’re on the go.

The front wheel can be set to either swivel or be locked in place, and the handlebar is adjustable. One thing you might be disappointed with is the rear brakes, which must be locked individually and are not sandal-safe.

On the bright side, the canopy has built-in MP3 speakers, so your child can listen to music while riding, while the spring suspension provides a luxurious experience.

Stroller weight: 24.5 lbs
Weight capacity: 50 lbs
Handbrake: No

Our fourth choice

Our opinion

This stroller performs well in areas where you need to make tight turns. What it doesn’t do is offer an adjustable handlebar or suspension, and lacks a handbrake. Many parents have also remarked that it’s harder to keep this stroller on a true course while running, so avid runners might want to give this one a miss.

That said, the aluminum frame makes for easy pushing and, despite its lack of extra features, it offers a comfortable ride for your child and is a respectable choice for the casual runner or jogger.

Stroller weight: 25.7 lbs
Weight capacity: 75 lbs
Handbrake: No

Best double jogging strollers

First of all, our hats are off to you for wanting to exercise with two little ones along for the ride. For a more detailed buyer’s guide on double strollers, check out our full article here.

Our fifth choice

Our opinion

This product has a solid rear suspension to absorb the shocks that come from jogging or running. Although it can only fit one car seat (with the purchase of an adapter), it has comfortable seats for both kids and a handlebar that adjusts to your optimum height.

The wheel can swivel or lock and it folds up easily using just one hand.

While on the slightly pricier side, it’s a solid product with plenty of storage space, the canopy having a viewing window so you can always see your children.

Stroller weight: 67 lbs
Weight capacity: 75 lbs per seat
Handbrake: Yes

Our sixth choice

Our opinion

You can either lock the wheels for jogging and running or leave them in a swivel setting for an enjoyable walk with this stroller. Unfortunately, it can’t take car seats, though both seats do recline individually. It’s also reasonably lightweight for a double stroller.

Easy to fold and unfold, this product might not have all the features of its more expensive counterparts, but sure provides a safe and smooth ride for you and the kiddies.

Stroller weight: 34 lbs
Weight capacity: 50 lbs per seat
Handbrake: No

Best affordable jogging strollers

Jogging strollers can certainly be one of the more expensive things you'll buy for your child. If you are looking to stick to a budget, check out this product.

Our seventh choice

Our opinion

Baby Trend delivers another affordable product for your singlet with this stroller. The wheel can lock or swivel, but it’s worth noting that some parents have found the swivel option subpar in comparison to many other strollers. Another ‘con’ to this stroller is that the handlebar does not adjust. It is, however, compatible with Baby Trend Flex-Loc and Inertia Infant Car Seats and is easy to fold.

Stroller weight: 29 lbs
Weight capacity: 50 lbs
Handbrake: No

With so many jogging strollers on the market, it’s important that you find one that will provide comfort and functionality for both you and your baby. Let’s go over some information and tips before you pick out your product.

Age of baby

Since very young babies lack sufficient strength and stability in their neck and core muscles, you will have to wait until they are a bit older before having them join you on your jog. Most experts believe that six months is the absolute earliest you should start jogging with your baby.

They also suggest that you check with your pediatrician to make sure your child can withstand the extra and faster-paced movement of being your exercise partner.

Some even go so far as to say that you should remain on smooth running surfaces until your baby is one year old. We know that wait can be hard, but your child needs to have developed enough to sit on their own and hold their head up before they can safely join your running routine.



As the foundation of the stroller, you want to make sure you are investing in a model with a quality set of tires. The most common design of a jogging stroller is to have three tires, two on the back and one out in front, all filled with air.

Air-filled tires make for a much smoother ride and better performance on rugged terrain, so you won’t find the same variety of wheel types as you would in all-purpose strollers.

Wheel size is also larger on jogging strollers, making pushing easier, while the position of the front wheel absorbs more shock before it reaches your baby. You will often see back wheels come in at 16+ inches, with front tires at around 12+ inches.

Locking or fixed front wheel?

Hitting even a small crack in the sidewalk at high speed can throw a swiveling wheel off-balance, and thus create a dangerous situation for you and your child. Some jogging strollers come with the option of having a wheel that swivels and locks, depending on how you set it, which is a great option to have if you plan on using your stroller for errands as well as exercise. If you only plan on using your jogging stroller during your exercise routine, a fixed front wheel is fine.


Most jogging strollers come equipped with sling seats, as well as a rear suspension system. This provides your baby with a comfortable experience, even over rougher terrains.

Hand Break

While going down a hill, it’s important not to put stress on your body by leaning back to slow down your stroller. A handbrake enables you to slow down without breaking your pace and can help prevent muscle strains.

While not ubiquitous among jogging strollers, it’s certainly a handy accessory.


You can never be too safe when it comes to your little bundle of joy. When choosing your jogging stroller, here are a few things you need.

5-Point Harness: Like your car seat, this harness will go over the shoulders and hips and between the legs. It should be comfortable for your baby and fit snugly enough so they can’t wiggle out of it.

Safety Tether: One end attaches to your wrist, the other to the stroller. If for any reason, the stroller escapes your grasp, the tether will become taut so you can quickly regain control. This can be a lifesaver, especially in more urban areas.

Parking Brake: It goes without saying that this is a necessary safety feature. Be sure to check it is working by moving your stroller gently back and forth whenever you have engaged the brake.

Canopy: The jogging stroller you choose should have an adequate canopy to protect your baby from the elements.

Wrapping up

As a parent, it’s important that you practice self-care and do your best to stay healthy. One of these jogging strollers will help you do just that while removing the guilt of having to leave your little one behind.

These products allow both you and your baby to get out into the world and breathe in some fresh air. You remember that, right? It’s the stuff that doesn’t smell like a diaper pail and will work wonders for rejuvenating your body and mind.

Happy trails to you and your family, and don’t forget the sunscreen and water on your journey.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023
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