Horror Cakes (When Baking Goes Evil)

I recently did some home baking with my 4-year-old daughter, Leyla. We were extremely meticulous as we followed the recipe. Sadly, the cake collapsed into a pitiful heap of chocolate goo. Fortunately, it still tasted amaaazing!

my cake

My chocolate goo disaster

Hmmm… chocolate goo.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be the first mom to raise up an undead cake, I searched on the internet and found some truly monstrous examples of baking-gone-wrong.

(I’m going to be honest… when I found these, I laughed so hard a little bit of wee came out.)

Here goes…

10 Hideous Horror Cakes

#1 The ‘Turn Your Kids Off Peppa Pig’ Sponge

cake 7

#2 You Won’t Be Sleeping Tonight, Tommy

cake 5

#3 A ‘Seance Sponge’ for when Deceased Relatives are Invited

cake 2

#4 Mom, Please Let Leandro Grow up. He’s 36.

cake 1

#5 Drag Queen Frozen

cake 3

#6 So a Bowl of Tomatoes for Pudding Then?

cake 5

#7 Erm, this one is for sale!

cake 6

#8 Despicable Baking Skills

cake 8

#9 Well, at Least it’s Been Presented Well

cake 9

#10 Is it wrong to laugh?

cake 10

Mom’s, I know that I’ve paraded your cake disasters for all to see, but really you have my utmost respect. You are clearly very caring, proactive parents. You aimed high, you gave it your all, and, well, it could have been so spectacular.

The next time you go for it, perhaps have some healthy baby food on standby.

I’ll leave you with the words of Henry Ford, the wise cake (or was it car) maker…

Henry Ford

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Parenting is full of trials and tribulations. Let’s face it, when it gets exhausting, stressful and downright painful, the best thing we can do is laugh about it!

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