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Discover cub-worthy monikers fit for your pride!

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 24th, 2024

In the quest for baby names imbued with strength and majesty, few motifs are as compelling as the lion. Names meaning lion not only echo the grandeur of the king of the jungle but also symbolize courage and royalty, drawing on a rich tapestry of cultural heritage.

These names are chosen not just for their bold sounds but for their deep roots in history and mythology, where lions are consistently symbols of power and nobility. Whether inspired by legendary leaders who shared these traits or the lion’s dignified nature, such names offer a timeless appeal.

For parents aiming to imbue their child’s name with such formidable qualities, exploring names associated with lions can be particularly resonant. This selection promises more than uniqueness; it offers a legacy of strength and leadership.

Female names

  • Aeriela (Hebrew) – Evokes the image of a “Lion of God,” blending spiritual strength with regal presence.
  • Ariella (Hebrew) – Means “Lion of God,” reflecting a divine and powerful character.
  • Leandra (Greek) – Translates to “Lion woman,” a name filled with courage and regality.
  • Leona (Latin) – A direct nod to “Lioness,” perfect for a girl with a strong and majestic persona.
  • Leonie (French) – The French variation of “Lion,” embodying bravery and elegance.
  • Lavi (Hebrew) – Means “Lion,” symbolizing bravery and strength in a compact form.
  • Zariel (Hebrew) – Signifying “Lion princess,” it’s a name that combines royalty with fierceness.

Male names

  • Ari (Hebrew) – Translates to “Lion of God,” symbolizing powerful spiritual leadership.
  • Arik (Hebrew) – Another variant meaning “Lion of God,” offers a strong, commanding vibe.
  • Leo (Latin) – Simply means “Lion,” a popular choice with timeless appeal.
  • Lionel (French) – Means “Young lion,” ideal for a brave and adventurous spirit.
  • Leander (Greek) – Translates to “Lion man,” perfect for someone with a strong and noble character.
  • Lev (Hebrew) – Meaning “Heart of a lion,” it reflects courage and valor.
  • Guri (Hebrew) – This unique name means “Lion cub,” suitable for a young, spirited child.
  • Leontel (Greek) – Means “Like a lion,” signifying strength and majesty.
  • Ruslan (Russian) – A strong name that means “Lion,” popular in Slavic cultures.

Unisex names

  • Aslan (Turkish) – Directly means “Lion,” known widely from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’.
  • Simba (Swahili) – Famous from ‘The Lion King,’ it simply means “Lion.”
  • Ariel (Hebrew) – While it means “Lion of God,” it’s known for its usage for both boys and girls.
  • Rory (Irish) – Signifies “Red Lion,” a vibrant and powerful choice.
  • Sher (Persian) – Means “Lion,” and carries a bold and straightforward appeal.
  • Dillon (Irish) – Translates to “Like a lion,” suitable for a strong and resilient individual.
  • Lev (Hebrew) – Popular for both genders, it stands for “Lion” and denotes bravery.
  • Nalea (Hawaiian) – An exotic choice meaning “Lion,” rich with tropical flair.
  • Levko (Ukrainian) – Meaning “Lion,” this name brings a unique Eastern European touch.
  • Singh (Sanskrit) – Commonly a surname, it means “Lion” and is powerful and regal.
  • Leonidas (Greek) – Means “Son of the lion,” famed for the Spartan king.
  • Leontios (Greek) – Means “Lion-like,” evoking the image of strength and nobility.

Roaring Inspirations: Unique Lion-Inspired Names

Looking to infuse your baby’s name with a touch of regal majesty? Here are some creatively made-up lion-themed names, drawing on literary flair and cultural nuance. Use these as fun inspiration to create your own powerful and poetic names.

  • Arius – Inspired by “Ari,” the Hebrew word for lion, and reminiscent of the regal feel of Roman names.
  • Leonidas – A nod to the Greek hero and king of Sparta, meaning “son of the lion,” embodying bravery and leadership.
  • Aslan – From Turkish, meaning “lion,” famously known as the majestic character in C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Lionel – A French name meaning “young lion,” often associated with the legendary Sir Lionel from Arthurian tales.
  • Leander – A Greek name translating to “lion man,” combining strength and grace.
  • Ruslan – Of Russian origin, meaning “lion,” evoking imagery of power and nobility.
  • Lev – A Hebrew name meaning “heart of a lion,” perfect for a brave-hearted child.
  • Ariella – Hebrew for “lion of God,” combining strength with a melodic sound.
  • Sheridan – Derived from “Sher,” the Persian word for lion, with a sophisticated twist.
  • Nala – Inspired by the beloved lioness character from Disney’s The Lion King, a name that symbolizes grace and loyalty.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 24th, 2024

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