75 Creative Crow and Raven Names for Your New Baby

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Symbolically associated with cleverness, intuition, and precognition, crows and ravens have found their way into human mythology since Greco-Roman times. These smart little corvids have also been represented in mythology as guards or sentinels; in Greek tradition, it’s thought that Apollo asked a crow to tend his pregnant lover, while in more modern myth, it’s said that ravens are the guards of the tower of England.

Parents seeking a nature-based name with a twist of the unusual, a pinch of the gothic, and a healthy helping of mythology may just find that a name meaning crow or raven is exactly what they’re searching for.

Male baby names

  • Crawford – This Old English name means “ford of the crows.”
  • Boduognatos – Boduognatos is a rare Irish name that means “crow, demon.”
  • Adalram – Adalram is an outdated Germanic name that means “noble raven.”
  • Kalag – This Arabic name means “crow.” It is an offshoot of the name Algorab.
  • Algorab – Algorab is a traditional Arabic name. It translates to “crow.” It is also the name of a star in the constellation Corvus.
  • Fala – This Choctaw name means “crow.”
  • Corbinian – We had to dig into the Latin vernacular to find this crow-inspired name.
  • Gargabay – Gargabay is the Karakalpak word for “crow.”
  • Ronne – Ronne is a German moniker that means “raven.”
  • Cynfran – Cyfran is a product of the Welsh words for “chief” and “crow.”
  • Branoc – This charming medieval name translates to “crow” or “raven.”
  • Betram – This raven name was once used throughout Europe. It means “bright raven.”
  • Bran – Bran is an Irish and Welsh name that means “raven.” In Welsh mythology, Bran is known as the Raven God.
  • Bram – Honor your favorite bird with this proper Scottish moniker. It translates to “raven.”
  • Fechin – Fechin was the name of an Irish saint. The moniker translates to “little raven.”
  • Corvus – Corvus is a derivative of the Latin word for “raven.”
  • Corbett – This French name means “young crow.”
  • Fiach – Fiach is a German name that means “raven.”
  • Fiachra – In Irish mythology, Fiachra is a child of Lir. Fiachra’s father turns him into a swan. Still, his name means “raven.”
  • Cormac – In Irish, this name means “raven son.”
  • Baudran – Resurrect this medieval name. The Old Saxon suffix means “raven.”
  • Otran – This German name means “rich raven.”
  • Rabe – Rabe is a shortened version of the ancient name Radbod. Both monikers mean “raven.”
  • Fiacre – This French name means “raven.” It comes from the Gaelic word for “crow.”
  • Hosa – Hosa was the name of an Arapaho tribal leader. It means “young raven.’
  • Kalas – Kalas comes from the Japanese word for “raven.” However, it is a fictional name that comes from a popular board game.
  • Theuderam – This old-school name comes from the German elements for “people” and “crow.”
  • Fay – This simple Irish name means “raven.”
  • Joceran – Joceran is a French boys’ name that stems from the Latin words for “joy” and “raven.”
  • Oreb – This Herbrew name translates to “raven.”
  • Korak – In Mari, Korak means “crow.”
  • Gaagii – Gaagii is the name of a curious crow from Navajo mythology.
  • Brandubh – Brandubh is a type of Celtic chess. It translates to “black crows” in Gaelic.
  • Hollo – We adore this unique Hungarian name. It means “raven.”
  • Adalram – This name means “noble raven.”
  • Baldram – Baldram means “bold raven.” It does seem as though crows are some of the most courageous birds in the animal kingdom.
  • Dulcedram – This medieval French name means “charming raven.”
  • Remaculus – This ancient name comes from a now-defunct German language. It means “raven.”
  • Hrokr – This rare Scandinavian name translates to “crow, rook.”
  • Emmeram – Emmeram comes from the German elements for “raven” and “home.”
  • Guntram – The fierce German name means “war raven.”
  • Corbin – This simple French name comes from the word for “raven.”
  • Brennus – Brennus is a Latinized version of the Celtic word for “raven.”
  • Beila – This name may come from the Basque word for “crow.”
  • Belasco – This charming Basque name means “raven.”
  • Lonan – This Gaelic name means “little blackbird.”
  • Bertrando – This one stems from the Latin words for “bright” and “raven.”

Female baby names

  • Sycorax – There has been lots of speculation over the origin of this Shakespearean witch’s name. Some believe that Sycorax means “Scythian raven.”
  • Corva – Corva is an offshoot of corvid. Corvid is the name of the Latin animal family to which crows belong.
  • Koronis – Koronis is Greek for “crow.” It is also the name of a Thessalian princess from Greek mythology.
  • Varona – Varona is the Russian word for “crow.”
  • Wolfram – This ancient German name translates to “wolf-raven.”
  • Coronis – Coronis is another way of spelling the name Koronis. Coronis was said to be one of Apollo’s lovers.
  • Merula – This French girls’ name means “blackbird.”
  • Brenna – This lovely Irish name comes from the Gaelic word for “raven.”
  • Raven – Raven makes a great feminine given name. This complex bird symbolizes many things, including prophecy, death, and wisdom.
  • Branwen – This Welsh and Irish name means “beautiful raven.”
  • Ranne – This unpopular Dutch name comes from the elements for “advice,” “shield,” and “raven.”
  • Ravna – Ravna comes from the Norwegian word for “raven.”
  • Nokka – This simple Thai name means “crow, raven.”
  • Badb – Badb is a war goddess from Irish mythology. She is capable of changing into a crow.
  • Chovka – In Chechen, this name means “jackdaw.” A jackdaw is a small member of the crow family.
  • Brangwy – Brangwy comes from the Welsh element for “crow.”
  • Merletta – Merletta is an Old English name that means “blackbird.”
  • Birdie – Birdie is a playful nickname for any kind of bird. It’s a funky moniker for parents who want to channel their love of avians.
  • Ravenna – The feminine Italian name undoubtedly comes from the word “raven.”
  • Cathubodua – Cathubodua is the Gaulish goddess of war. Her name means “battle crow.”
  • Didrane – Didrane is a rare Welsh name that stems from the German words for “dark” and “raven.”
  • Fainche – The name comes from the Irish word for “scald-crow.” Fainche was also the name of an Irish saint.
  • Fala – In Choctaw, fala means “crow.”
  • Merle – This French name means “blackbird.”
  • Soua – This name comes from the Japanese elements for “blue, green” and “raven.”

Unisex baby names

  • Vasco – This name is an offshoot of the medieval Spanish name Velasco. It is said to mean “crow.”
  • Kangee – This intriguing Lakota name means “crow.” It’s a wise pick for any child with indigenous roots.
  • Tulugaq – In Inuit mythology, Tulugaq is the name of the raven that creates sunlight.
  • Crow – Crow is an intense name and nickname. It is sometimes given to individuals with dark hair.
  • Karasu – This unisex name includes the Japanese element for “crow.”
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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