25 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Che

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Parents seeking names inspired by Hindu astrological tradition, or Jyotisha, have a little bit of help from Mother Nature in determining which moniker is best. Each of the Vedic zodiac signs is associated with a small grouping of letters, and names beginning with those letters or syllables are thought to bring positive vibrations into your baby’s life.

If you’re due between March 21st and April 19th, you may have a Mesha baby on the way! Also spelled Mesa, this sign is the Hindu counterpart of the Western astrological sign Aries. Names beginning with Che are considered to be among the best choices for babies born under the Mesha zodiac sign, so we’ve put together some great picks as well as a bit of info on the connection between baby names and Vedic astrology.

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Che names and Vedic astrology

Within Vedic tradition, babies born between 3/21 and 4/19 are born under the Mesha/Mesa sign. Much like its Western counterpart which spans the same timeframe, the sign is represented by a ram; this similarity may owe to a shared influence drawn from Hellenic astrology, though it’s argued by Indian scholars that Jyotisha may have evolved independently.

Mesha/Mesa babies are said to be bold and confident, striking out on their own with fierce idealism and an intense independent streak. They find a great deal of drive and passion in their natural desire to compete and succeed, and are often quick to fall into positions of leadership.

Other names thought to bring positive vibrations and encourage good thoughts for children born under this sign are those beginning with A and L.

Hindu male baby names

  • Chea – Having well being, being healthy
  • Cheena – White, pure marble
  • Cheenu – Small, lovely, sweet
  • Chehak – Goodness; the singing of birds
  • Chellam – One who is pampered
  • Chellamma – A pampered girl
  • Chelsea – Seaport, landing port, place name
  • Chemmani – Flawless gem
  • Chen – Break of dawn, daybreak, morning
  • Chenbaga – A kind of flower
  • Chebaha – To have affinity with a cow(sacred animal)
  • Chentamilan – One who is able to speak pure Tamil
  • Cher – Dear, darling, beloved
  • Cherana – Refers to the Chera Dynasty
  • Cherika – The moon
  • Cherise – Fruit from a cherry tree
  • Cherisma – Bright
  • Cherry – A type of stone fruit
  • Cheryl – Beloved
  • Cheshta – Desire; to try
  • Cheshvika – Beauty; talent; the Goddess Lakshmi
  • Chetaki – Consciousness
  • Chetal – Having vitality and life
  • Chetana – Possessing exceptional intelligence, perceptive, conscious, having life
  • Chevi – Ears; the personification of song/music
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022